Where would you really love to live ?

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  • Bonsoir mes amis ( good evening my friends ) ,

    If you could have a house,yurt,caravan,park up or other dwelling in your perfect spot where would it be. I am not talking geographically per se,moreso what would you choose to surround yourself with?

    It is a hard thing for me to say as I am a bit dependent upon moving around and seeing new things,but if I was a settling down type of person or had to choose somewhere where I had to spend a lot of time it would probably be-

    Somewhere between 600 and a thousand metres so that I had good views,fresh air and was not above the average winter snowline.

    In about six to ten acres of woods so that I could keep it healthy,enjoy the shade in the summer and have a decent supply of dead wood to keep my fire burning without having to cut green wood and let tree's live out their lives and supply habitat for the local fauna.

    A fresh water stream to supply me with drinking,washing and bathing water would be nice.

    A clearing where I could enjoy the sun.

    A nice flat area to either park up my vehicle or set up a yurt.

    Nice neighbours at least a couple of miles away.

    Lots of mushrooms both edible and fun nearby !!

    At least ten to twenty miles away from any towns,but say four miles from a nice little village with a bar that has nice beer,restaurant and wifi.

    Just a few ideas that pop to my mind,actually they are quite similar to lots of my favourite parkups around france :D

    Where would you be and what would you want there?

    Hopefully by putting this on paper,or screen as the case is,you will be affirming to yourselves what you really want to do in life and that may help guide you a bit quicker towards your dreams. Hopefully too,that between us we can help inspire others to chase their dreams.

    Love and light to all

    fly xx

  • Single decker bus in a 5acre field,half grass for parties,half the rest woodland, and the rest garden and outbuildings. Few goats,few pigs,and a couple of dozen chickens. Workshop space with 4 post lift. Small barn beside me bus with outdoor cooking facilities and fire pit. Long gated access road. At least 5miles to people. Freshwater stream running thru for all water requirements for me and my livestock. One sml tractor and trailer as well as a set of nice implements..... One happy bear...

  • I'd like a smallish smallholding on the edge of a village full of lovely UKH people to call on or invite in, share skills, make things together, repair each other's stuff, and pass plenty of time with in often aimless philosophical discussions. Where it was geographically would be of secondary importance.

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  • Ive always wanted to live in a remote forest in the mountains with no neighbours or civilisation within at least 20 miles.Prefereably by a lake where i can row and fish. Technology we have now makes it possible to live a relatively modern lifestyle in such a place without too much hardship but having lived in remote areas in the past with no technology whatsoever and happy doing so, its no big deal.

    So apart from your neighbours bar beer restuarant, id probably agree with your ideal IC

    But im also keen to return to living in a tiny cottage a few hundred yards from the beach in the Hebrides...life is filled with dilemmas.

  • My ideal would be enough woodland for everlasting fuel and building materials, enough land to grow food, hunt, forage and to be able to go for a walk with the dogs.

    Enough rain to have an abundance of water all year round.

    Enough sunshine and wind to keep our batteries topped up.

    Enough distance from our neighbours that they do not annoy us and us them but close enough to be of help to one another if needed.

    Close enough to a village with a bar, local shop/market/post office to be able to walk in and stagger back

    We would have a small house made of wood and mud with the biggest geodesic dome greenhouse we could build (50ft-15M diameter). The dome would be the hub of our lives. You can enter the dome from the house. The composting toilet will be off the dome so no need to go outside when the weather is bad. There will be a good size aquaponics system in the dome for year round fresh veg and fish/crayfish and a lot of other beneficial plants and trees.

    Enough workshop space to get vehicles in to work on with a pit and space to store building materials for projects.

  • Am currently passing through Sonoma County in California and wouldn't mind "settling" here. As long as it's isolated enough.

    I didn't even know the history of Sonoma County until I came across a magazine the other day and it makes complete sense!!

    This is purely for the energy of the place. Similar to Ibiza. I can't put my head around it.

    There is a reason for everything just a shame they became so commercialised.

  • Quite happy where I am , mountains behind me sea in front.

    Traveled a lot with work, to some stunning places,

    Always happy to come home and pick the dog up and go for a ramble,

    Only place that was taken with were El Chorro Spain

    And the Atlas Mtns Morocco


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