No more dreads?

  • No chance of that, because that would require being 'culturally offended on behalf of' anyone who can have genetically straight and fair hair, or just fair hair and lets face it that covers a range of colours from mouse to platinum.

    Not really an ethnicity or a minority. More a majority with a right to peroxide...

  • Isnt imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Supposedly. And exactly whose culture are Little mix appropriating since dreads have been worn by Indian hindu Sages and yogi,Rastafari,

    Moslems,Sufi,ancient Egyptians,Nazarite Jews....etc etc

    Cultural influences have always been appropriated and copied but dreads arent unique to any single culture.

  • I saw this online after hearing about it on the radio. A search showed another one of Little Mix had also had dreads, before the current band member. I think it was Perrie, another white girl. Nothing was said about her.

    Seeing the photos of both, Jesy looks like she has her hair in tiny plaits (braids?) and Perrie had what I would expect to be called drealocks.

    Why was one picked on and the other left alone?

  • I have never had a problem with people being negative about my dreads , and in both Africa and India , Rastas ans Sadhus have been complimentry on them . I have had dreads for 40 years, except for a couple of years around 2000 when I cut them off .

    One of my friends father , who are Romanies had dreads back in the 1940s,and was allowed to keep them when he was in the army in WW2 . He was a very ferrocious man by all accounts .

    Samson supposedly was a locks man too !

    Rastafari started in 1935 , so they are one of the more recent adopters of the matted hair :) I have 2 devote Rasta friends in Capetown and they think ladies hair should be covered , dreads or not .

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  • The first historical reference to dreadlocks was in ancient Greece - so you could argue that Rastafarians stole the idea from Europeans - not to mention appropriating ancient Judah (near Palestine) because of its references to the Lion Of Judah.

    Rastafarianism only really took hold since the 50s in Jamaica but it requires a man not to cut his hair because of some biblical script saying that men shouldn't.

    There is no requirement to wear dreads but with African hair being very curly is becomes a practical way of managing the long hair.

    It is basically a Christian/ Judaic set of beliefs but there is no central religious organisation at the core which makes some people say it is not a religion.