Finding a suitable van

  • I've been looking around for a decent van now, a smaller one than larger, but seen as my DIY skills are non-existant I started looking at the MH market. And there are a lot of Romahomes out there, but they all look as though they are tarted up. Infact I saw one on ebay that had been bought but was then condemed by a garage because the chassis was rotten, although it looked pristine, it was up for sale basically as a shed! It may have cost £10,000 in the first instance. I was going to check it out further, just out of interest, but it disappeared off the site, abour 4 hours later! The search continues!

  • Check out elderly hymers, they age well with their classy German pedigree. All good but go for Mercedes if you can. Our old one is up for sale with Stewart Moulands of Peacehaven near Brighton; they didn't pay us anything like that for it. They wont sell it with that poor advertisement either. Doesn't mention 175 watts of solar panel feeding 2 110 ah leisure batts, underslung LPG tank, undersealing, 4 speaker dab stereo etc. Toby Trux.