The hard sell updated.

  • Previously I have mentioned about fat free apples and gluten free milk. Here is the latest. Washing up liquid not made with palm oil. I doubt it ever was.

  • Palm oil is used in a massive amount of substances.

    Thing is though, it's generally a high yield product - so eliminating will potentially mean another product that's even more environmentally unsound.

    It's a contentious issue, because the poster campaigns featuring Orangutans don't really address the wider problems of slash and burn agriculture which affect all manner of other species and crops.

  • No doubt palm oil is used in a wide range of products but since it is 75% saturated is would be solid in cold weather and so would the washing up liquid. Such a claim is just hot air.

  • They also use palm oil in xmas puddings; very few are palm oil free. This leaves a nasty greasy taste and texture if you eat the pud when it drops below what I would call a 'warm' temperature.

    So no good for a slice of leftover pud eaten cold next day, along with your lunch, as we used to do, back in the day.

  • Looks like half the products sold in s/markets contains Palm Oil.Duckman,Earth Choice D/W liq is sold in Woolies and Coles,just had a quick look at the run down of ingredients.Unless its called something else,it looks like it doesnt contain Palm Oil.Don't quote me on it though.I use Eco Leaf,which does contain Palm Oil,but from a sustainable source.I think I may do abit of research on their credentials.