What are you currently thinking, Part VI: Return Of The Red Eye!

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  • I'm thinking about my son,who I spoke to today,who is coming over to the UK from Australia in Sept for my youngest daughter's wedding.Can't wait to see him,its been 3 yrs.

  • Was speaking to someone last night who told me this site had shut down years ago, apparently it's a shame as it was a good site. Turns out they had read threats of it shutting down n had tried to get on but got a message saying server error. They assumed the site was gone and never looked for it again.

    Guess it must have been a server crash when they tried to log on or something.

  • If you still have old bookmarks for the site it used to come up with the old site with a temporarily closed notice.

    Funny while i was searching on google for cached pages of this site i stumbled on the post on david icke forum about us all being MI5 staff that id forgotten ...lol :insane:

  • If you still have old bookmarks for the site it used to come up with the old site with a temporarily closed notice.

    Funny while i was searching on google for cached pages of this site i stumbled on the post on david icke forum about us all being MI5 staff that id forgotten ...lol :insane:

    was that from stellacruxx or something like that?

  • Im Be Thinking I Be Happy Bouncing To Be Back :))))

    After Lots Of Things Going On And Going Away For Supermoon Ceremonies And Lots Of Working I Be Doing And Time Away From Airwaves ....So Yep Yup Yayyyy It Be Happy Bouncing All The Way Back To UKHippy Peeps And Friends Here Be :))

    I Was Be Thinking Of You All While My Footsteps Were Away And I Hope That You All Be Keeping Happy Smiley And Well :bighug: xxxx

  • I'm under cover, if you had seen me it means I'm not very good at it?

    Iv been under cover all morning,only just got up..innit great to have a day or 2 off..even if im slipping into ujs slovenly ways?...so off to take all my docs into some office in a dodgy part of town,then im going to choose a new garden fork and saw,just cus i can?xx

  • Thinking Its A Beautiful New Born Day ... The Suns A Shining And There Is A White Fluffy Sparkling Blanket Of Snow As Far As My Eyes Can See . Hiding All The Concrete And Bricks And Making It All Look Soooo Beauriful :)

    Keep Safe And Warm All Ya UKHippy Peeps And Have And Enjoy A Lovely Beautiful Day Full Of Love Laughter And Peace .....(((Hugggs)))) :flowerpower:

  • Im Thinking I Feel Both Happy Bouncie But Also Little Sadness

    So I Wanted To Say This Here And Hopefully Clear/Settle Once And For All That

    Sometimes My Words Or Beliefs Or Lifestyle Or My Heaet And Spirit In Me Which Makes Me Both Childlike Or Looney hahaha Etc Etc

    Seem To Either Muddle People And Make Them Naturally And Curiously And Kindly ASK Me To Tell Them Something About Me To Simply Clear The Muddle Or Confusion Or Curiouness Up Or They Ask Me A Question Etc Which Makes Me Feel No Sadness Or Hurt Etc Nope Only Makes Me Happy As They Ask In Nice Way And Both Reapectful And Kind And Out Of Natural Curiosity Etc And Im A Great Believer In If You Want To Learn Things And Seek Knowledge And Teachings Etc You Have To Ask In A Respectful And Nice Way Etc.

    But Sadly In Less Than A Sunset Or 24hrs As Most Say Since I Returned Back Here

    Sadly Already I Have Been

    Doubted And Thought To Be Teller Of Untruths:(

    As To Who I Am...What I Am And Where I Come From ...Etc

    NOT In A Respectful Or Naturally Curious Or Learning Way And Been Made Fun Of With Twisted Toungue/Sarcastic Way Sadly:(

    So Let Me Clear This Up By Telling Only What I Can Tell And Say

    About Danann Me .

    1. ..I COME /AWAKENED/BORN/ In Beautiful Mountains Of Ireland.

    2..We/Me/ I AM From An Ancient Tribal People/Ancestors Of Those Mountains.


    4. I Talk A Lot About The Beautiful Native American People Because I Was Both Blessed And Gifted To Have Lived/Raised With Them Part Of My Younger Danann Life And Was Blessed To Have Seen ..Been Teached/Learned Many Of Their Ways And Beliefs And Lifestyle .And Both Embraced And Respect Their Beautiful Culture And Its People



    4...And Lastly .....Yes I Often Speak And Talk Etc About Native American People And Stories Of My Blessed Raising With Them Etc And In Fact See Many Of Them As My Extended Family As Many Were Like Family Even Though Not Through Blood And Many Friends Too But In LOVE And Caring Of Each Other ..etc But THAT Also Does Not Make Me Native American Just As It Does Not Make Them Who And What I Am Either.

    5. And Thats Why I Struggle With English Words And Write Different And Speak Different And Think And Say Things And Act Differently Because I Have Been Blessed With Not Only My Ways And Culture Beluefs Teachings Etf But Also Other Beautiful Culrures And Beliefs Etc While I Teenie Tiny Growing So I Use All Those Wisdoms And Teachings And Their Love And Respect And Spiritual Hearts Minds Bodies Spirit Etc Of All life And Nature Herself In My Life And So my EYES Look At Things And Life Out Of MANY EYES And My Mind Heart Body Spirit Feel And Love And Be The Hearts Minds Bodies Spirits Of Many And Not Just ONLY Mine As I Carry All That Love Beliefs Wisdoms Teachings Learnings Etc Within Me And Thats WHAT MAKES ME "Different And Muddling And Childlike And Bouncie And Wild And Tribal And Bouncie Too hahaha Because


    So Hopefully Now That Will Clear Up Some Muddling Things For People ..

    So YES If You Want To Ask Me Anything That I Have Written Etc That Has Muddled You Or Naturally Made You Curious About Something I Be Happy And Bouncie To Tell You And Share With You and Anybody .

    But NO Do Not Ask Me Anything That Is Out Of Unkindness And Fakeness Or To Make Mean Unkind Fun Of Me In A Bad Nasty Way And Think Me As A Teller Of Untruths ....Because To Me That Is Like

    Yellow Snow And Unkind And Mean And REALLY DISRESPECTFUL To Both Me And My Heritage And Blood.

    And Now Before This Days Sunset Hopefully This Will Stop The Knifes And Teeth Being Thrown At Me....Because It Is Wrong Not Only To Me But To Anybody DIFFERENT Who Speaks And Acts And Lives/Lifestyle Different And Also Wrong To UKHIPPY As This Is NOT AND NEVER WHAT MANY IF NOT ALL ON HERE ARE ABOUT OR UKHIPPY ITSELF .

    THANKS (Hugggs)))......Danann xx