Can't log into Laptop!

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  • I ended up buying an HP pavillion notebook laptop, 17 inch screen, 8 GB ram and 1 Terrabyte memory, as windows 10 can be greedy, and my music stash is vast its come in well handy having huge memory capacity and never have issues with storage. I disabled and put to sleep a lot of junk programmes I dont want that they come with from windows 10 that runs in the background, Avast pro clean up is superb for freeing up junk etc that clogs up and makes them run slower. I will say its the best laptop I've had model wise

  • No special tools required. I reset my friends Windoze 10 scraptop by restarting in safe mode and removing the requirement for a password on login and restarted.. Problem fixed.

    However this is an old thread and Cobra is no longer on the internet so I doubt any of this matters. :D

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :weed: