kraft's krappy chocolate

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  • I am not sure if my tastes have changed, bit the last Toblerone I had was far too sweet. So was the last Cadbury chocolate.All American chocolate is a bit ordinary. The Belgians know how to make chocolate,

  • Interesting, was talking about this earlier. The Swedes aren't exactly know for being master chocolatiers, but their typical fare is far better than UK offerings. Their big brands are Cloetta (who make the amusingly named "Plopp" bar) and Marabou (who make Diam bars), and is more than edible, particularly the big bars of salt liquorice chocolate.

    Sadly Marabou are now owned by Mondalez (ex-Kraft, and same owners as Cadbury) - so I expect the quality will go to pot over the next few years. Kraft/Mondalez also use palm oil sourced from dodgy, non-ethical suppliers...

  • Most chocolate made here went down the toilet when the American and Swiss corporations bought what was made here by British companies.

    My favorite chocolates when a kid were Galaxy and Yorkies ,theyre shite now as is Cadburys chocolate in general. Its stuffed full of palm oil and has a horrible greasy texture that makes your mouth sore. Their boxes of chocolates are gross too and one time id have troughed a box of Roses in no time.

    Americans never did make decent chocolate and now theyve ruined what nestle hasnt already.

    Ive stopped buying big name British chocolate last year altogether.

    There are a few tiny handmade artisan chocolate companies worth buying from here otherwise its Belgian or Swiss.

  • Oh dear, when folk say to me chocolate, and they are proffering the shite that the main stream offers and calls chocolate, they look puzzled when I flat refuse. Milk chocolate, what a travesty and an injustice to real chocolate, cadburies dont know how to do chocolate in the slightest, its just a milky sugar concoction coloured brown. Real chocolate for me is dark chocolate, 70 - 80%, artisan made, organic if can get it. Green and Blacks dark chocolate is near the mark but there is much better out there. Real good chocolate when its melted in your mouth should be like having a gobful of liquid silk infused with deep tones of nature running through it. you dont get that with the likes of cadburies and galaxy, that stuff is akin to slurry that is shaped and set and wrapped in foil as far as I'm concerned.

  • Yep,Green and Blacks is one of the better readily available.I buy chocolate online from small producers.More expensive but better chocolate.

    Used to be a chocolate maker where i lived and the chocolate was hard you had to grind lumps off, but it was gorgeous.

  • I think tastes really do change. I remember having sugar in my tea growing up - that would be undrinkable to me now.

    Yes tastes do change but its also true manufacturers have changed how they make products and theyre now mostly stuffed with cheap ingredients,artificial colours and flavours and tons of sugar.

    No one put palm oil or veg oil in chocolate back in the 60's but its in everything now,even the main brand bread has it...whats that about?

    Food producers produce bland uniform products to serve multiple consumer markets that cost them the very least to manufacture.They dont give a stuff about taste or quality so long as it sells and best way to sell it is make it sweet salty or savoury.

    Big corporations are the kiss of death to quality food.

  • Real food has all but been killed by big global companies in the name of profit, make as cheap as possible and max out o profit, well to the main stream, good good quality food and chocolate is out there, if you want it you have to go find it. But if someone doesnt know it exists and all they have had is the crap for the masses, then they will think that is good.

  • It gets harder and harder to find decent chocolate. I used to like Thorntons, but they sold out ages ago (their jellies are OK - I've mentioned on this site before that I like a good orange jelly). It's a shame about Marabou being bought out by Mondalez.

    I eat much less chocolate because it is genuinely hard to find and I can't always justify the expense. The more expensive bars you can get at supermarkets are OK, but can get a bit boring. [There is one which begins with an I, can't remember the name . . . ] I like a good gianduja, praline, or something with nuts in.

    There are very few chocolate bars I eat now. I like Fry's chocolate fondant bars in vanilla, orange and mint. Continuing with fondants, the Bendick's Bittermints are good (95% cocoa) and if you can find them there are also Bittergingers and Bitteroranges - the Bitteroranges are scrummy!!!:happydanc For a short time you could get all three at the supermarkets, but people don't buy them in volume, customers prefer to pay less for the other stuff . . . and so the market dictates the better quality chocolate out of supermarkets.

