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  • Scientist from Countries around the world have found that estrogens released onto the environment from many sources inc effluent, water contaminated with estrogens resulting from the female controseptive pill, amongst other sources, are known to be changing the sex of river fish.

    Estrogen pollution in the environment, drinking water, seas, rivers and food plants could be responsible for the increase in breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

    No one is really bothered who is making money from these manufactured estrogens, because the benefit to mankind, social freedom, population control is significant to turn a blind eye. No one is proposing banning female pee from entering the rivers or food chain. Even if it can effectively change human cells and threaten the wellbeing of entire species.…cle/pii/S0160412016304494

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  • Today I needed to see a doctor, preferably “my doctor” phoned 8.29.15 seconds am GMT. Kept the phone ringing until it was answered..... result first in-line today! “Can I see my GP”? No sorry she is on holiday! But I did get a 3.45pm appointment with a male doctor at the same practice (never seen or heard of him before)

    After sorting out my original request. I asked if I could be put forward for the well mens clinic.

    “Computer says no” he tells me. “You had one two years ago , so next test will be in 2020! Now I’m not one for making a fuss, but I haven’t had a health check from them or attended a well mens clinic ever, full stop. I did have a blood test about 4 years ago. So are they cooking the books? Falsifying stats. Ticking target sheets? Bit strange.

    Anyway. I was put forward for a blood test to check my liver function. Sensible since I have been on medication for long enough. I then asked if I could have that same blood test checked for prostate condition. He said YES. Booked me in for the 24th for a blood test. Win win.

  • This was supposed to be my ten years post treatment all clear, no more need to worry year, but they found swollen lymph nodes that needed biopsy at my final scan, thankfully no sign of recurrence, but I'm still back in the yearly cycle of checkups, once your body has gone through that it's hard to trust it fully.

    This is something anybody who has gone through the mill with cancer can relate to. They say once you have had a cancer diagnosis, you are never really rid of it.

    This is where I stand on the matter. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. It was actually by chance that it got discovered at the beginning of this year after a blood test revealed that I was extremely anaemic, so much so that I needed a blood transfusion. There was none of the classic signs that I had bowel cancer, such as blood in my poo. This was because the tumour was growing much higher up in my colon. Anyway I have had surgery to have the tumour along with a large proportion of my colon removed. So technically at the moment I am cancer free; however I am due to start a course of chemotherapy, because as things stand at the moment, the risk of a re-occurrence is around 50%. The chemo will only reduce the risk of re-occurrence to around 20% according to my oncologist. I will be having regular check ups, some which I don't look forward to because to prepare you are given a drink laced with laxatives, which makes the experience of subsequently having a camera poked up your jacksie a walk in the park.

    Bowel cancer is becoming more and more treatable, particularly with the screening service that is done. If you are over 60 you have probably had in the post the kits for poo samples. However for people with young onset colorectal cancer, the story is different. It is often diagnosed at a later stage which is harder to treat, particularly when it becomes stage 4 and you get secondary metastasis. This can often be down to a lack of understanding that bowel cancer can affect people under 50, I was only 39 when I was diagnosed. It is more worrying that this lack of understanding can come from GPs who sometimes dismiss possible patients who have bowel cancer as having IBS or piles, instead of referring them to have a colonoscopy.

  • We are lied to very convincingly in order to sell a product.The french scientists found years ago that Roundup causes cell changes in worms.If you wouldnt drink it dont use it.White vinegar is a good weedkiller.It is not only actual cancer that kills people,organ failure,heart attacks,nerve damage strokes...actual cause of death at point of death is rarely what set fatal wheels in motion.Good old Monsanto...utter money grabbing bstds....…r-roundup-dewayne-johnson

    Read / listen to this,…-is-there-a-risk/10115818

  • Thats it finally they are publicly legally outed.The french completed scientific studies YEARS AGO that PROVED roundup caused cell changes in nematodes.Carry on up the food chain and look see.Cumulative effects in birds etc.FARMERS ROUTINELY USE ROUNDUP TO DRY GRAIN PRE HARVEST AS IT LESSENS DRYING TIME OF GRAIN.I am capitals as I have been shouting about this for years and no one listened.The wheat is glycophosphate doused to fkg dry it.Extraordinary but true.Google it.Thats why i always make an effort to get organic bread.People just will not see, that profit will ALWAYS come before them.The only reason people are now listening is because the law will cost Monsanto big bucks and set a precedent.Your neighbour uses Roundup?Vapour travels.Its on the shelves in foodstores.Sainsburys has the stuff on offer next to foodstuffs.:wall:


