The Silurian Hypothesis

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  • Why not? 71% of Earth is covered by ocean of which 95% is as yet unexplored.

    Plenty of our own civilisation is just being discovered in the shallows, what lies beyond where there may have been no water before.? Or deep underground?

    I dont believe our current human civilisation is the only one thats ever existed i think we're a reincarnation of at least another simply because the present historical narrative and what evidence is being slowly revealed dont tally.

    In any case the Silurians were real they were on Dr Who.

  • Hi Folks, here's an interesting one: Would it be possible to find traces of an earlier, possibly non-human civilisation that existed here perhaps millions of years ago?

    Here's the popular approach:…rst-civilization-on-earth

    Here's the science approach:…the_geological_record.pdf

    Wowwwww I Sooooo Loved Reading And Learning About This In Your Great Links OldKeith So O Thsnkyou Very Muchly For Showing Me In The Links New Fascinating Words Which I Found Really Great And Very Be Interesting And Very Learning Too:)

    And I Say In Answer To This Threads Heading Etc That I Defo Believe That Non Humans Life Existed Well Before Man Came Along :))))

    For There Be Sooooo Much Out There But Mans World Does Not See It And Do Not Believe It Either:)

  • I think the evidence that 'something' existed here in the past is there in plain view. The world is littered with complex ancient buildings and structures that are dismissed as temples. The complexity of the construction is inexplicable so it doesn't get mentioned.

    We are expected to believe that all over the world thousands of years ago primitive barefoot people in loincloths were cutting and moving huge stones weighing thirty tons or more incredible distances to build 'temples' with incredible precision.

    Yet they built nothing else? how strange? sites are not surrounded with other evidence of settlement, pottery, implements etc.

    Totally identical pyramid structures can be found in South America and Iran, something doesn't add up. Is the scientific society so thick they don't ever wonder how that could be?