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  • Taking a dump is somewhat of a taboo subject.... but hey some of you know me and i like talking shit..... I mean I enjoy a good taboo debate.

    So....To Squat or not to Squat.... that is my question?

    For some 200,000 years or more more we homosapiens have inhabited this planet.

    For most of that 200,000 years humans have squatted in woodlands and countryside to take a much needed shit.

    Its only been in the last 150 years or so we have re conditioned ourselves to shitting, whilst sitting on a bog.

    But my question to you guys - Is it really good for us to be hunched up whilst we thretch on our royal thrones?

    or should we go back to squatting?

  • Shitting sitting is a western thaing innit :D

    Romans -at least the rich ones -shat sat too btw.

    Put a step in front of the bog for your feet (as per the pic i just noticed) you can sit in a squatting position and still read the newspaper :beard:

    Once youre of a certain age theres no need to worry about best position to shit,you just dump in your trousers..simples

  • I watched a ted talk about this a couple of months ago and the speaker was saying it's alot better to use a foot stool to mimic a squatting position as it straightens the colon and will reduce straining.

    Drinking enough cider will also have the same effect of reducing the need to strain - so I've heard...

  • I like the squatting bogs but other family members were not keen on the idea of having one installed . I also like the water bum cleanse as used in many other countries , nicer for the planet ,and invigorating if the water is very cold . It is possible to squat on top of toilets if you are agile .

  • It's a myth that sit on toilets have only been around for 150 years. The Romans had communal, sit on, flushing toilets. You can see them at Hadrian's Wall, nor were they the first.

    As for your colon, it isn't and cannot be straight; it travels up the right side of your body, across, then down the other side. How you position yourself for a shit will not alter that. It is your diet and exercise regime which decides whether you strain or not.

    If you prefer to squat, go for it, but if you prefer to sit then do it. Neither will affect your colonic health, whichever is most comfy for the individual is the right way to shit. :D

  • God don't.

    My husband went to India to do his Red Hat certification.

    He was told not to eat local food.

    He did. He was actually fine.

    He crammed and got room service before the test.

    He can't remember what he ate, just the vomiting and diarrhoea.

    He was so ill he was throwing up during his exam.

    He passed but he looked bloody awful and thin when he got home.

  • As an apprentice hippy one of my elders told me that after a long term in India it took him months to get used to sitting on the porcelain back here,having witnessed the infamous long-drops and tardis's (Tardii?) at Glasto and other festivals I know why squatting can be preferable to sitting.

  • I can sympathise..i had cryptosporidiosis from contaminated water... Very unpleasant and very ill....absolutely no squatting required.

    Cryptosporidiosis... thats nasty. You wouldnt need to worry about whether you were sitting, squatting or standing up right for that.

    Yeah the romans had toilets but im guessing the common loo became a more main stream thing around 150 yrs ago or less. Im not sure, It was just a guesstimate.

    When nature has called and ive been out in the woods or somewhere, Ive always felt that i " got rid of more" so to speak.

    Squatting is a choice and i do think its better for you but however you go to the loo... Just so long as your pooping chute is still working, thats the main thing huh!

  • I just like to hang my arse over the side of a bridge n let it go. I'm not sure if that's squatting or sitting

    If your quick, you can stand up n turn round to see it hit the water

    Is that a hippy version of Poo Sticks?:DOr are you on a thing against bargees?I can just imagine it now,gliding tranquilly under a scenic bridge having breakfast...then a horrific deposit splots on the toast and a manic cackle is heard as pyke makes his escape.:D

  • Nothing wrong with any of my holes , there all very nice , and on 'eating in the 3rd world , I find eating local food the cheapest and best option , trying to buy and eat western style food can be proper asking for trouble as local chefs often have not got a clue how to prepare or cook it .

    Having a relaxing poo (having dug a hole) in the woods if one of lifes underated pleasures . Having to do an emergency poo in the public toilets in Mumbia fish market is the polar opposite .

  • Shitting out of hole on an Indian train at 50 miles an hour is fun people get thrown about so in many cases your playing hop scotch round crap before you even start to squat.I prefer the old stones method to clean my jaxxi always carry a wet and dry one and a polisher.;);)

  • A hell of a lot of peeps die on the bog, more than folk realise. I think King George II did as well.

    I was looking for one of these Georgian commodes with the pull-out footrest to use as a composting toilet in my horsebox but they go for silly money or are too far away.:hippie:


  • Is that a hippy version of Poo Sticks?:DOr are you on a thing against bargees?I can just imagine it now,gliding tranquilly under a scenic bridge having breakfast...then a horrific deposit splots on the toast and a manic cackle is heard as pyke makes his escape.:D

    there's no canals near me so the boaty types are safe, for now!

  • I think flushing loos developed in the 15th century but the act of sitting n shitting goes way back.The Romans were quite sophisticated as they sat n shat into a trough underneath through which a stream ran to carry away turdii..Many manors and Abbeys had a room above a long drop pit or direct over a river where they sat and pooed.

    Commoners squated or used a bucket or pot under a seat like the commode.

    Them at sea sat with their ass over the side or went to the bow in sailing ships under the 'head'.

    I doubt theres any right or wrong way of having a shit.Status and cultural influence

    determined the most common method.

    The body has evolved like most species amd digestion amd bowel movements are under autonomic control,it will sense when the waste matter is building up and would evacuate automatically routinely except that we've developed a degree of conscious control to withold pooing until its more convenient.But when the body desperately wants to go amd pressure reaches 55mmHG your sphincter will relax and neither you or nor your chosen position will make much difference. The train is leaving the station..end of.

  • drop your keks, hands on the parapet n wait for the boater, or the floater depending on how it works

    Acrobatic poo! Are you sure that you don't want to borrow my Cyr wheel? ?

    Do you get a prize if you drop one down the chimney :cool:

    Depends on whose chimney. Ma Bungo could probably guide you to one on a golf course . . . ?