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  • Wandered past a few months ago, thought the place looked interesting and signed up.

    Been lurking ever since, but decided to post my introduction tonight.

    Friday 13th ! not that superstitious (I think) but will do a bit more reading / lurking before I do much more in the way of contributions.

  • Thanks for the Welcome.

    I'll be a bit quiet for a bit, my best friend's mother died about 0415 on Friday morning, and I've been haring about the landscape ever since. Things have now calmed down enough that I can get back on the laptop ...

    Funeral will be in about two weeks time, I think !

  • Thanks, ayami - yes, we did. And the younger daughter (ie not my friend) got married today !


    Finally, I have been able to be kind to my garden.

    For the best part of the last two years I have been attempting to reclaim my garden from what had become something of a jungle wilderness. This has involved much tree / hedge / shrub pruning, and apart from grass cutting, not a lot else whilst working in my less than extensive spare time.

    For the past two days I have been busy planting "pretties" of the bee-friendly variety, in a mixture of flower beds, containers and hanging baskets ... and the previous day we ordered a replacement greenhouse, slightly larger than the original.

    Tomorrow will be a similar exercise - finishing off the containers and hanging baskets, going around the front garden flower beds to plant them out after I have bricked the other long edge (the soil under the grass - quality is almost up to calling it a lawn - is very soft and the mower runs off quite often, causing damage). I've bought in some "pretties" already ...

    Then, I'll go around with the camera !

    After that, couple of other areas will need further attention; in particular, I will have to completely "rebuild" the herb bed. The last job will be to sort out the "allotment" - so by the middle of the summer, I should be able to re-start the home-grown food system ... certainly, I will be in full production next year. I might even be able call some of the grass a lawn !

    The other job in the queue is a major service of the nest boxes - I'll spend a few days rebuilding / replacing most of the existing stock that isn't occupied, and then add a shed load of additional boxes, feeders etc.

  • Further progress today, and time in the sunshine.

    More planting out, mainly finishing the containers. I've also planted out some salad bowl and lollo rosso - the later is especially pretty for a lettuce !

    Slight change of plan - after lunch (al fresco three cheese salad) instead of the front garden work, we "rebuilt" the raspberry hedge that is the eastern boundary to the allotment.

    After the evening watering session, I went for a stroll around. It is difficult to remember the wilderness that existed two years ago.

  • Managed to complete the brick lawn edge and plant out under the rugerosa.

    Started to collect up the various pots lying around, to consolidate the supply having emptied the ones which had the raspberries in them, as well as the ones which had held the pretties.

    The smaller, secondary greenhouse has arrived, spent yesterday afternoon building the frames. Instructions are fairly useless ...

    Oh, and the male pheasant came for a mid-afternoon snack. He is habituated to me now, and got within a couple of feet. A couple of his harem were about, but they are far more shy !

  • Successfully built the small greenhouse - now *slightly* overcrowded with tomatoes and the like.

    Have received the plants from my friend's *mother's house (*this is the elderly lady who died recently, they had until the end of May to shift anything they wanted, the council were planning to *skip* what was left) I have planted out various items, including some roses. Fingers crossed as I dont'd think they appreciated being moved !

    30th May, afternoon, the large greenhouse kit has arrived - will need to modify the base area next.

    Now in TLC Wales and next week will be in Norwich.

  • Time for an update on the jungle-bashing aka gardening.

    Recent weather has been splendid - good enough to not only catch up on then suntan, but also helpful to the plants. I have had to water the many container grown plants and a patch of newly laid turf (wombled off a mate).

    The transplanted roses *seem* to be doing OK, and some red-hot pokers have managed a couple of flowers. They were also moved at the wrong time.

    We took further advantage of the good weather to rebuild the dwarf-wall foundation for the "big" greenhouse and the built the structure. It awaits glazing, fitting out / finishing and then populating with plants (which will be mainly tomatoes).

    Weather broke yesterday with a thunderstorm and heavy showers ... which meant the clouds obscured the 'Blood Moon'.