F**king Tesco

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  • Hi, I still haven't calmed down.

    I normally love cooking at Christmas. This year we decided that until we get far better insight into what is wrong with me just now and because Josh is working most of this Christmas, we would order Christmas in because at the moment - every time I move things get worse.

    My order was meant to come last night. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the minions of T saying my card had been declined.

    As I was already at the online bank trying to work out an issue with my grankids present I had actually seen that the payment had been authorised.

    I had members of Tesco staff ask me how much I had in my bank; to put more money in my account; even when I said it had been approved at my end I was challenged.

    My Bank have provided the original authorisation code and said that they can see Tesco trying to get reauthorisation for an already authorised transaction - which will result in it being declined - repeatedly. They did wonder.

    One Tesco minion said the authorisation code meant nothing.

    I've even been onto head office and had them intervene with the local store.

    Seemingly head office are calling today after 2pm and it is still 'if ' I get my order. Well I better because I don't have the money now.

    The complaint has already been started whether I get my shopping or not.


  • Yep, what agrieves me is at no point was there any possibility that I may actually be RIGHT. Even when I came back from my own bank as they asked me.

    We needed milk this morning after last nights fiasco.

    I MADE my husband get it from the corner shop. I know the bottles.

    I'm raging. If this fails to pan out we have not a fat lot of food in the house. My husband isn't very good at shopping.

    This wasn't just for Christmas it was to restock what with me coming back.

    I'm not sure I want this shopping now it might choke me....

  • I know,same with me they said i hadnt enough funds but the bank declined it as a duplicate transaction.Tesco argued it was my fault and I needed to sort it with the bank.

    The bank actually rang Tesco and told them the original transaction had been paid and should be on their system.

    I got no update at all nor apology from Tesco, just the van turned up two hours later with shopping.When i rang Tesco they just said there was an unexpected computer error "with the banking system" and it wasnt their fault id been inconvenienced !


  • Can I ask, this was definitely about this time, about a year back?

    I think the computer glitches increase exponentially with throughput.

    I mean Tesco isn't exactly run on the same software as NASA and the more throughput the more human error potential too...

  • I dislike Tesco but sadly have to use it for some things (set in my ways on some types of consumables) as it's the nearest big store with Lidl (main food shop) and the Coop which usually has a good 'reduced price section'. Just been told of a new big Aldi but it's still miles away and my favourite, Morrison is even further and has a tight carpark.

    I used to have Tesco delivered but there were always 'replacement items' and crap perishables.

    Hope they sort out your delivery.

  • Cant remember the date but it was the week before Christmas.I just got paid a d did my shopping online expecting it to come on the slot id picked for delivery and when i rang to ask where my delivery was they said the transaction had been declined so I said and you didnt think this important enough to ring me and they just said it is our busiest period you know !

    Not the only time theyve messed up.The computer went offline briefly when i was in the store and cocked up the transactions and had to be rescanned.

    They used to be good years back but theyre a lousy company now.

  • I dislike Tesco but sadly have to use it for some things (set in my ways on some types of consumables) as it's the nearest big store with Lidl (main food shop) and the Coop which usually has a good 'reduced price section'. Just been told of a new big Aldi but it's still miles away and my favourite, Morrison is even further and has a tight carpark.

    I used to have Tesco delivered but there were always 'replacement items' and crap perishables.

    Hope they sort out your delivery.

    Main reason I stopped having Tesco home delivery was because they kept sending me stuff like bread or milk that had a sell by date the same as date of delivery and rubbish veg and fruit so id end up sending it all back and having to go out for the items myself so it was pointless having home delivery.Asda were no better.

    I ended up having stuff from Ocado they were very good.

  • I've just explained it all to a lady who actually sounds like she has heard it all before.

    She tried to give me a delivery slot for tomorrow, I realised that all the Christmassy stuff I picked will be going from the order.

    Said I wanted the order today.

    I could have easily had it yesterday if tesco had considered the option that THEY were frigging wrong.

    Today and then I never go into their store again.

  • Fingers crossed I have my shopping.

    My bank released the earmarked funds for Tesco in the hope that Tesco could request the money with the authorisation code without issue this time.

    Tesco thought the transaction had failed due to lack of funds:wall:

    I've eventually got through to them and I got 'no slots' repeatedly.

    Even if my order could be placed.

    However...The manager of our local store is standing by to take payment between 5 -6. After that shopping gets delivered.

    Thanks to a lady called Milena, who I'm sure only did this black magic because she was amazed that I could pronounce her surname.

