Big yourself up!

  • This thread is all about bigging yourself up!

    Tell us about the things you're good at, what you've done that's noteworthy, what your best features are - what other people might compliment you on, or what you like when you look at yourself.

    "Nothing" is not an acceptable answer!

    As for me, well I'm just fucking adorable :D

    (Seriously though, I'll add mine in a bit when I come back from running)

  • I'm good at organising stuff,cooking,growing my own food,and yoga!Noteworthy?Built a school in rural India.My best features?I won't discuss the physical side,but personailty wise,I'm a great listener,have loads of empathy,but can get tough when needed.I'm also really good at managing money.

    Work wise,I'd like to keep that simple,because I don't like being too responsible,and would rather have a job where I can forget about it when its home time.However.....I usually get singled out for something more substantial.Most people would probably feel flattered.I don't.Its just a job,its not my life.

  • I've got high IQ

    I've had my photography exhibited and featured in the press

    I've got a great arse!

    I created a meme that, in spite of a typo, had almost 190k shares :D

    I haven't used alcohol or drugs in over 30 years

    I've beaten asthma, in spite of being told I couldn't

    My sense of humour is inappropriately awesome!


  • Page of the school builders.

    I rented some land in rural Cambodia, made and ran a school on it. Some of my students passed international exams and went on to study in US universities.

    Spent my life putting others before myself whenever it was needed (which was the majority of the time). Radically kind. Disgraceful do-gooder.

    Has been known for turning get-togethers into events.

  • Oh this could be an ego trippers delight, hope it doesnt turn into that, I'm off if it does.

    What I could write may not neccessarily be what and how others see things but that does not matter as long as I know I have done and do and conduct myself in the wider world to the best I can be. I would rather list the below as being what I feel my attributes are rather than just plain bigging it up for the sake of it.

    Very tolerant and conscientious of the impact I have on other people and the wider world and adjust myself according to any situation i may be in.

    Generous to a fault and willing to help others in need if I can, the situation is weighed up on a case by case basis and act accordingly or not at all if my instincts decree otherwise.

    Self determined with an inner strength that takes a lot to get rattled, dont press my fore head or take the piss for too long though, there's a Taurean bull lurking within.

    Self driven to be the best human bean I can be according to what I've learnt about life thus far. I will say I'm wise beyond my years and only because others tell me so.

    Made a success of a business venture I started which is synonymous with the travelling life style I chose to lead many years ago so that my life and the means to get through is a symbiotic relationship. We've all got choices, I took the choice that suited me as a person. Got to the top of my game in my work (horses). Accolades with that, being asked to display my work in global trade fairs and examples of my work being displayed in heritage centers and museums and being recognised and accredited and endorsed by major companies within the equine world around the globe whilst still retaining the core morals and ethics and live the same low impact lifestyle as I walk the walk of life and that I set out to achieve foremost and above all else.

    My face may not show it but I promise I am beaming with light and life within most of the time, I choose who I show it to externally, a useful skill to ward off unwanted attention and avoid attracting negative energy.

    Strongly independent and can easily and willingly get on and do what needs to be done to get by without question or being asked or cajolled. Get stuck in and lets get this shit done is an attitude and motto of mine.

    Can sniff out wasters, wrong un's, people of bad / ill intent at a 1,000 paces and will happily warn others if I can see them being sucked in to a bad result, although it might be a life lesson for them to be in a situation, I assess on a case by case basis My radar pulses strong for bad energy and will say I have rather an admirable skill at avoidance and brushing aside of incoming bad / negative energies.

    An all round good egg with a collection of battle scars from life on earth might be a fitting memorial for me on my gravestone, urn, plaque on a tree or whatever method of laying the shell out when the body expires gets employed when the game is over.

  • I am not sure it is good to brag about your own good points - how do we verify? Paul's list for instance. I don't know . . . his arse?

    You say you are a photographer Paul?

    My own virtues? I am humble.

  • Maxal, i feel the same, stating virtues and life skills you are proud of as it is what makes you you is fine, Bragging and ego tripping is completely different thing and I find it quite ugly.

  • I'm glad you got over your asthma Paul. I had asthma as a child too, so I love fresh air. (And I am Aquarious).

    Still waiting for the photographic proof of your Arse claim though . . .

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  • Quote

    Paul - It's already on this website elsewhere -- if you really wanna see it then you have to go and find it :D

    A couple of weeks ago you could have made a competition of it - kind of like an Easter egg hunt. I always get there too late.

  • I Bounce ..Bouncie A LOT !! :boing::boing::boing::boing: HAHAHA

    Errrm And I Love All And Accept All And Dont Judge Or Label Anybody Or Anything.

    My Greatest Achievement Is ...

    Staying True To Myself And All Others Of Who And What I Am And Be Always

    As I Live In This World Of Man (Without)

    "TURNING INTO MAN" Just Simply To "Fit In Or Be Accepted"

    Nope ...I Rather Be Me Danann Than "One Of Man" HAHAHA.:insane::boing::insane:

    Ooops Forgot Im LOONEY As Well HAHAHAHAHA :insane::boing::boing::boing::insane::insane: HAHAHA

  • I'm the same except I wobble instead of bounce haha 😂

  • Been thinking about it... I suppose i have strength.. I have needed it through the past few years with a teenager that went right off the rails... And strength to have to give her redundancy from the place i work due to the boss deciding to shut shop... I'm left to do the final couple of weeks alone.. that is going to be tough...

    My photography is improving a little,, i just have to be brave and give daughter my HS50 so i will stop falling back to it , and keep learning the Nikon.. it's everso different.

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  • I've never been that good at blowing my own trumpet.

    Mostly because we never see ourselves as others see us.

    I have always been a freethinker, making my own mind up on matters. At one point I remember my favourite word was "Why" and I still have that vein of curiosity.

    Wide range of interests / hobbies with two main themes of mechanical /heritage and self-sufficiency, like most people I have a few pet peeves. I don't smoke and I have a good imagination.

    Regarded as a good listener, but if needed I can also do some organising / speaking up for others.

    Luckily I read quickly and can cope with some aspects of modern technology but as I value my privacy I don't indulge in some forms of social media ...

    In short, I'm a bit of an oddball with good and bad points !