From rust to Scotland

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  • I'm posting this mostly as an encouragement to myself to actually get on and do it, being as I first planned to do this in 2010.

    The idea in a nutshell - I'm going to renovate a 36 year old motorbike from it's starting state (a heap of rust in my parents garden, definitely a non-runner) into something that I can ride up the west coast of Scotland on a camping/hosteling adventure. I first got the bike when I was 17, and it has sat unused since about 2008. It's a little Honda 125 which makes it even more fun on the country lanes. Very cheap to run, tax and insure and the parts are ridiculously cheap too!

    I've been meaning to return to the west coast of Scotland since I cycled a lot of it in 2010, it's ridiculous that I've left it this long actually. Just goes to show how life gets in the way.

    The project will be a mish-mash of engineering and adventure, if all goes well. I've actually already started on the renovation, but it has been stalled for months now. The overall 'to do' list goes something like this:-

    - Finish bike renovation (currently rebuilding engine, new gaskets etc)

    - Soft out electrics and a charging port

    - Find a rack, some way of attaching everything

    - Kit list and trials carrying everything (maybe a night away to test everything out)

    - Rough route plan, get all hostels and campsites into GPS (might be easier these days with smartphone)

    - Book time off work

    - Get breakdown cover

    - Start engine, and if it starts, go

    Pictures coming soon if I remember

  • Sounds like a worthwhile adventure and since you still have the motorbike from when you were 17 will make the journey more rewarding. I had a old Honda 125 in 1982 and another1992 to go to work on. I Have fond memories of being pulled the morning after a woodland mushroom party. I had a 5 gallon water but strapped to the side of the motorbike and resting on the exhaust, and a bender tarp draped accross the back of the bike seat at the time the police pulled me over. Trying to explain my activities to the police while coming down from a weekend psilocybin trip and trying to decipher why my waterbottle had hard white plastic icicles dangling from the exhaust pipe, made me question if I actually was OK to drive.

    If you get the chance, pull in to this hostel…rrys-Achnashellach-Hostel for a night or so. I stayed there in 1982 when it was my mate Gerry’s place. He died some years ago, but his son took it over and now runs the hostel.

  • So you should be on your way next week then :thumbup:

  • I love small bikes... wish I still had my old Z200....

    Strange innit... as a young man the only thing that matters is size and power. As you get older you can appreciate the lure of the small bike. makes sense really i suppose, lighter and more chuckable in the corners equals more fun. My 27stone God like frame don't arf make small engines work hard tho! ;)

  • There once was a young rock chick that me and all my mates fancied and she turned up one day at a gig in pembroke castle on a honda u.s 450 custom which was a sort of harley replica. Anyhow,she may well of fancied me back ( cant be sure ) as she offered me and no one else a ride on her bike.

    I had never rode a bike before but didnt want to damp her enthusiasm so accepted with a smile and somehow found first gear then took off across the lawn of the castle. I must of looked the part with my hair blowing back in the wind and with my tassled leather jacket (shut up). I think that I stopped looking the part when I came upto one of the big cable's that was supplying power to the stage and pulled the front break quite hard.

    I didnt know that you could not slam on the front brakes on wet grass and needless to say I ditched her brand new bike in the mud. She never appeared to fancy me after that and I have never rode a bike since!!

    Anyhow,thought I would share that with you bikers as it should cause a cringe and a smile.

    Love and stuff

    Fly xx

  • I’ve not legally ridden a motorbike since the day I passed my motorcycle driving test in 1999/2000

    I needed a CBT for a yam DT 125 (again work related) and was informed a CBT would only last 12 months, so I went for the full test and was then told I was restricted for two years on a higher bh before I could ride a Harley legally. I’m not sure I will ever get a Harley of my dreams. It just seems to get further away. Now they make some 125’s look like they are a 750cc desert crosser. I too would like to ride the coast road in the highlands.