Am i Daft? or Was he.

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  • So, i was on the demon FB, and browsing marketplace for fun, and i saw an advert... it was a camera for sale.. £150 .. i decided yup, having it... didnt know what state it was in or anything.. and as i was going to be passing thru the city, i arranged to meet person selling said camera.. i was a little unsure, as folks sell all sorts of rubbish.. so, i took my hard earned cash with me, with a choice of refusal if it wasnt any good..
    Elderly gent appeared with camera case... I opened case, all wires leads and charger were there, in mint condition.. Camera in very good nick, he had had it from new.
    I asked him why he was selling it. he said he needed a new lens for his canon and this old camera was just collecting dust in a drawer...
    I handed him said cash, trying hard, really hard to NOT show my absolute delight and excitement... but as i hugged it and kissed it.. i think he knw I was a little overwhelmed.. but .. it's MINE now .. oh how i love this little Bridge camera he passed to me...

    what camera is it..? oh i forgot to say...

    Leica V Lux 1 ..

    was I a fool for buying a 10mp 10x zoom bridge camera for £150 notes?? esp when i have a Fuji HS50 40x zoom bridge and a Nikon D3200 Dslr and a Canon A1 SLR...

    this ole camera thingy is a little addictive isn't it...

  • auction price, gonna keep an eye and see how much it goes for. i might sell it on.. and use my other cameras. hey ho, i thought it was a good deal, goes to show that theres always something to be disappointed in.. lesson learned.

  • Well if you love it Pixie,so be it!What price can you put on happiness?You could sell your other camera's to re coop some of the money?

  • Not to be sneezed at PJ,the leica v lux is/was top end leica range.150 squid isnt off the scale for a 2nd hand quality camera and no doubt in good order from your description.

    Yes you can buy 'good' cameras off ebay fir 50 quid but theyre usually shit,bashed up, dont work properly or things missing.You get what you pay for.

    Id try it out first before passing judgement or selling it on.

    Ive got several cameras digital and film,I dont think you can have too many when you love photography.I like my Canon D5 a lot and all the kit i have for it but if i was replacing it id sell all the digital ones (except my IR/UV camera) for a Fuji xe2 or xe3.

    What does it matter what you paid so long as it works,its A1 and youre happy with it.

    What wasnt pointed out to you in the comment above is the one for 50 quid has 7 bids so probably will fetch a bit more than 50.

    Theres a neat pre-owned one for £400 and a brand new one for just short of a 1000 quid.

    So your purchase probably wasnt a bad one ar all.

  • I took the Leica out for a walk on the moors to test it out....I am rather impressed on quality of pics it took... much better than the fuji hs50, not quite sussed the macro on it yet...but, it might just become my go-to camera....unless i want to do birdy and animal things.. then the fuji will be the one.. the Leica will probably be my festie camera... as its better in low even tho its 12 years old, it beats the fuji on quite a few levels..

    I didnt waste my hard earned cash, that is for sure...:)