House of Lords blocks Brexit

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  • The House of Lords must also be done away with or reformed. If these so called conscientious, good will & intentions Lords, want to give their two pence worth. Then let it be without reward, like the millions of volunteers who make a huge difference to many aspects of citizens lives.

    if a generation were given a chance make the seas under UK jurisdiction a healthier habitat in conjunction with sustainable food production. A protected zone where the seabed isn’t being constantly scrapped bare by factory trawlers from around the world. Where fish stocks are valued and incentivised. Coastal communities benefiting from not only a better managed resource, but tourism, as the climate and sea temperatures increase.

    I recall a time in 1994/5 when we were told Cod could well be off the menu in coming years. My fish of choice and at a £1 a head. A healthy sea will cover shortfalls in agricultural.

    Feeding our kids fish fingers ((pollock) from the artic circle could become a thing of the past.

    This is just one of the many possibilities Brexit can bring. Yes other food products may cost more from around the world, (if tariffs are imposed) why shouldn’t they.

    got to love a plan :)

  • Very sage words Rogue Trader.

    The EU policies for both farming and fishing have had a disastrous consequence.

    And the set aside scheme was an environmental disaster. Pay a farmer to plough his land and let weeds / plants grow for a period of time. Plough the land at the worst possible time of year for soil erosion ( after harvest), and when the weeds have taken over and the set aside payment period is over,,,, then spray mass quantities of weed killers on the soil!! How bloody stupid is that!!!

    And now for the Fishing policy of throwing small fish back in to the sea. These fish are DEAD! They have drowned under the weight of all the other fish!! Another disastrous EU policy.

    It doesn't take a PhD in Marine Biology to figure out that by simply having parts of the sea rotated as nursery grounds, then fish will survive and prosper. The UK waters are large .

    It is very easy to have say 10 square mile areas as dedicated breeding grounds which become fishing no go zones. These zones could also be used as valuable areas for research. The nursery zones should be rotational.

    Just look at how fish thrive and survive around oil rigs. That is not just because of the structure of the oil rig, but because there are no fishing zones in place.

    But the vast majority of people don't actually think. They just accept what they are told. We need a country of free thinkers who are prepared to take action. The public have been fed the myth of the importance of Brussels for far too long. How many tiers of bureaucracy does a country of 67 million people need?