Ultimate set-up

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  • So what’s everyone’s aspirational set up?

    Personally I’m really keen on the idea of having some rescue hens. I have a little allotment at the moment but feel the pain of it being a five-ten minute drive away so would very much like to attached to the house.

  • 50' Geodesic Dome, roundhouse made of mud and straw, off grid for power,water and sewerage.

    Grow veg in dome and out, aquaponic system in dome for veg and fish, chickens for eggs and meat, rabbits and pigeons for meat. Small species so no need to store meat.

    Decent workshop with enough tools and materials to build/repair most things.

    Walking distance to small village with pub/shop/post office.

    Enough storage for a years supply of non perishables and water.

    Enough woodland for fuel and building materials and foraging etc

    Something like that I suppose.