What can't you do?

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  • Ah no I have no problem with figures and numbers or dyslexia, but all I am saying is I have witnessed folk who say they have and have dyslexia and when it comes to counting money and selling stuff involving scales and reading road signs, these things mysteriously fade away.

    I intended it that way round, not that you had the developmental disability relating to numeracy.

    Regards the 'mysteriously fade away'. It's called developing coping mechanisms.

    Actually, from your description of what you seem to think is covered by dyslexia, it may not be any wonder that these folks can do this.

  • I have selective dyslexia (excuses) and unlike my kids who have developed selective deafness as a tool to navigate home life. I’ve also used the “I can’t read” stunt to throw a spanner in the works of bureaucracy. Like the other week when trying to return a faulty appliance bought at maplins in their closing down sale. I was rudely told at the till “they have a zero returns policy in place since May.” Pointing to a A4 sheet of typed paper declaring the no-returns policy stuck to the wall behind the till. Once they realised I couldn’t read, and clearly unaware of this policy. They kindly refunded me the full £69. Pikey when it suits!

  • Has anyone with dyslexia issues ever tried those coloured glasses?

    What I am not good at is dealing with ungrateful people.

    Yes,I have Irlen syndrome a visual interpretation issue in the dyslexia spectrum as well as dyslexia and a couple of other related issues. I use software on my devices to change colour rendering of websites (like this one) to make them readable or overlays on books.

    It depends on the colours of background and text as to how much of an issue it is.

    Why do you ask?

    Im not very good with ungrateful people either...then again im not that keen on people.

  • Stepson tried the software and notebooks with coloured pages. He never mentioned the overlays.

    Husband mainly used avoidance and then found I would happily fill out paperwork if he did day to day numeracy related crap for me.

    We make a good team.

  • As a teenager in the 1970s I used to go for a run around the block. I got my sister to give it a try but she walked along Reading Road as this was before jogging was a fad.

  • Most of us have something we can't do.

    So, what can you not do that everyone else seems to cope with?

    Also no good at sporty co-ordination activities, can't swim (so am envious of people in swimming pools, especially in hot weather) and last but not least..... as they say here in France, I sing like a saucepan ^^