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  • Yo everyone,

    I'm just starting a journey, travelling the UK & Europe on foot, with a tent on my back. I'm going to try and live without money, will be visiting many spiritual places, stopping to volunteer in exchange for board and lodgings, and experience many ways of life.

    Would love to connect with any nomads out there. Anyone wants to join me for a while, that's cool & All advice is welcome :-) I'm not a hippie by background, and don't have any network. Oh, and of course if anyone has a place I could stay, that would be incredible.

    A few questions:

    - Does anyone know about nomadic income? Ways to earn a little on the road. (I know I said living without money, but there's always going to be some expenses (just bought a Noisily ticket for £170)).

    - Do people know good places to stay across London? Travelling from South East to North West

    - Any known places that I could learn foraging, bushcraft skills, outdoor survival skills kinda stuff? (I've found really expensive ones :D )

    But, mostly, I'm hoping to link to interesting people.

    Take care :-)

  • Glad you guys replied, I was beginning to wonder if I'd said something wrong.... :-)

    Thanks Paul.

    LightBringer, I'll be up in Yorkshire actually to live in the monastery. I'll be in touch when I'm up there :-)

  • That's an enlightening thing to do, very empowering and enlightening for the self and broaden ones outlook and in looks on life and all it contains. I have walked the length and breadth of the U.K doing the very same thing. Left the vehicle travelling scene and walked it That part of my life journey lasted 10 years, I ended up with horses and a wagon that was my period of walking the desert to find the real true self and the real meaning of life and what it entails to be a real human being and not a product of main stream society. All that gets crushed from day one in the school system, no vehicle, no modern trappings, had a mobile phone for the last 4 years. Those years spent doing that are thus far, the greatest ten years I could ever imagining experiencing. The highs were most incredible, the lows were the lowest of the pits, but you have to go through all that if you want to free the self to fully empower the self to it's true potential.

    I know the journey you are embarking on, go well, hold onto the notions and ideas and what drove you to start the journey, dont lose sight of that otherwise you'll end up drifting with no purpose.

    Work and money, if your journey is truth for the right reasons, dont worry about it, things come along when you need it and when you least expect it. Dont have expectations and too many set plans on that front as when they dont arise or go to plan as you imagined they would, it will drag you down. A journey like that is a test on the self and will shake your resolve at times, but that's what its about, learning and listening to the inner self and learning to have full trust and faith in your gut instincts, the heart controls as much if not more than the head, if you get a strong urge to turn left instead of the half planned right on a road going somewhere, do it, go left, do not go right, thats gut instinct, it keeps you safe and alive and helps you make your decisions and choices and to make the right ones, it will lead you well and give you the lessons and experiences and life's gifts you are meant to have pass you by, it can trick you though, but that's the test. you'll soon pick it up and learn it.

    Well, that'll do, if the above doesnt phase you then go for it. in the mean time, if you havent read or heard of a book called the Alchemist by Paul Coelho, then I strongly suggest you find a copy to take with you and read it, it will shed a lot of light on the reasons, why's and wherefore's of embarking on a calling journey like this, you'll find second hand copies on amazon or E bay.

  • I agree with every word and have just ordered a copy of The Alchemist :-)

    Yes, it's going to be tough at times; that is part of the point. To reach a place inside myself where I accept what is, to accept my current reality, not falling into resisting against changed expectations, or resisting against "hard times" that I think shouldn't come.

    To truly be able to look after myself and have faith in myself - If I cannot find a place to stay for a while, then the street is just fine, I'll find a way.

    It's interesting what you say about trust in your gut instincts. I recently had the unfortunate lesson, where I took the advice of others, which was perfectly logical, even whilst my soul was screaming that it was the wrong choice. It is time now to listen to my inner knowing, take the "illogical" path, to follow the direction that the soul provides.

    I would love to hear a bit about your journey, and perhaps get a bit of practical advice from someone who has "been there done that" (as whilst I'm expecting hard times, I've done plenty of that in life and would prefer mostly great ones!). I'll send you a PM

  • No worries, it sounds like you are going for this for all the right reasons. Good one for getting a copy of the Alchemist, you'll understand why I suggested it, its a book to read once before you go for inspiration, then again when you have done some journeying and settled into it and gained some insights into why you wanted to do something like this.. I wont spoiler it but the main character in the book is the person who is reading the book. You'll get why I wrote that when you get down the road and some.