    The widespread use of Glyphosate in the UK at or near point of harvest, has several advantages to the farmer. Especially when uneven crop growth due to terrain/ varying soil quality/ environmental factors and hydrology/ Unpredictable weather coming up to harvest time and crop maturity.

    Reducing green vegetation structure from the crop to be harvested reduces potential of machinery harvesting difficulties.

    It does give the farmer control over when they “finish” the growing cycle and plan not only harvesting timescales but next crop soil preparation.

    Years gone by, Weed wiping with Glyphosate of any vegetation growing above growing crop height and follow up hand weeding (roguing) before combining. Straw stubble once “burnt” would also destroy a large % of next generation crop weeds/seeds. With the ban on stumble burning, farmers applied several applications of herbicide, one to the stubble, one to the newly seeded land before crop germination, weed wiping, etc.

    Although this new early (end of crop) Glyphosate application can “in theory” enter the food chain through stem contamination. The overall amount of Glyphosate applied to the crop/ land in any one year, is reduced sometimes by a 2/3rds

    It also prepares the ground earlier for re-sowing the next crop. Also removing green foliage and potential weed seed bank build up, before some weeds reach maturity.

    I can appreciate cancer concerns resulting from longterm build up of Glyphosate in consumers and the food chain. What are the alternatives? More expensive food? A safer chemical applied? (Is there one?) organic? GM crops?

    I’m qualified to apply herbicides via a knapsack sprayer (NPTC FEPA certificate) and will continue to use it as a effective control method where required. Unless it’s banned.

    Paraquate is banned in Europe and has long been controversial due to its use in suicide throughout the world. It’s still a popular chemical used in agriculture in Africa and the USA.

    It is the suicide method of choice in Africa, because it is abundant and very cheap. It takes less than a teaspoon full to kill a adult. Roundup would drown you before you died from toxicity.

    Modern tractors and machinery connected to the cyber farm can further reduce the need and amount of Herbicides applied to crops, by identifying poor soilconditions/ crop growth ares (year in year out) within a field/farm and targeting those areas instead of blanket chemical applications. A farmer will save money where they can and agri chemicals aren’t cheap.

    We know diesel and petrol pollution is potentially cariogenicamongst otherthings. But we still send our kids to school on the bus.

  •…e-harvest-1882187755.html Its about awareness and truth.If we know the truth and are aware, we can make a free choice whether or not to take that risk.If it is hidden and we are lied to that is a very different sinister thing.If someone puts something in our drink without our consent or knowledge the law calls it poisoning and penalties are very serious.

    The Truth is out there. The truth is there is no definitive evidence that Glyphosate is harmful to humans or the environment if used within guidelines. Glyphosate is now classed as a “probable” carcinogen. Maybe these companies should clearly state this probability on all chemical based products, so consumers could make a informed choice. However misleading it could become.

    Look at this link for instance. It’s all in the research papers and what we read in them.

    Unfortunately almost all chemical based products could fall within this classification and we could be in a situation where complacency or avoidance brings about further problems to the public or environment.

    Even though Glyphosate is applied while the crops are still growing. No trace of it has been discovered “EVER” within the seeds or food products made from them and that’s the part we eat or make the most use of. It’s true that Oat, barley and lastly wheat straw may be ingested by or fed to cows and sheep as a food supliment. This is the closest we can get to chemical contamination within the agri cereal food chain, other than direct accidental exposure due to neglect

    When it says on the packet. “May cause DNA changes and cell defects in mice.” They really have force-fed these little critters almost nothing but the chemical on test. No matter what product we find available on shop shelves. If we eat, sniff, touch enough of it. It “may have adverse effects on the human body” scale this down or up LD50 and our everyday environment could be classified as hazardous (depending which research paper we care to read)

    I’m not saying I would spray any vegetable, fruit, naked seed or nut that didn’t undergo skinning, husk removal or washing and feed it to a baby of any age. Indeed Im overly cautious when/after applying herbicides, not to have any spray residue on my body, clothes or equipment and risk the health and wellbeing of my family members through cross contamination.

