What are you currently thinking, Part VI: Return Of The Red Eye!

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  • I'm thinking I keep forgetting to come here :(

    Thats a bad thing?

    Maybe your real life is actually more important than the virtual one here or any other part of the internet?

    Speaking as someone who is slightly obsessed with technology and what the internet and smartphones can give us i admit to developing a creeping and accelerating aversion to it and dislike of it

    I remember a few decades ago the simplicity of living with just a battery 'wireless' (radio) a woodburner and gas lights in my trailer.

    The routine of gathering driftwood for fuel and going out fishing and shooting for food.

    I know for a fact i was far happier and far less infuriated with people and life in general than i am now and there was far more of a spirit of community and co-dependence on others in my locality than exists now.

    As an individual you frequent places because theyre beneficial to you in some way, not because you feel you should show up now and again.

    I often grumble about people not supporting this site as it needs but bottom line is if its not of any benefit to an individual and hence no reason for them to turn up then thats how it is.

    Real life is all around you in the here and now, certainly not on the internet.

  • Just had a message from the wife of a fellow songwriter to let me know he has died suddenly. Second muso friend gone in a few weeks. Both times it was within forty-eight hours of performing on the same programme. I'm just hoping everyone from last night's gig is okay. The guitarist was playing with a broken rib after falling off the stage cradling a p.a. speaker during the week!

  • I could do with some female company but on looking at dating sites everyone within striking distance that's my age look fuddy duddies FFS.

    My bodys got miles but the brains still not run in although I forget shit nowadays.

  • I dont bother anymore with dating sites and havent for at least 12 years. I never had a partner my own age. I find most people my age ARE fuddy duddies,bar a couple of exceptionally zany school friends I still chat to.

    Even those who profess to be hippy alternative types are a disappointment ...theyre mostly closet conservative (small c) swallowed up by mainstream,tv and soap addicts obsessed with their illnesses and wont do anything that requires concerted physical activity and in bed for 9 zzzzzzzz

    No thanks...happier on my tod. I dont need a relationship so much that everyday schedule requires the consent or approval of a significant other.

  • Six months to luxury natural heat, 3 months to regaining our evenings sunlight. I miss the late afternoon sun. A time I often rely on for completing the days jobs.
    The cold I have just got to except and acclimatise to a.s.a.p. I once read that The Military claim it takes six weeks to acclimatise to sub zero temperatures. I’ve only lit my woodburner once “this year” since end of last winter! no kidding. But the days are finally upon us when needs must. I swept my stovepipe 2 weeks ago in preparation. My little girl is now complaining her hands and feet are cold in the early mornings. The damp doesn’t seem to be a issue. I have adequate wet weather gear and opportunity to avoid the worst of it.

  • Idve spent time in Norway and Sweden and Russia in winter.Id much rather it was sub zero and blizzards for 6 months than the wet shitty weather of this country and having to live on an island of pallets in a huge pool of 3 inches of standing water and completely surrounded by deep mud so wet gear is the normal attire.Ill survive,i always do.Im just bored with it but i guess its better than being flooded out like those in Yorkshire.

  • NT can’t you temp move to drier ground around site?
    I’ve seen some images online of flooding in Matlock, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. That must be devastating for those homeowners under insured or without.

    It got me thinking “where do all those newish motorhomes” bellied up in flood water go after insurance assessment?

  • Theres nowhere dry on the farm. I live on a hill ironically but the ground is clay and gets waterlogged after any prolonged rain and its been raining 2 months. Weve all got to move off my next summer so ill stick it out till i find a new parkup.

    Not nice having your home flooded. I used to go out taking pumps to flooded homes when i did planthire and their places full of mud and raw sewerage,must be heartbreaking.

    I expect the motorhomes go to the same place as newish caravans...theres a few insurance designated salvage companies who deal in written off caravans SUVs motorhomes.

  • I’ve collected arms full of Nettles before now and thrown them across and on top of the mud, scattered in all directions. The fibrous stalks and leafy branches help to stabilise the mud, enough to effectively walk on and bind the surface together. Reducing further deterioration around paths,walkways,doors etc.and it costs nothing but your time.

  • Ive got pallets and made up duckboards for the worst parts.It doesnt help that there are sheep and tractors churning it into a swamp.

    I m stuck here until spring as my van has no mot and even if it had it wont move in this depth of mud.

    That sounds like a friggin nightmare NT I'm gonna have sleepless nights just thinking about that! I guess the tractor could tow you out if you really needed to move on?

  • thankfully rhythm we can take them or leave them, people that is.

    I meet so few folk from one week to the next these days. Those I do meet, Im starting to want to know more about them. Everyone has a story and I don’t assume to know any of them, the older they are the more I find of interest.

  • thankfully rhythm we can take them or leave them, people that is.

    I meet so few folk from one week to the next these days. Those I do meet, Im starting to want to know more about them. Everyone has a story and I don’t assume to know any of them, the older they are the more I find of interest.

    Sometimes I meet interesting people who have an interesting story to tell, other times if somebody is talking to me I just nod my head and pretend I am interested out of politeness, whilst looking for an avenue to exit the conversation. :D

  • Im thinking dolphins make my heart feel happy. Saw loads close up today from a ferry off the North coast of Ireland :wub:

    The first time I saw some dolphins was when I was on the ferry between north ans south islands in new zealand and I was jumping up and down with exitement saying look dolphins,look dolphins. Apart from a couple of backpackers who shared the moment,no one else appeared to give a damn. maybe they were used to it !!

    so have to say that I feel the same as you emmer , they make my heart feel happy too :-)

  • I used to get really large basking sharks and dolphins round me when i fished off of my boat in the Irish sea.

    The coolest though was the humpback whales I saw off Norway

    I had a full sized basking shark swim right up to me and drift past slowly down on the pembrokeshire coast when I was swimming and I did exactly what one should do when a shark swims near by and froze perfectly still in the water. sadly this was not out of choice,just that I was scared shitless as I did not know it was a basking shark. for me it was jaws :-o

    I also played with and raced reef sharks in fiji with a sea kayak and enjoyed watching the whales arriving out near byron bay in australia not far from the great barrier reef. I also surfed the same wave as a dolphin in the same location with him or her looking up at me whilst we enjoyed the glide towards the shore. great memories xx

  • Am thinking that it is not yet quite dark,so rather than going out and lighting my fire and announcing to the entire village that I am sleeping in the van and not the farmhouse I am going to sit in the farmhouse for another fifteen minuits,use the wifi and have one more glass of ricard ( pernod ) :-)

  • I was thinking about digging the last couple of rows of potatoes this afternoon, but the ground was sodden, so instead I extended the legs on my old portable Wolf workbench, so it now extends in height from the original 30" (760mm) to about 40" (1016mm), and anywhere in between. This sure helps as you get older and don't want to be stooped over so much.

    Now I'm thinking that was a job well done....:)

  • I'm thinking about the lovely lady at a wildlife sanctuary who helped me out with an injured seagull I found on the beach yesterday. She arranged for him to be collected and driven to the sanctuary which was two hours away, then sent me an update telling me he was being looked after in intensive care. She also gave me his hospital number so I could check on him and see if he makes it back to the wild. It was refreshing to see a seagull being treated with so much respect and care it gave me hope for the world :wub: