What are you currently thinking, Part VI: Return Of The Red Eye!

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  • Was chattin with my brother the other day about his camper van. He's had it his entire adult life pretty much. Apparently the main reason he's owned a camper all these years is as a result of sleeping in his car for two weeks when he was 17. Fear of homelessness then. I never knew. I think I'll follow suit.

  • thinking dont know for how long but still working,not many customers ,but god iv been so fidgety today..the cleanest tea room in the area,lol..but still cant sit still.been really low recently with anaemia..but sticking to the iron tabs has really given me a boost,feeling good..not sure how im going to be when we have to close..a lot of wood will be cut and wolds walked lol x

  • Okay to vent?

    We have another anti-incinerator campaign happening in Wisbech. This time it's not an American company as it was when we fought off the last one in King's Lynn, but a German one - MVV.

    I don't engage with stupidity if I can force myself to sit on my hands for long enough, but a propos of nothing one of our charming locals posted the phrase "Never trust a German" as his sole contribution to a request from the campaign organisers as to which streets had been leafletted with MVV propaganda. I despair. I felt myself compelled to point out that we are all capable of perfidy.

    Under different circumstance it might almost be amusing since I also signed a petition today demanding that the UK government carry out the recommendations given in the report on the Windrush scandal. Never trust a German? The English have proven SOOO trustworthy! Aaagh

  • Went to the last folk session for me until the plague recedes last Monday evening. I don't think I've ever sung so happily or so well. I didn't have anything with me (didn't think I'd be asked, as I was a guest and never been) but dang. I went through whatever I could remember and once I got the wifi working on phone added in proper folk as I needed the lyrics. There was a great mix there and everyone seemed to have a touch of the muse.

    I realise part of the high was just being oxygenated by singing... still it was so, so great to have perfect strangers appreciate a noob. It helped a little that my friend is a regular and plays blues - my blues attempts weren't out of place.

    I've been away from here and a lot of places due to depression biting down pretty hard, but I'm a bit better now. It was bittersweet knowing no venues will be open for a while after a magical night. However, there's nothing stopping me from practicing more, maybe when we come out the other side I'll have a whole new reppy-twar?

  • When you are going to be walking give us a shout (assuming you aren't shutting yourself away)

    And if either of you need owt give us a shout..

    Thanks rick,will do...we re not shutting away anymore than usual,lol,work closed today,so available for walks whenever..going shopping tomorrow..but otherwise we ll be here..you still gotta se my castle!x

  • I’m thinking, He is right, “enough is enough” all these greedy price hiking scumbags in shops, corporations, ltd companies, opportunist hoarders and eBay sharks, who are increasing “NO” inflating prices of products in short supply and high demand because of this virus chaos. We should form worldwide vigilante groups, armed with pitchforks, bolt croppers and wheelbarrows. Route out these scumbags and after confiscating all of their product stash. We should hand it “all” over to the local mafias for safe, fair public distribution. Hand it all over to anyone less corrupt than these scumbags who are selling baby milk formula, calpol, bog roll, hand sanitiser etc at disgustingly over the top prices.

  • Oh, bugger. The Caravan and Motorhome Club has announced closure of all its sites. That's thrown a spanner in the works for me. I usually do a week roadside and then a day or a couple of days on site to empty my toilet, fill my tanks and do any washing I might have. Fuck.

    Probably means the Caravanning and Camping Club will do the same.

    Which also means there will be literally thousands of live-in vehicles looking for park ups.

    This is a blow.

    Edit: Yes, all Camping and Caravanning Club sites now closed too. This is not good, not at all good.

  • What else can they do though, it is sensible to stop people driving out of cities and holing up and they wouldnt know f they are potential spreaders unless they were tested. A good mate of mine is a warden and lives in his trailer full time on site on a usually summer busy, occasional winter caravan and camping field, his boss has been turning people away saying they are closed a week ago as they were getting flooded with people booking to find somehwere to hole up away from towns and cities, they didnt want anyone breaking out in symptoms after they arrived and not being able to leave and infecting others so they closed the gate as precautions as they live there.

    These are the measures needed across the land for damage limitation and prevent spread where possible. Maybe people who are already on caravan stes will be able to stay, they never said anything about the sites have to evict already sited people, maybe have a go a ringing regular places you've used asking if you can creep on for the duration as you have nowhere to go.

  • You're right, it is best because it stops people who live in a house from decamping. It's just a bit inconvenient for me is all, but now I've thought about it I can see a solution, and it is really only a minor adjustment. I shouldn't have made such a dramatic post, that is how I tend to deal with things though - have a little panic then think about it and work out a solution.

    Extra stress because I have no lights on the back of the truck. I ordered new units, click and collect as I have no address nearby, lost my spot as I had to drive to collect, other usual spots taken. Anyway got new lights, got here in the middle of the night and found a spot to park, sun is shining. All good.

  • My late father was an accomplished hoarder and collector. I was very grateful for this tendency for the three years it took me to get through his supply of toilet paper. I wish I had had a use for his collection of replacement razor blades, but they were never going to be of much use to me, although I held back a few spare packs. However, even had I been clean-shaven a single lifetime wouldn't have been long enough to get through them all.

    When I had my landing stage rebuilt last year I discovered a rusting, taped-up biscuit tin I'd put in his rag box in the shed that had to come down too. I'd forgotten what was in it. It was packed to the brim with boxes of matches, carefully wrapped in plastic. Coming to the end of one of the boxes I've just gone back to the tin to get another one. The one I picked out was a six-pack of The Ship matches priced at 12p. I've just looked at the box I've nearly finished to see it cost 1½p when new.

    Nine years after he died and I still miss him every day. I am glad though that he is not here to see the state we've managed to get ourselves into.

  • Farmers still working! Don’t we know it. Yard next to me is busy as ever. Young farmer meets, greets and moves around from dawn to dusk. He must be trying to get rid of his “old folks” cos he lives in their house and they are coffin dodgers. He needs to repair the damage his cows did to neighbouring land in the next few days (the cows escaped and run a muck in neighbours gardens). That should be fun.

  • ours dont seem too bothered about the distancing thing..people still calling in the office..and workers gathering as usual..we re keeping a distance..not too busy here today...feeling iv got to get out today..missed it yesterday..and things are starting to play on my mind..heyho..that ll be life for a while xx

  • vynil was ballast. vinyl. how the fuck do you spell that?

    i felt the same when i looked at tix for ELO a couple of years ago.180 quid.

    and if there is gonna be a reunion i'd rather it be with Gabriel on vocals and Collins on drums.