    Given that my husband was deprived due to the shopping fracas I did warn Milena to warn the store manager..... I didn't mention that he would e walking Daisy and we are running low on dog food.

    That should have come last night too....:eek:

  • Different story but with a common thread, taking payment twice. I paid a council parking fine online about 18 months ago and they took the money twice, two transactions a second apart.

    I couldn't get through to the council without holding on for a half hour at a time and then talking to some brain dead moron.

    In the end, because I paid by credit card I went to the credit card company and they sorted it in no time.

    Moral of my story, always pay by credit card, the credit card companies seem to have teeth when it comes to disputes.

  • Well I have all my shopping. I had to hack away at some of the ice on the freezer to get it in.

    Migraine/tinnitus got worse putting it away and to make matters worse I felt seriously bad sick etc. after the stress of the last two days.

    However husband is treating me with kid gloves and it winds me up too.

    Drinking Baileys and watching TV as my other half has taken advantage of the wine order.

    Wishing the rest of you stress free and happier holidays. :xwink:

  • genuine mistakes happen, we all know that but once you have notified them that the transaction has been processed seems to me any further attempts in any way be it electronically or by way of co-hersing you to send forward a further transaction is a fraudulent act and the police (filth) should be called a report filed and an incident number given, i wonder just how many other people have sent a second payment and are still confused maybe too confused to question where the mistake is and monies gone? once ya have a crime number you can insist your banks fraud department also follow up the incident ;) ent all luck i ent doin a long stretch ya know :)

  • I detest Te5c0 with quite a passion.

    There's a stonker of a store in our local market town (say 20ish miles away).

    They got the site in a very underhand way. Local council refused them planning permission to build a new store, so T bullied Robbs into selling them their second site, the one that looked like a garden centre and with a decent car park. (the first one is a rabbit warren of a building in the town centre, without any parking). This was then knocked down and rebuilt in corporate style as "It leaked and had other faults" - actually, it didn't leak that much as I had a p/t job there in the area most likely to leak - a glorified glasshouse !

    The way they treat their staff is another horror story.

    However, they do let me collect for the Lifeboats ...

  • Locally, I have the choice of Co-op or Sainsbury's ... prefer the former.

    If I have a choice - Co-op first, then Morrison's, Sainsbury's followed by either Waitrose or Booths.

    Another good one is Roys of Wroxham / Hoveton (I found them on holiday a few years ago - look 'em up ! they seem to sell almost everything)

  • I'm a Lidl and Aldi man. Very happy to shop there. Shopping for my mother and me I easily save £20-30 a week or more! and a lot of their products are better quality than Tesco, Sainsburys etc.

    Their meat is brilliant but don't eat hardly any meat ever, maybe chicken occasionally. Fish is top notch.

  • We do mostly Aldi and Lidl, with smaller amounts spent at Morrisons, and little enough at Sainsburys.

    Never touch Tesco, nor Asda/Walmart, if we can help it. Even on holiday we seek out the nearest Aldi or Lidl. If none, the nearest Co-op does fine, although usually a bit more expensive.

  • Another one I detest is Asda, and that dislike dates from before the walmart takeover.

    Based on the internal appearance, some really poor quality food but most importantly, the way they bully staff is totally unacceptable to me.

    I had a friend working there, and when her OH started to have some really weird behaviours, such as disappearing for days without notice - including abandoning their son on multiple occasions. The son was being "awkward" at school, in the street and in shops etc because the son has hearing and learning difficulties. This meant mom was called (variously) by the school, police and social services to come collect her son at once, if she didn't want him "taken into care". Asda got really shirty with my friend at this situation, despite her best efforts to accommodate booked hours and these events with her son. Several occasions I had to leave my own place of work (luckily, my boss was understanding) to go and collect the poor kid and take him home whilst she tried her best to get time off ...

  • We got a coop in our village. In 20odd years I never once saw anybody push a full trolley out the door,people use it like a corner shop just for essentials. Not surprised either,it's fuckin ridiculous expensive... Gotta be worse than any of the "big" supermarkets. Just discovered Lidl sliced garlic sausage this week. Top fuckin drawer and cheap as chuff, pack of said stuff and a french stick of bread for just under a pund.... Sarnie heaven.

  • asda sliced ham 2 quid for 8 slices, aldi £ 1 69 for thirteen thicker slices, nuff said

    Top notch it is too, I prefer it to most ham. Morrisons do a pack of "mixed" ham,big pack 3 dollars. Think it must be end of line stuff sometimes cos its always different stuff but always good quality. They also do mixed meat trim, all sorts of meat offcuts and very cheep.