Water heater off grid

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  • Yeah well it's a good water heater anyway, I didn't say in the add that it has a thermostat so when it is hot it switches itself off then back on when it cools a bit.

    There is an auction on Monday that I want to bid on so this must go on Sunday.

    See my other items.


  • This is UK Hippy, the real one.

    You obviously got a message from the cliques! AKA Uk hippies ? Ingeneous; i know!

    I would not of known about uk hippies at all if it was not from you banging on about it. Not only is your attitude driving people away from ukhippy,but you are advertising somewhere for them to go.

    Looks to me that you want paul just for yourself !!!

    Now that I have read quite a few of your posts,I am finding that I do not like who you are very much and like many others I find that you are a trouble maker and are purposely stirring things up.

    I would never be so rash as to ask paul to have a word with you,but invite you to have a word with yourself.

    There is every possibility that I shall be going over to spend more time on the other site too if your lack of respect and un-niceness continues.

  • I talk to myself everyday, especially when i'm gardening.

    You seem to have made up your mind about everything, so i'll leave it at that.

  • I think that you are yet again not listening properly to what people say and are just hiding away from the reality that you have an attitude problem.

    I would be the last person to complain about someone talking to oneself,but as for having a word with yourself is something completely different and something you honestly need to address if you want to spend time on a public forum.

    Paul has put in vast amounts of time and energy into creating this wonderful site and I find it quite sad when someone comes on with a hectoring tone and filthy mouth and ends up sending lots of really decent people on this forum elsewhere.

    Having an opinion is a good thing quite often , but knowing when to shut up has its qualities too.