What were you doing at the time of the recent royal wedding?

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  • Okay, so many of us on here aren't royalists, but what were you doing at the time of the royal wedding recently?

    We were working down the allotment, so doing something useful. Were you?

    Don't be shy, let us know:D.

    We won't mind even if you actually watched it all through, in company with the simpering Beeb....

  • I was working on the bus. However, I called in to feed a mates birds and the wedding was on the TV. I made sure I was back working on the bus by the time they entered to church. On the Sunday morning I went to a different carboot sale and it was all the gossip. Apparently there was a empty chair near queenie (apparently reserved for Diana?) is that an American thing?

    I remember where I was when Diana was killed. On my way to trade at a festival.

  • I missed it completely , I’m in Bali and it never got a mention it was like it didn’t exist , I had completely forgotten until I went on social media and it was full of the lovers and the haters . I had been following a guy on there who was trying to get as many people as possible to go down to Westminster to pose as homeless because they were trying to clean up the streets for the event so I’m wondering if his campaign went well . Seen a couple of pics of the queen and Meghan with captions referring to using her seat belt which was amusing . But I’m happy to stay here in Bali where no one gives a fuck for the royals or the wedding

  • I did not know either !!

    My mum mentioned something in her last text message saying that she had enjoyed the wedding the previous day. I thought she was just going on about coronation street or emmerdale or some other sh- show that she enjoys :whistle:

  • Had to think about this ...

    Boating on the Irish Sea; specifically motoring on sea trials. Out from Whitehaven, North to off Parton, South almost to StBees and a wide circle off Whitehaven whilst two yachts and a couple of fishing boats went in front.

    That sounds lovely, although only in thoughts as I get terribly sea sick but I love the idea of being out on the water :)

    I did quite well to avoid most of it; weddings generally bore me quite a bit anyway. Personally I find the whole idea of 'royalty' quite weird and outdated and I found the sums of money involved quite outrageous, regardless of whether it was them or the taxpayers footing the bill. I also found the whole "we're donating to Crisis whilst the police are taking homeless people's sleeping bags and clearing them out of the way" pretty hard to stomach, too.

    But I mostly avoided and got on with the decorating instead. There was a bar in Liverpool that had a 'Fuck The Royals' street party instead with collections for local food banks which I thought was a nice idea and some of the jokey things going round on Facebook were quite funny. But yeah, I think I've only ever been to two weddings I enjoyed and both were very low key and relaxed; all the pomp and ceremony just seems a bit much for me :)

  • I was doing 4mph on the norfolk broads on a classic wooden broads cruiser I had hired, no tv on board.

    I am surprised Grendel. Having seen you in a photo with your buddy Charles,I would of thought front seats would of been on offer :-)

    To be honest though,it sounds like you were doing just fine without it.

  • Its in Spain,and the weather was alot nicer than it is here!lol Came home and had a lovely 2 hr drive home from Gatwick,pissing down with rain,motorway clogged with traffic....the joy eh?lol

  • I am surprised Grendel. Having seen you in a photo with your buddy Charles,I would of thought front seats would of been on offer :-)

    To be honest though,it sounds like you were doing just fine without it.

    Well I met him, and he pretty much ignored me (he couldnt wait to talk to the pretty girl next to me)

  • Oh, missed it, darn shame, bet I didnt miss a lot, weddings and radio dont really work if it was on the radio that is as I was playing some old skool banging acid techno c.d's in my workshop. so what was it, a flagrant show of wealth, a feckin church full of the most ridiculous hats imaginable, wrinkly old birds dolled up pretending to be a princess, prince phillip would have been the best enterntainment I would have thought as he is a class act at delivering some proper foot in mouth no holds barred one liners., Oh and I bet the arch bish of canterbury was up there spouting a load of old bollox on behalf of the imaginary freakster they worship call god. does that sum up the royal wedding, considering i didnt have to go far out of my way to avoid it, bet I've touched on reasonable summary. I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of the bride on the front page of a newspaper on the stand at the entrance going in to pay for diesel at a garage and my first thought was, heck, she got a lot more teeth than you usually see when a human smiles, its normally americans that have super white dazzlers and seemingly far too many of them than is feasibly possible.

  • I wept all day.

    Well, not really, but I did enjoy the wedding music.

    Actually it was such a nice day to listen to the utterly delightful music they played at the welding that it sent me on a Youtube binge of listening pleasure.

    Chanson De Matin by Elgar and Elin Manahan-Thomas singing Eternal Source Of Light Divine were so beautiful they brought me to tears.

    Man is capable of such great evil and depravity, but at the other extreme of the spectrum are these two pieces of music.

    I hope you too have something similarly beautiful to cherish today.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • I tend to lean towards concentrating just on the beauty as want to be in a constant state of happiness.

    Am busy chipping off old render ready for pointing on my next visit to my clients and have got my big self powered speaker set up and am playing the 99 most essential adagios that I have in the computer. Some of it,as you rightfully sum up can really make you weep for its level of emotion and beauty.

    Thank goodness for the great things in the world :D