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  • Cunt is such a 'dirty' word!

    But in the right context, it means something?!

    Would prefer only non cuntish cunts to reply to the non question ?

    In the right or wrong context it means that the user lacks a bit of decorum and does not respect that some are offended by it.

    It is quite an agressive word that could put others off from joining the forum.

    There may be a time and a place to use it well,but personally I do not like to see it on a public forum.

    You however already know this and are just being a ****

  • I have often found that people that need to swear a lot very much need to work harder at learning to relax in their lives.

    A lot of these words are used to express anger and anger is a very destructive emotion that is not got for ones spirit.

    If you do use the c word or the f word quite liberally,then maybe it is worth giving this thought.

    If you are using them a lot around people who get offended and upset by their usage then maybe you need to give that thought too.

    It is not very cool to upset people by using a language that can frighten them.

    I hope that bigbear towers finds a more relaxed vibe soon :peaceman:

  • You and me both bud. ?

    Sending you garlic smelling happy vibes from this side of the channel to help out my friend :hippylove:

    In the meantime , rather than swearing,try taking a deep breath and taking the time to come up with a rational and logical response that can help you iron out any wrinkles at Bigbear towers.

    We create our own realities and sometimes it takes a fair bit of effort.

    Bonne chance mon ami xx

  • Sending you a big massive cuddle ;)

    Don't worry, it will be over soon, xxx

  • I've upset you?

    I really am sorry, but also i'm not!?

    I read your advice and i think it's on the ball for some, maybe, but cetainly not me:)

    Anger/Hate is on the same plane as love,.......... think about it ;)

  • CG,you could not upset me if you tried ,my concern lays with people who would be affected by such hard words.

    I am just speaking up for the silent majority who would be seeing the post title and would be disturbed by it.

    I do not need to think about your last phrase as it does not make any sense with relevance to how your words make other people feel.

    A bit of diplomacy goes a long way. I can refer back to how a few comments on the vegan fox thread upset you.

    Giving and sharing love can help people have a good day and with a knock on effect that can make a positive difference to people's lives.

    Anger-hate can do the complete opposite.

    If you want to feel like you have been a good person and have done your bit not to spread shit in the world,then respect others and be nice.

    If you do not care how your words effect others,then you are not the nicest of people.

    I only invite you to give consideration to your words before sending them out into the public domain.

    I hope you can see some sense in this and that you are a decent enough person not to hurt others,such as you preached in the vegan bit.

  • I use the word cunt as liberally as I use the word hello, although often in the same sentence.

    I think it's considered way more offensive in the States, so tend to use it more when engaging with Americans I disagree with :D

    What?... you mean you purposely say stuff you hope will offend... sounds a bit controversial that matey....

  • Oh gosh! This is so shocking! :D

    ...............yes, what a shocking word it is, (like i said in the first post!), but it has it's purpose for sure.............

    Itinerant Child -

    How did i 'hurt' others in the Vegan talks? I know the truth hurts, but i'd love to hear exactly what you mean?

  • It was not you hurting others,you misunderstood what I said ( easy to do).

    It was how others upset you by what they said,which was quite obvious by the way that you started responding back to them.

    The point being that it is not cool to hurt or upset others,especially when it can be avoided. I find it equally wrong how you and paul were both baited as vegans,and as you both treated others for not being vegans.

    We have to put up with enough crap in the world without creating it and as a collective of hippy peeps,we should be a shining example to others about not be nasty and offensive.

    Make love not war is not a new concept,but one that should ring true even in todays world :cnd:

  • You've taken the wind out of my sails; i can't respond to you the way i want to, also, how can we be a shining example when someone gets a smacked hand and runs away to start a copycat site?


  • Irrespective of what others do , we can still make a difference. I know full well that you are a decent person and do not want to upset anyone and please do not think that I am having a go at you personally as I am not,I am just trying to offer you some advice that I think would help you and help you help others.

    I read all posts on here and try to learn from them including yours.

    I want us all to be better people and do not like seeing people being upset,shocked or disturbed unless they are a politician !!!!!!

  • I don't really understand why some people find it quite so provacative....I've worked in some fast paced environments where it was in regular use and did not seem inappropriate.

    Being able to call myself a cunt (at times) whilst reflecting on the above makes it questionably appropriate to label others actions or behaviour as such.

    I find it offers some relief and contributes toward good anger management to call a cunt a cunt when they are actively being a cunt.

    It is possible to argue that we are all cunts quite often.