On the edge of change... should I settle down or go on a big adventure?

  • Hi everyone, I can't thank you enough for helping me process my thoughts about all of this. My partner and I have mutually decided to part ways, and while it's incredibly hard, I think it is the right thing for both of us long term. Your comments have been really helpful <3

    I am keeping my eye on a few vans for sale but am conscious not to over plan too much and just start taking the steps that feel right!

    I've been watching your thread with interest, and i'm happy to see you've came to a decision. I wish you all the best in your future, and remember 'the world is your oyster'. X

  • Whatever you decide ,do it soon ...Speaking as a great grandfather, who has still managed to work my way around the world a couple of times ,once you commit to children it can make the problems of family travel very difficult ,there are a few families who can manage it , but all the difficulties seem magnified ,, whichever decision you make ,and I know it sounds selfish but , remember the person who must always come first is YOU, because if you are not content ...then nobody is.