    I love a good chocolate cherry. IN DARK CHOCOLATE.

    Reber do good marzipan and their other chocloate nougats etc are great:

    Check out the Reber Nougat and Bissen here

    But basically you have to fork out a load of dosh to get the really fine chocolates (I like French). And I suppose it's cheaper than wine . . .

  • I thought Mondelez owned Green & Blacks chocolate as well. They were sold to Cadburys quite a few years ago as I remember people being upset that a lot of the chocolate stopped being vegan friendly.

    I must have missed that,ive just searched and Mondalez do own GnB ive also just read their new range of both GnB and Cadburys are not going to be using fairtrade cocoa.Another off the shopping list.

    Ill stick to Lindt,I do like their dark 85% cocoa bars.

  • I remember I used to like Galaxy but it probably has gone done the gurgler like all the others.

    I hope you are not all going to boo at me but a few years ago I confess to buying some Nestle dark chocolate that was on special. Not too sweet,

  • I originally came from the big chocolate city of York. When I lived there, growing up, we used to have Rowntree Mackintosh and Terry's. Also had the Cravens sweet factory near the sugar beet works. Virtually my whole family has worked in chocolate at some point - my mother used to stick the chocolate oranges together around the time I was born, and my dad still hates fruit gums and smarties* from working with them as a student!

    Now, Cravens and the sugar factory are long gone. Terry's got took over by Kraft at the turn of the century, moved all production abroad (I mean, YORK Fruits are now made in Poland I think!), and shut the historic factory, which is still in a state of dereliction. Rowntrees ended up under the Nestle brand, and that place is a shadow of its former self... think they still make KitKats, Aero etc. there.

    Regrettably all the chocolate that is mass produced is pretty awful stuff now. Even the smaller places are losing their way. We always visit a chocolate factory/shop in Wensleydale when we are up with family. It has always been really good stuff, if quite dear. However last year we all commented that it seemed to be lacking a bit - turns out there are new owners, and I believe the recipe has changed. Shame really.

    *Apparently, the Smarties had different recipes for different markets. The ones destined for the middle east were a lot brighter as that's what they wanted, whereas Norwegian smarties had lighter colouring, as artificial colourings are banned there. I used to quite enjoy the lemon and orange polo mints destined for the Italian market... surprised I wasn't a fat kid given the access family had to the "waste" shop in the factories.

  • "I hope you are not all going to boo at me but a few years ago I confess to buying some Nestle dark chocolate that was on special."

    Duckman - I'm not going to boo you about Nestle . . .

    I don't usually go to Sainsbury, but was there a while back and looking at the chocolate section I saw a Nestle chocolate bar on offer. They are so good I have bought a few of them since. The one I like is the dark one: Les Recettes de l'Atelier Blueberries, Almonds & Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate Sharing Bar 100g - I don't know why they call it sharing. It has a nice cocoa flavour, no interferance from too much sugar and has a good 'crack' one of the signs a chocolatier tries to achieve.

    There is a range of them, milk and dark. Because I generally prefer dark, I have gone for the blueberry one most, the orange zest is good too and I want to try the almond next. I hope they don't compromise the recipe with time.

    Les Recettes de l'Atelier

  • Oh, i didnt realise Green and Blacks was owned by an American company now and I read its made in Canada, poland and Italy. The new-ish G&B mint dark is seriously nice but not into supporting a big global like that. Will be re looking into a good quality real chocolate source, Lindt doesnt do it for me.

    The ones I do like that are sheer quality form chocolateers are the Mulu brand made in Dartmoor U.K with cacao from sustainable farms in Ecuador, that is yummy scrumptious, some good whole food stores sometimes have it. then there is Chocolate and love organic dark chocolate then Montezuma organic dark chocolate. Cant get these kindsof decent chocolate in supermarkets form what I've seen, might hae seen Montezuma in a sainsburies but there's not one near here and the closest quality independant wholefood store closed last year, a shame as the quality of cooking herbs and spices was second to none, they stocked the full range of quay herbs, their smoked paprika is second to none, need to find another source of Quay herbs and spices and a quality chocolate source. I looked just now and some of the on line real quality chocolate sellers do not send out by mail order in summer month's for obvious reasons, 2 days in a post office van isnt going to do it much good.

