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  • Funny how you would ask that within hours of me joining again.

    Yes, quite a lot, and no I have never been drinking or under the influence of anything at the time.

    I used to ghost-hunt with a team until they disbanded, then with Scottish Paranormal for a bit, but didn't get on well with their head.

    Most I have seen were during daylight hours, and I usually research what I experience to find out who or what went on.90% of the time I find evidence that matches what I experienced exactly. The other 10% has no record as it is too far in the past to even have a record of the event.

    Some are just a flash of an image, a nudge, feeling, hearing or smell, while others may be like seeing a film of a whole event - that can be quite long.

    I have had a full conversation with some, experienced their pain, seen what they saw through their eyes, and in one case experienced a murder.

    Oldest I have witnessed is pre-bronze age, and most recent is a car crash victim, but most I see are around the 1800's because that is the age of the town.

    After years of this I believe seeing a ghost may be down to the persons ability to read the energy of their surroundings in a way that is the same as Psychometry - which is the ability to read objects by touch. I do this also, so have to be careful what I do touch.

  • Ghosts are an individual belief based on our individuality, believe it or not!

    My Mummy believed in God, in a wee way, and my Daddy can't be doing with it at all, so they brought up their children to decide for themselves.

    None of us had any church ceremonies (that i can remember the names of anyway), but i DID go to Sunday School until i got banned!, anyway, Ghosts, are religious things!

    If we really miss somebody, we can imagine the most amazing ways that they're with us, or watching us, plus it gives us hope. What about soul? This word was invented to give hope for the religious, and longevity to the thinkers.

    The reality is stark to a lot of people, that is why i live my life to the full as much as i can. It's now or never!

    We are flesh, sinew, bone, and blood. We die.

    The End.

  • I understand others viewpoints can differ from my own belief, but most of what I have seen I had no idea or knowledge about, nor was I looking for most of them when they showed up.

    After the event I do the research and find that a person matching my description was killed in a certain place in a certain way that matches what I had seen exactly. I cannot be imagining things if it was a reality that is documented.

    Incidentally not all show themselves - particularly the ones capable of poltergeist activity, and I have been in a place that was not actively haunted, when one walked in from outside.

    You don't even need to die in a place to leave an imprint. One of my most vivid encounters was of a dentist pulling teeth in 1853. I saw everything as it was then. It was so clear I managed to trace the Doctor to his living relatives in the US and send them a photo of where their great grandfather worked in the UK.

    Pain leaves the largest imprint, other emotions less so. Fear, despair, panic, anger, occasionally good sex, but it's mostly bad stuff I see. If you are sensitive to it you can feel these emotions in a place before anything else shows up.

  • I've had 3 experiences.My ex FIL died,and 2 mths later,I awoke in the middle of the night,my husband was asleep next to me.As I opened my eyes,I saw my ex FIL standing next to the bed on my husbands side,and he was looking down on him.It scared me that much,I quickly hid under the duvet,and was hyperventilating!=OI told myself I must of imagined it.After a few minutes,I decided to take another look.Yep he was still standing there!lol I quickly woke up husband who turned the light on,and FIL disappeared!

    A while after that,my own Dad passed away.A few weeks later,I was mopping my kitchen floor when "something or someone"slapped my on my back!Again I felt terrified,thinking someone had snuck into my house,I quickly turned around but there was no one there.For some reason I knew it was Dad,and then felt at ease.

    My best friend died(Hmm thats another story in itself!:eek:)but a few weeks later,I left my place of work(It was dark outside),and got into my car for the drive home.I was behind a huge truck,which was on a slip road/roundabout that lead onto the M6.Usually due to traffic,I'd have to stop there and wait,but that night the traffic kept moving.....around this time,I felt a huge slap on the back of my shoulder!!!I started hyperventilating,terrified that someone had broken into my car,was in the back seat and about to put a knife to my throat! I kept driving....calmed myself down(There was no where to pull over as I was now on the motorway)then somehow realised it was my best friend who had slapped my shoulder.I started talking to her,laughed and told her "Look Pam,please....don't do that while I'm driving ok?".......As I came off the motorway,back onto another sliproad,I started slowing down,put my foot to the brake........I had NO brakes!:shock: Luckily the sliproad was uphill and I came to a stop without any hassles.I believe(?)Pam slapped my shoulder when I was behind the truck to pre warn me to test my brakes,which I did'nt do.

  • I think I have encountered two supernatural entities that seem that seem to be either Shadow Entities or People. Although the Shadow Person could have been a very angry trapped previous tenant.

    The first time was in 1998 at an old Victorian red brick house that my Aunt owned, I think that was a Shadow Entity or something negative and possibly predatory.

    The second was at the flat I am no longer staying at due to things being to weird and volatile in the flat and with the people around me. I don't feel happy sleeping in a place where something forcing me awake to watch it standing in my bedroom doorway.

    Black human shadow standing in the doorway watching me.

    Could that have been influencing the behaviour of the people in the flats around me? Hmmm...

    Could be a build-up of negative emotion tension that leads to stress-related experiences.

    Folie a deux/plusieurs?

  • I posted this on here in a similar thread years ago.

    I used to hang around with someone who, well it started as a sexual thing but we eventually drifted into a friendship. Anyway, she previously told me of a sensation of being kicked in the back while she was driving, like there was a child behind her or something similar.

