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  • This is the first time I've looked at this thread for a couple of days, so considering not a single post has been reported, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to moderate it. Contrary to popular opinion I'm not as omnipresent as some people might imagine. ;)

    If people feel like I'm some kind of dictator, then by all means go elsewhere; if this site isn't giving you what you need, then don't use my efforts/skill/time to meet those needs - and if this site is no longer required then I'll retire and give myself an easier life.

    I'm quite aware that people are using this new platform to insult me from a safe distance while still coming on here - I'm not sure how I feel about that tbh :/

    You are a dictator, i'm just annoying! :) are Vegan, as am i, therefore we are cunts! And self righteous!

    Also, you have to ban me! Yes, you do!

    Otherwise, this is favouritism! How dare you make me a favourite! If you think i'll heartily suck your cock, you have another thought coming!

    I forget at this moment who said it, but he said, if you haven't fkd ( i assume this means FUCKED)?, me, then you better get to it!

    I advise not. Just ban me. :saint:

  • why not just ;leave?why insist on being banned?Why havent you started your cat appreciation thread yet?Re conversation posted.

  • In summary; if I delete content I deem harmful, I'm accused of stifling free speech, but if I leave people to sort out their own battles, I'm accused of favouritism or poor moderation or something -- despite the fact I may not have seen anything.

    Even when someone is being inflammatory, it doesn't necessarily happen in a vacuum, often you follow a trail and discover they're reacting to something someone else started - but that still doesn't excuse it; it just gives me more work to do.

    I'm tired (i.e. burnt out by the shit on here) and as such I do not have the mental energy to go trawling back over loads of nonsense in order to babysit adults -- and as such I am going to stifle free speech and close this thread. :snub: