What is your favourite springtime attribute

  • What do I like about SPRING !!!!

    Blessed warmth after winter, more light in the longer days and sun on my face.

    Plants, especially trees and hedges, starting to grow and bulbs flowering.

    Birds singing, and nesting - especially returning migrants (like Ospreys).

    And lambs leaping in the fields - there is nothing like watching ewes pop out their lambs and for them to stagger up to take their first steps ...

  • As Bigbear says, I like winter too - especially when we are blessed with snow. Every season has its place and nature knows best.

    I do like to see the green unfurling of the new leaves. The almost fluorescent freshness of green everywhere fills you with life. Amazing.

    . . . but then itinerant child mentioned the lambs and that made me laugh. Did you know that if a lamb stands around too long the earth gives it a power boost? Kind of like an orgasm, but they're lambs so that's not the best word for it . . . the burst of spring. That is why lambs bounce like that.


  • Nothing wrong with the colours of winter. I love winter for so many reasons, so maybe it's more about the change than the actual flowers. Each season has so many different things to offer each one welcomed on arrival, maybe it's the marking of time that makes each one special.

    Slightly off topic but 'Winter' is the title of one of my favourite tunes...