Legalisation of cannabis

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  • cannabis can be grown at home ,under lights for a very small amount of money ,so there will allways be a black market ,and the home grower would allways be able to undercut ,any government farmed weed ,atm ,growers are charging rediculous amounts of money ,for a product that costs very little to grow ,for example ,i can grow 12oz of weed in 8 weeks ,and all it will cost me to grow it is £40 in electricty ,for over £2000 profit ,you do the maths ,and weed grown on small scale ,is far better quality iff grown correctly ,than mass produce government farms

    This is true, and at present the true profit is in my opinion justified under the circumstances. For some growers to risk loosing the right to reside in social housing (their home)

    To face imprisonment and a hefty fine at worst. To be crop robbed for the chance of easy money (no honour amongst some.)

    12 week plus Commitment to standby the growing crop to prevent malfunction and crop failure. Risk of talking tongues, electricity meter monitoring.


    I’ve known of schoool kids having grown crops in bedrooms, gypsies growing caravans or garden sheds full. Individuals who have been cropping for 20 years plus and the only time for panic is when the Council decide to renovate the housing stock. I’ve had mates busted for a few plants and courts throw out full on cermercial growers case, because the newly planted cuttings were under 15cm high. It’s a mad world, but with a change in the law, it could be up to individuals to chart their own course and choose their preferred method of payment. Fingers crossed.

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  • im not so sure that marijuana is very healthy for your lungs ,for long term use ,i smoked it heavily for over 10 yrs, and yes ,when you make joint in involves smoking ciggarette tobacco ,without a filter ,and whilst smoking the weed itself seems to emmitt alot of resins and tars ,which become aparant by displaying themselves on roll up papers whilst you smoke , i had to give up the habbitt ,due to chronic chest pains and breathlessnes ,at that time i was only 33yrs old ,im now 46 yrs old and after 15 yrs of smoking abstanance ,my lungs and breathing have recovered ,to a point where i can say ,im fiitter at my age ,than ever was in my 20s ,on the subject of herion and coccaine ,both of these drugs have been manipulated ,and derived from plants ,to make them into hard drugs , from what i gather smoking raw opium from poppys is a much safer bet and the same goes for chewing coca leaf ,

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  • Bicarbonate of soda or small blocks of a strong (chalky) alkaline natural rock, when chewed with coca leaves, helps release the compounds within the coca leaves. So it can be better absorbed by the body. Giving a better/stronger hit.

    Centuries of proven use of opium also.

    When unscrupulous jungle cooks use harmful chemicals to produce cocaine,crack cocaine, morphine, heroin is where it starts to go tits up and potentially a health problem.

    All things natural isn’t nessessarily always the best way to go.

    With fungi/plants etc, there can be “other” less desirable chemicals/toxins contained in its natural form. If “cooking” or modifying via pharmacist intervention to reduce, remove, illuminate some of the “harmful” less desired chemical compounds it can sometimes be a better/safer/stronger product. (High THC + Low CBD Vs Hight THC - 0 CBD example) (Cannabis in my view has a special relationship with humans (possibly resulting from our own evolution alongside the plant species) “human cannabinoid receptors) same with opiates and other human nerve/brain receptors.

    We are DEVO or so the Doctors will have us believe.

  • true thing , also true of the marijuana ,its man that has modified it ,into what it is today in its super strengh form ,not alot of natural weed about these days like there was 30 years ago everyone s gone skunk crazy ,back in them days ,curing was the big thing ,depending on how the weed was cured ,altered both the colour of it and the taste

  • Even today’s homegrown can be/should be cured. I’ve been privalaged over the last 20years, to have had access to a cropper. Often the weed came too quick and I was fortunate to have sometimes half a dozen varieties of personal in stock/curing and it was always improving in quality. I’ve also been around those who burn soon as the lights go out and folk drying buds in microwaves or around incandescent lightbulbs. Just to get a smoke, while the crops still flowering.

    I haven’t smoked for the last 5 years and just don’t miss it. On the other hand and in the near future, if medicinal cannabis proves to be beneficial towards my own pain management. I will be delighted.

  • ''all it will cost me to grow it is £40 in electricty ,for over £2000 profit ,you do the maths''

    Obviously you have NOT done the maths !! The benchmark to aim for (and very few achieve it) is one gram per watt.

    Electrickery cost (from the grid) is between 15 and 20p per Kw so running a 600w lamp would realistically get you that 12oz that bulb alone will cost £1.40 a day multiply that by 8 weeks is a lot more than 40 quid and thats without pumps ,fans, timers....., also thinking most strains like 9 or 10 weeks .

    Where do these plants that are ready to flower come from ? Seeds cost money and more importantly the time they need to veg for a few weeks (under a light ).

    Light fitting, bulb , ballast, grow tent , nutes, maybe hydro tank all cost money . My bluelab EC meter alone cost me twice your projected grow cost!

  • my last grow was organic , with minimal equipment , however the equipment that i did have ,wasnt that expensive ,and once perchased , lasted for as long as i was a grower ,which in my case ,was about 15 yrs ,once you have one packet of seeds ,germinated ,you clone from them ,as much as you like ,,as a group of freinds that were growing ,we was using the same plant from cuttings ,for a 15 yr period ,so to include these into costs is very difficult ,iff you are running a constant production line .of 8-12 weeks per crop ,depending on the strain ,yes you have to renew bulbs now and again ,but generally i was making £2000 profit ,at the cost of about £40 electricity i cant count equipment in the expense because i was using the same equipment for 15 yrs ,and the plants were clones ,yea they say 1gram per watt , iv never seen anyone achieve that amount ,i used to average 2oz a plant ,grown organic ,in builders buckets, all growers do thing differently ,and use different equipment ,and charge more or less for there produce ,so the profit i made , was the profit i made ,every grower will be different ,and do things differently ,for example ,i used keep my plants as short and bushy as possible ,so yes i have done the maths ,and the maths were correct ,bassed on ,the way i grew my weed ,the equipment i was using ,my method of growing ,and what i was charging for the final produce ,1 gram per watt ,maybee something to aim for , but thats only an estimation ,until you have weighed your weed ,i wouldnt get anywhere near 1 gram per watt ,,more like just under 3/4,,my running costs ,and final dry weight ,were actual fact ,not a estimate of 1 gram per watt

  • Please enlighten me as to what light will give that coverage (6 builders buckets = 1m square ) , penetration and yield,only need replacing once or twice every decade and only costs a fiver a week to run ? A link would be nice...

    Decent feminised seeds are 5-10 quid each , clones need a seperate light/area (see 'vegging' that I mentioned earlier).

    I am not saying that 200 quid an ounce is not to be scoffed at, just saying that your 40 quid costing is bollocks or I been doing it wrong .........

  • Think we should open a thread just for this convo. When/if it’s legal to grow for personal we will all be more forthcoming about the mechanics and personal experience of weed growing. It will be a cold day in hell before I paid £200 on the oz though.

    I once went to score crack with a dear old friend and my mate told the yardie dealer that “he had probably paid for the engine in the dealers new ride.” I said “I had probably paid for the two front seats and the sound system”

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