Freedom of speech?

  • Freedom of speech just applies to freedom from the government (i.e. you cant be put in jail for saying something people disagree with, and even with this there are exceptions like libel, contempt of court and perjury) freedom of speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without fear of consequences

  • in actuality the only people in this country that have a right to free speech are mp's when in parliament, other than that we are all constrained by the laws of libel and racism and such like, only the Americans have a congressional right to free speech - it isnt a fact in the uk

  • Speech Should Be Totally Free....No Matter Where ....

    And Also Because Too Many Sadly Lost There Lifes To Fight For The Rights Of Freedom Of Speech .....So No Life That Was Lost In Fighting For This Right Should Be Remembered And Never Forgotten.

    Also As Long As The Right To Speak Freely Should Not Be Used And Abused And Used As A Excuse To Be Racist Or Abusive As That Be Very Wrong And Taints The True Gift Of Freedom Of Speech.

    I Myself Would And Always Speek Freely No Matter Where I Be Or Go...Or Who I Be With I Believe Always In Speaking Freely ...And Truly And Kindly ....Because If You Cannot Speak Kindly And Truthfully Then No Point In Speaking At All I Say And Believe :)

    And No I Do Not Think There Should Be Any Place Where You Cannot Speak Freely ...And If There Was ...I Would Defo Not Go There Or Be There :(

  • Speech Should Be Totally Free....No Matter Where

    As Long As The Right To Speak Freely Should Not Be Used And Abused And Used As A Excuse To Be Racist Or Abusive

    Which takes away the freedom of the first point.

    I'm not saying that everyone should be free to abuse - but interpretations are very tricky.

    - Racism is defined as "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior."

    - However, some theories say that racism is only ever institutional or systemic, and therefore black people (or other non whites) cannot be racist as they don't hold the balance of power.

    So straight away, one person's definition of racism isn't the same as another's, and similar ideas apply to sexism, homophobia, transphobia and so on.

    This way of thinking has been used to "no platform" certain types of speech, especially in universities -- with the idea that even allowing a dissenting voice would be promoting hatred.

  • It looks about right as we “have it” now.

    How longs a piece of string?

    Say too much in the wrong context and it’s offensive, abusive, racist etc, then it becomes a problem.

    All of our rules, theories, maxims, and models all have an exception.

  • In A Iseal World ...Yes It Would Take Away The Freedom Of Speech And Point In The Firdt Place ...If It Was Free To Speak Freely Anywhere .....Because People Would Have Not Had To Fight And Loose There Life For Giving Us The Rights Of Freedom Of Speech..

    But Sadly NOT Everywhere People Have That Simple Right Of Being Able To Speak

    Freely....Thats Why My First Words Were More Of My Own Thoughts And Wishes Rather Than Fact.

    Racism ...Is Words Spoken Out Of Hatred..Fear...Meanness..Unkindness ...Non-Undetstanding ..Disrespectfulness .Ignorance .Etc Etc Etc Whatever Big Labels And Big Words They Give It Because It Is Wrong To Say And Use It And Speak It In Whatever Shape Or Form And Whatever Race..Colour And Reason Etc...And NO Excuse Or Thought Makes It Right :(...No Matter What Balance Of Power It Holds Or What Theories They Think Because Racism And Abuse Of Words Is Just Simply WRONG:(

    I Dont Believe That Non Whites Etc Cannot Be Racist As They Dont Hold The Balance Of Power Etc Because Ive Seen And Heard Non Whites Etc In Fact Be Racist And Can Be More Racist Than A White Person Because Many Non Whites Are So Angry And Consumed With Hate For Anybody Or To Anybody That Is Not Of There Skin Colour And Race ...

    Because Racism Does Not Discriminate Colour Or Race Because Its Simply

    HATE And IGNORANCE :( Which Comes In All Shapes Sizes And Forms And Anybody Sadly :(

    We All Think And Speak Differently ....So Yes One Persons Idea Of Racism Is Different From Another ...Usually Caused By "Political Cortectness Gone Mad/Crazy....Because Its Over Complicated It...By Making And Turning The Most Innocent Of Things Into Racism ...Wgich Was Never Racist In The First Place ....Like A School Blackboard Is No Longer Allowed To Be Said Or Seen....Bah Bah Black Sheep Is Not Allowed To Be Sang Etc Etc As Both Considered Racist /Offensive Etc To Black People When In Fact It Was Simply Used In Describing A Colour Of A Board ...Etc Etc ...

    Because True Hate Filled Rascism Is EASILY Seen..Known...And Heard ..And Recognised And Understood Etc When Spoken ..And Used No Matter Who At Or Who Against ...

    So Peoples Different Ideas Of What Is And What Is Not Racism To Them ONLY Comes From Political Correctness Gone Mad Because It Has CONFUSED/MUDDLED People.

    Because EVERYBODY Would Agree And Identify Something Was RACIST If It Was Spoken In Its True Hatred Disgusting Abusive Ignorant Way And Form ....Because It Would Not Be Blackboards And Nursery Rhymes Etc Etc No It Would Be SIMPLE HATRED FUELLED DISGUSTING IGNORANT WORDS:( Etc ...

    People Just Overthink And Over Label Words And Everything Now It Seems ..And Make Things Complicated And Muddling And So People Get Confused As To What Is Racist

    Where It Should Be Just Simple ...Because Racism Is Simply HATE ..And IGNORANCE ..And WRONG And Should Never Be Spoken To Another Simply Because Of Race And Belief Or SKIN Coloir NOT A Colour Of A Board Or Colour Of A Sheep In A Nursery Rhyme As They Just Innocent Words Describing The Colour Of An OBJECT AND ANIMAL Etc Etc And Not Directed Or Meaning A PERSONS RACE OR BELIEF OR LIFESTYLE OR SKIN COLOUR ETC .

    And Not Hateful Fuelled Words ..Which Political Correctness Gone Mad Has Turned And Twisted Them Into Which Has Just Caused Confusion Where In Fact There Is No Confusion When You Hear Or See Racists Or Racism Etc Because Its HATRED AND IGNORANCE In Its TRUE DISGUSTING FORM.:(

    But Thats Just My Thoughts And How I See Freedom Of Speech And Racism Etc

  • If one cannot say anything you choose however it may be interpreted by others then it is just a play on words, there is no freedom of speech. Just another wooly concept paraded by government to make the sheeple think their say matters and a poor attempt at that.

  • We are all free to speak.

    We are not however freed from the personal, social, emotional and political consequences of speaking freely.

    "Forum" implies a place of exploration in speech, thought and reflective critical thinking. A place where discussion and development are treated as learning and emotions can be explored without retribution.

    The outcome of free speech in a forum where people develop reflective critical thinking is plausible equality.

    Without a forum for speech and exploration; hate and, negative power relationships cannot ever be resolved.

  • Should people ever be free to say anything akin to the following?

    "Jews are running the black market, undermining the economy and controlling all the crime; if we don't do something about it they're going to take over."

    I'm clearly paraphrasing, but this was the general; rhetoric in much of 1930s Europe.

  • I think it is about being able to back up what you say with some evidence, if for example you are going to say something about a certain group of people, you should be able to back yourself up with evidence of what you are saying.