CHINA - (Do not read if you are overly sensitive!!!) WARNING!!!!!!

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  • I think i've made my views on China quite blatant so far, so i will assume that most of you know what's about to happen?


    Are you ready?

    So, just a very, basic, quick recap on why i dislike China; their medicine is a load of shit, they torture cats and dogs, they breed profusely, and other things not for this thread!

    The latest fun they had was 'Visitors to a zoo in southeast China, apparently hoping for a livelier show, pelted kangaroos with rocks!

    Bravo, make the fuckers jump! After all, they're only Kangaroos and there for our pleasure!

    I DISAGREE! I want to go to a human zoo,where all these wankers are. What's good for the goose, is good enough for the gander!?

  • I have been to china twice and will admit that I have seen things that need to move forward,but at the same time will say that I have come across great people there too who have worked hard towards making a better world for us all.

    To say you hate china is much the same as saying that you hate England,spain,chile,or Mali,to choose but a few examples of many.

    There are good and bad people in all countries and I would say that most people are good in most countries.

    Which part-s of China have you visited? And why do you hate their nation so much ? I ask this as I have met many people in france who have a bad opinion of Britain,yet have never travelled there,which in my mind makes it an uneducated viewpoint and is knocking on the door of spreading hate.

    As for bad medicine,I have a lot of respect for many chinese remedies. I always thought that they were well ahead of the rest of the world when it comes down to natural remedies and accupuncture is a great example of that.

    The point being,do not bad mouth or disrespect an entire nation based on a few arse holes. Coming from someone from the uk does appear like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • In Yulin , as far as I'm aware, they torture the dogs they kill because they believe it will make the meat taste better.

    On a purely technical level, there's no difference between the sentience of a dog or a pig, but it does seem like some cultures have further to go than others.

    China is also one of the few countries that still insist on animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries.

    However, I've seen animals being treated appallingly all over the world - and considering the time we've all been on this planet, we're not really much more advanced.

  • And Did You Know That USA Paul Has Many Things Also That To Me Are As Bad As China But Where China Its Out In The Open In Plain Terrible Sight :(( Whereas In USA Its Not Out In The Open And Hush Hush Esp Military .Where They Sadly And Terribly

    String Dogs Up By Head To Hold In Place And Top Legs Spread Wide To Posts And Tied And Then Bottom Legs Spread Wide To Posts And Tied So That SOLDIERS Can LEARN TORTURE TACTICS To See What EFFECT It WOULD HAVE ON A HUMAN!!!!!

    Yep .This Happened And Happening Even The Soldiers Themselves Found This Very Difficult To Accept And Do And Complained ..Thankfully Many Of This Cruel Evil Terrible Thing Was Banned BUT Sadly Some Places It Still Goes On:(((((((

    But Lets Face It What USA Has Done And Killed And Raped And Hung And Burned Alive Etc Etc Etc To The Native American Men Women And Children Sadly Both Past And Even Now Still Which Off Course Is Hidden .. It Be No Surprise That This Sickening Evil Cruel Disgusting Torture Of Poor Innocent Defenceless Dogs Is Also Hidden :(((