    Extract from the above cricket’s link.

    “I think farmers need to realize that all of the chemicals we use are 'bad' to some extent," he said. “Monsanto has done such an effective job marketing glyphosate as 'safe' and 'biodegradable' that farmers here still believe this even though such claims are false."

    I think we all need to realise that most chemicals are safe to a point and dangerous in equal measures.

  • UK farm leaders and agrochemical companies insist that glyphosate remains safe and will continue to be available following a landmark ruling in California which found that the weedkiller had caused cancer in a former gardener.

    The case was brought by Dewayne Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014 and claimed it was caused by exposure to glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup and RangerPro weedkillers.

    Mr Johnson’s lawyers also claimed that Monsanto had failed to alert consumers to the health risks associated with glyphosate.

    A court in California found Monsanto liable on both counts, accusing the company of “acting with malice”, awarding Mr Johnson $250m (£193m) in damages and ordering a further $39m (£30m) be paid in costs.

    See also: The glyphosate debate explained

    Biotech giant Monsanto is to appeal the decision and continues to insist that glyphosate is completely safe to humans.

    “This decision does not change the fact that more than 800 scientific studies and reviews – and conclusions by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Institutes of Health and regulatory authorities around the world – support the fact that glyphosate does not cause cancer,” said vice-president Scott Partridge.

    Still available

    A spokesman for the Crop Protection Association insisted that the ruling would have no implications for the continued availability of glyphosate to UK farmers.

  • I think its got to be a concern when glyphosate is used as it is in combination with surfactants that increase the absorption and toxicity of glyphosate hugely.

    Its a concern that 100% of California wines or German beers or Canola oil etc etc have glyphosate in them.

    Maybe in small amounts this may be tolerable but cumulative doses by regular consumption cant be good for any of us.

    I think the important thing is "informed choice" being able to make one and if we choose,avoid those foods likely to contain toxins.

    The problem is we're not allowed informed choice,we are assured everything is absolutely safe and no need to worry while we're growing tumors and becoming susceptible to things our destroyed immune system would normally cope with.

    We're not allowed free and informed choice because the manufacturers prefer obfuscation of the facts and food is not allowed to be labelled as potentially harmful because it may impair their profit margins.

    If we're not allowed to know then we need to assume all food is potentially toxic and use due diligence to select what we believe/hope to be less harmful than most food pushed by major producers.

    Choose organic options or grow your own and take nothing for granted.

    No one is interested in our health,the big food producers aren't,theyre interested in making money-period.Therefore its us who need to take an interest and take action to avoid exposure.

    The fact that billions are spent burying reports and hiding facts that, if proving the products perfectly safe, would be freely available only points to the probability theyre not really all that safe.

    I dont give a shit what the manufacturers say,im eating nothing i suspect has been treated or contaminated by these chemicals.

    The same applies to chemical personal body products which ive not used for decades.

  • wife had a come and see me letter after her screening thursday morning the day we go shopping we sat in the room holding hands i did not know what to do and it was not me with the illness what i did notice you left the room by a different door so you did not go through the waiting room so operation ,radium and after care that was 2006 been ok since then the part about the shopping driving back wife said what do you think i said get treatment follow advice to the letter no she said shall we go for a cup of tea before the shopping

  • wife had a come and see me letter after her screening thursday morning the day we go shopping we sat in the room holding hands i did not know what to do and it was not me with the illness what i did notice you left the room by a different door so you did not go through the waiting room so operation ,radium and after care that was 2006 been ok since then the part about the shopping driving back wife said what do you think i said get treatment follow advice to the letter no she said shall we go for a cup of tea before the shopping

    Are you saying she wont do it all again ,or that she is refusing to bow to it?Whatever it is, much love to you Convoy.Peace,love and strength to you both.x

  • cricket the treatment was a success she was very strong all the way through i do know some people refuse further treatment when cancer has gone to far but in her case it was picked up very early peace an love to you also