• I was trying to take the 'door' at the local budgens ( conveinience store ), alas their security opperatives was a bit tasty Big fail , but lessons learned , innit ! Like .

    Numbchakkers , oh , like 2 rolling pins joined by bit of bog chain , you hold one , do a bit of wizzy waving about and make the other one bash enemy , Its quite painful for both if you are learning . I am going on a course at WI

    Thank you for telling me.

    I've never been in a budgens store or heard the name, but now, if i'm exploring in the van and i need some shopping, if i see a budgens i know where to go 😊

    Numbchakkers sound crazy, but interesting. Rolling pins are easier to get away with in a van!

  • or perhaps Jezbollah appearing on Iranian state tv in support of a hard line theocratic regime .The leader of the opposition generally relishes an opportunity to talk about unfairness or injustice. Yet after days of protests in Iran, Jezbollah Corbyn said nothing.

    Perhaps the reason may be that the leader of the opposition was until recently in the pay of the Iranian regime. For presenting programmes on its propaganda wing, Press TV (before becoming Labour party leader), Jezbollah received up to £20,000. Damningly — or it would be damning if more people cared — he appeared on Press TV after the channel lost its broadcasting licence. It lost that licence not because of its always clear political support for a sectarian, gay-hanging, women-oppressing dictatorship. It lost it because during the channel’s campaign to delegitimise the 2009 protests, Press TV broadcast a forced confession from a journalist who had been abducted by the regime and was being held in prison. Ofcom thought this crossed the line. Jezbollah Corbyn did not and was happy to continue to take his apple-juice money from the mullahs of Tehran.

  • Victoria Beckham....always looks miserable.Surely being married to David can't be that bad?^^(Although saying that,I'd hate to be married to a footballer.Can't stand the game!)

    Adam Henson from Countryfile.Picking up vibes from him,and they ain't good!lol He'll be breeding insects soon I reckon!

  • All of that little mob contracted to the BBC,Henson being one Packham another,the bloke that does the One Show Matt Baker,Anita Rani being another Helen Skelton ,Kate Humble,this little clique seem to have first dibs on every job going.Stops others getting work,and this Henson bloke is so busy running his very profitable farm I cant imagine how he finds the time to do the BBC work.Rant over

  • Matt Baker is apparently on £450,000 per year.For what?Sitting on a couch everynight co hosting,and swanning around the countryside.I wouldn't mind his job!Yeah I know,they have rehearsals etc,but its probably quite fun I would think.