I been a bit absent

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  • I wondered where youd gone.I think a few have vanished due to incompatible tech and the new software.Romance has claimed some too no doubt.After all, if you have a choice between curling up and stargazing with a lovely one or chattering on to a load of hippy loopys,what would you choose?..Hi Lightbringer.:)You missed a fleeting geust appearance by "She who is unmentionable"who managed to briefly cavort before Paul culled her,,,or him..I never worked that out.Hows Monkton Wyld going?The hounds?:)

  • Hey Cricket.. Not been to Monkton in a while.. I had to stop doing stuff for a while but its been on my mind recently about paying them a visit with a view to return.. currently volunteer at a new place on a Friday which involves cooking meals for the shops freezer to sell.. using up produce that is just going past that stage for selling but ok for cooking :)

    Noodles is doing great.. cats are great.. my car was off road over xmas and my mum was not well either (had to happen when car was off road ffs lol) so I started to feel really hemmed in.. its back on road again..

    I have been involved with someone in last four months but not your normal relationship.. he is currently having a crisis and has gone quiet on me which has thrown me back into the usual flapping round like a fish out of water routine.. so who knows whats happening on that front lol..

    Hope your fine and well :)

  • Hi CT!Thats weird,I was only thinking about you a couple of days ago,and wondering what you were up to.Hope your Mum's ok now?How did you meet your guy?At MW?

  • Hi Cobra... funny how that happens eh? I do that often .. think of someone then see them or hear from them..

    Fella.. wish it was through normal everyday life, but it wasnt.. think we just filled a gap in each others lives.. cant see it blooming to anything more than friends with benefits .. lol

    hugs x