    During her time in London, mostly when she was close to me, I experienced all of the following:

    • My sandals ripping open the velcro in the middle of the night; thus waking me up.
    • Getting up in the morning to find all the plugs and leads pulled from the back of my computer.
    • Having a painting throw itself off the wall and crash to the ground in the middle of the room
    • Having the propex heater in my old VW come to life in the middle of the night - the switch being just beyond arm's length.
    • Things vanishing and suddenly turning up in weird places
    • Felt a draught on my leg when there was no draught - The window was open, but there was no wind and this was more like something blowing directly on my leg.
    • Having something brush past my leg under my desk
    • Going to the bathroom and hearing "her" in the kitchen - even though she never left the living room and was still on the sofa when I returned.
    • Plus I too experienced the feeling of being kicked in the back while driving and she was sitting next to me. I remember telling her to stop doing that, and then looking to see her hands on her lap.

    That's what I can remember, and these didn't always happen when she was around - most of them while she was renting a room a couple of streets from me.

    Then I moved to where I live now and it all stopped -- even though she didn't leave London for at least another year.

  • I just remembered another incident.I used to live in an apartment that had tiled flooring.I had two bedrooms.One of the bedrooms hardly had anything in it,except a couple of boxes,and a mop bucket/mop.I awoke in the middle of the night,to hear what sounded like the mop bucket being thrown/kicked around quite violently on the tiled floor in the spare room.I was truly terrified.I was convinced someone had broken in,but then asked myself why they'd be doing that?I spent the rest of the night under my duvet(lol)scared witless,waiting for whatever it was to enter my own room.After a few minutes the noise stopped.The next morning,I reluctantly opened the spare room door......to find the mop bucket in the middle of the room on its side,when I know I left it against the wall in the corner.How do you explain these things happening?I really don't know.

  • When I was a student at Lampeter uni I lived in halls and one night I heard loud banging on my door in the early hours. We always kept the hall door locked at night so I listened out to hear in which direction the person went but there was silence and I didn't hear any footsteps or doors opening. I tried to go back to sleep but as I was lying down it felt like someone stroked the back of my neck. After that I stayed awake till sunrise. The next day I asked if anyone had knocked on my door or heard anything and they all said no. I then explained what had happened. Two other people said they had a disturbed night. One guy woke up around the same time as me and just felt freaked out for no reason and couldn't sleep till sunrise and a girl a few rooms down said she woke up at the same time and saw a young girl crouching by the door of her room.

    A few years later we moved into a student house that just had a bad feeling about it. I was lying in bed one night and my door creaked open and I could hear young children laughing. I got out of bed to have a look but there was no one about and no one had any family/kids visiting. The window in my room would rattle very violently when there was no breeze as well. I only slept in that room a few times during that year as it just didn't feel good. In the same house people would often wake up and hear a man whispering in their ear.

  • Not sure if it was a ghost but when I lived in London and I was working at the West Centre Hotel in Fulham , on some nights around 12 midnight I would see this man at Knightsbridge with a three cornered hat and clothing from several centuries ago walking with a pike. Not sure if he might have been a doorman at a posh club, but why the pike?

  • There Be Defo More Things Out There Than Ghosts ....HAHAHA :)

    And I Defp Believe In "Spirit Walkers" ..Meaning Ghosts As You Call Them ...And I Be Seeing Many Many Things Not Just The Spirit Walkers Both From The Light And From The Dark Out Of My Eyes Over Time Of Time Years ....Eeeeek HAHAHA:)

  • We lost my Dad and shortly afterwards Mum too so we moved back to their home. Every morning for ages afterwards all my top kitchen cupboards would be wide open.

    That more or less mirrors what happened to my mate Richie many years ago, he and his OH moved into his mums council flat after she died in an attempt to claim the tenancy.

    I myself heard doors opening and closing one evening when we were sitting round there. Each time it happened they shot each other a glance, I noticed that, but assumed they had a lodger. Or knowing Richie, somebody hiding out there, but as it turned out, there was nobody else there

    It was only later he told me what had been going on, and it was more than just doors opening and closing, so much so that his OH wouldn't stay in the flat. He was more pragmatic and besides a flat is a flat, he felt his mother would move on when she was ready but his OH was freaked out by it

  • Woke one night while staying with my auntie, we had been watching TV on a little portable TV on an ironing board at the end of the bed, so anyway the room light was on and I looked at the portable it was off. I could see my own reflection in it sitting up in bed, nothing out the ordinary at all at this point. Then I notice some one is beside me in the reflection??, looks just like ma auntie same big wavy hairdo, but I know she's down the stairs so am way too freeked out to turn round and look to see if the bed is empty beside me. I just stare at the TV watching the reflection, Just like that the person sits up out of bed beside me turns and sits on the edge of the bed, stands up and walks into a closed area my auntie used as her wardrobe. Couldn't get down the stair fast enough?? but I'm sure it wasn't a bad spirit as all the actions where just normal behaviour and it was just the shock of seeing something like that for the first time, don't get me wrong if it happined a second time I'd have probably legged it even faster than the first?? but aye that happined, very strange ??

  • No, don't believe in ghosts and I've never seen one!

    I don't believe they exist as if they did it would violate the laws of physics.

    I did read a quantum physics explanation for ghost once. Didn't really understand a word of it, but the gist of it was that groups of atoms can stay linked together, so even when out body decays the atoms that combine to make each of us still remain together as a cluster. So if ghost do exist they would be an entirely natural phenomenon as opposed to 'super natural'. I don't think it explains phantom spectres and all that but it's still an interesting idea.

  • I did read a quantum physics explanation for ghost once. Didn't really understand a word of it, but the gist of it was that groups of atoms can stay linked together, so even when out body decays the atoms that combine to make each of us still remain together as a cluster. So if ghost do exist they would be an entirely natural phenomenon as opposed to 'super natural'. I don't think it explains phantom spectres and all that but it's still an interesting idea.

    All they have to do now is to scientifically find one then.