Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

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  • Amazon prime make a handful of original series that i enjoy, netflix a couple, so on balance id say if you are going to pay amazon would win as you also get the free postage on amazon purchases.

    That said, if there came a time that i had to pay to watch the programmes from either or both outlets then i wouldnt bother.

  • Netflix, they seem to be spending silly money on original programs now. 7 to 8 billion$ in 2018.

    Not sure about amazon, but Netflix have a one month free trial and no contract, so it is risk free to try. I am not an amazon shopper or a shopper at all much, maybe spent £100 quid with them in 4 years and that is presents, so I don’t give a shit about any free shipping thingy.

    Not a massive choice of Netflix films, but their own shows are significant and for my style of tv, they hit the mark.

  • I have both, Netflix is better for box sets but limited on films.

    Amazon has a better range of films, not looked much into there series yet apart from the grand tour, no self respecting petrol head could do without it.

    The big difference for me is I've got 3 mobile Mifi so Netflix doesn't come out of my data allowance where Amazon does.

    Both come with a months free trIal if you want to give them a go! If you do you have to watch outsiders, think it's on Netflix

  • I'm with Stu on this one... Prime has the odd good series, but Netflix is waaay better (apart from Lucifer which is on Prime only now)
    I do scroll through prime to see if there's anything awesome that i might have overlooked, but most of it , to me, is made for tv rubbish. You know, those things that are put on at holiday times as nobody watches tv much then.

  • I haven't had television for years and refuse to let the BBC have my details for watching online, so I've been catching up with the boxes of DVDs that French Whale Fan has had delivered here (no postage to pay if they are sent within the UK).

    I recently succumbed to signing up for Netflix, mainly because (at £6 a month) it is cheaper than a television licence and I can use as much Netflix-generated data as I like since it doesn't come out of my monthly allowance with my Three contract. I'm enjoying the free trial month at the moment and have been catching up with lots of Star Trek I've never seen before. If in the future I decide I don't want it, I am not locked into any contract forcing me to pay until the contract is up. So far it is working out. That would not be the same with Amazon.

  • Well I'm currently using both for different reasons - Amazon gives me loads of music and free delivery, and as such I think the video content is a bit of an extra.

    Netflix seems to give me plenty of choice, but every so often I get stuck for something new to watch.

    Amazon gives me more documentaries (and I love a good documentary), but there sure is a lot of shit on there too.

    The irritating thing about Netflix is that sometimes you don't get the full set - like you'll only get 4 our of 5 seasons and have to hunt down the last series elsewhere.

  • Yep the free streaming sites can be good until they get bombarded or took down for pirateing, need a bang on security to browse the freebies. I have ended up with the netflix free month trial as got fed up of the free streaming sites being a pain and constantly trying to push the laptop into redirect pages that keep popping up. Am on EE with a 4G mini wifi, using netflix takes data off the monthly allwoance from what I saw, will check it tonight if watch somehting, also, have set quality at standard rather than HD or high, was put off from trying before as HD slaughters a monthly allowance. I get 36 GB a month, i love documentaries more than anything and the occasional film as am not a film buff, cant be doing with watching aimless crap just for something to do which I find a lot of films are, well, to me anyway.