  • Loved Rowntree sweets and Yorks chocolate as a kid but when they moved out of the UK i stopped eating any of their stuff.

    I presume youre referring to the chocolate 'factory' that was once in Aysgarth and now in Leyburn?

    I bought a lot from them in Aysgarth but Ive heard a lot of derogatory comments about the new factory and new ownership,they seem more interested in running a bespoke eatery than making chocolate.

    Shame but as with many businesses large or small, its the money theyre after and not much to do with building a quality brand and custom.

  • Just looked at the Mulu chocolate range! Definitely a premium product at £2 or so for a 38g bar. Must be pretty tasty.

    Couldnt be any worse than paying over a pound for a 38g bar of what Cadburys call chocolate.

    As the saying goes : You get what you pay for.

    I think these days if you want proper food you have to search out old recipes and make the stuff yourself or search out the experts and be prepared to pay more for it as theres no way small artisan producers can buy in raw materials at the massively discounted bulk prices the corporates pay for their raw materials.

    Same dilemma with ice cream...which today is mostly frozen flavored emulsified fat and bears little relationship to proper traditional ice cream.

    If they can sell you garbage they will.

  • I must have missed that,ive just searched and Mondalez do own GnB ive also just read their new range of both GnB and Cadburys are not going to be using fairtrade cocoa.Another off the shopping list.

    Ill stick to Lindt,I do like their dark 85% cocoa bars.

    I didn't know that they'd stopped using fair trade cocoa, that's terrible. Cadburys used to be my favourite chocolate but it just seems to taste greasy and sickly sweet now.

  • I didn't know that they'd stopped using fair trade cocoa, that's terrible. Cadburys used to be my favourite chocolate but it just seems to taste greasy and sickly sweet now.

    Mondalez are intending to replace Fairtrade Foundationcertification with their own in-house version of fairtrade certification called Cocoa Life certification and eventually removing all the Fairtrade logos from all of their brand products.So basically they dictate the terms as to what fairtrade is according to themselves and self certify.Therefore it wont be a globally well respected independent org like Fairtrade awarding the certification though they do have a partnership arrangement with them.

    Theyve made promises it wont affect the way farmers are treated but they made promises about the future of chocolate making in the UK which turned out to be worthless.

    More here

  • I bought some Aldi dark chocolate today and it was not too sweet, so I don't think it is me. From a pure business aspect, Mondalez paid for a name when they bought Cadbury's and now they are ruining it in the name of short term profit.

  • Its not too difficult to discern proper high % cocoa chocolate from the usual milk fat chocolate.Its not sweet and can have a slightly bitter taste if its very high % cocoa.

    Just like proper liquorice is bitter unlike the commercial sugar loaded sweety version.

    Back in the 60's most chocolate was rock hard you had to smash it with a toffee hammer and grate it with your teeth but it was gorgeous and it wasnt sweet.

    It didnt readily melt in your fingers either like it does now.

  • Cant speak on French bread i rarely eat it.Coffee has changed, at least in the uk it has,because back in the 60's it was a choice between proper roast coffee bean coffee for which you required a percolator and there were shops you could buy coffee beans and drink proper coffee from and was an expensive luxury or for the majority it was kenco or nescafe or mellow birds instant,non of which could be described as coffee even if thats what theyre supposed to be.

    These days we have far bigger and better choice of beans,grounds,instant,filter etc and there is a resurgence in coffee houses selling coffee beans so possibly one area where choice and quality has actually improved for uk consumers and caught up with Europeans who've been drinking proper coffee for years.

  • French Whale Fan and I have a wonderful chocolatier in a neighbouring village. My birthday present this year was two bags of specially selected broken dark chocolate with his different flavours. No milk or butter in Lionel's dark chocolate (and horrors like palm oil would never even get across the threshold of his home or laboratoire). mmmmmmmm


    FWF's father is a pretty good chocolatier too. We commissioned Lionel to make a beautiful chocolate sculpture for Papa's 90th birthday. We took it to him yesterday. I hope he eats it soon, but I don't think he can bear to break into it. I suspect his girlfriend will get there first ...