Big Brother is watching you - via Alexa?

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  • I'm still reading my way through a piece on the front cover of Saturday's Daily Mail about how much data the insurance companies collect on all of us.

    It takes a while to absorb it all, obviously they know your age, postcode, and convictions but they gather so much more.

    One of the big sources is your loyalty cards like Nectar or Tesco Club card. I didn't realise that its a huge source of data on you. Not just how much you buy but what you buy, tells so much. The most obvious example is alcohol purchases, but if you buy own brands etc all paints a picture.

    What you search for on Google, browsing history, credit ratings, its all part of your footprint.

    Companies collate all this data and somebody is willing to pay for it

  • Yes, I don't do loyalty cards, every since holding a Sainsbury's one and getting bombed via email and post mail about various offers concerning stuff I'd bought a week or two before.

    You couldn't buy a cheap bottle of wine without getting offered a couple of cases of this or that at a bargain price only days later!

  • I refuse to sign up for loyalty cards, take part in on line surveys, those on line things on face book that folk do that offer you to take part in some kind of game or find out your top five face book freinds etc, all they are is data gathering/profile building tools to use on you. I refuse to have an internet phone and only spend about an hour a day on the net purely to do my E mails for my work and negotiate face book as I get work correspondence on there, showing a prescence on face book works really well for me as it's a large concetrated pool of customers. when I see folk with internet phones, they really are addicted to them and can barely leave them alone. In the vid clip above, there is some really valid points, but the bit where he says about folk getting the anticipation of a message coming in, maybe there is one there and maybe there isnt, and he said when they get a message in they get a dopamine hit thats not far off a cocaine hit, what a load of old squit, he obviousuly hasnt had a good hit of said class A as his comparison is way off the mark. But seriously though, do people get that exited about checking messages and feeling a high when they get one, I cant believe its a dopamine hit akin to coke, maybe if they were being flung around on a turbo charged wacky roller coaster at the time. I know I certainly dont get a dopamine hit off getting a message.

    I can see how on line life is fucking people up and getting them addicted to it, it's really quite sad.

  • I watched this earlier which is in the same vein of how technology is becomimg very evasive and desined to ensare folk into the regime of on line/connected life, its all far to evasive for me but folk lap it up, I dont get hpow blind they can be as to the more sinister appliocations that can be made, this vid delves somewhat into algorythms. One of the thoughts as to what they are saying about the world wide spread and availabilty for everyone, is the fact that if you dont keep up and are signed in with all the chips and gadgets/devices then you are going to be left somewhat behind which suits me just fine thanks. but also, in being left behind and opting out, the way I see it, as its becoming so engrained in everyday life, are the powers that be and authorities going to view those that dont take up on it as being dissidents.

    Then I started watching this one as it just happened to be next in the queue. got to about 20 mins in, got too tired to carry on as not long had dinner, it is all happening, it could be seen as scary if you let. I just dont any of this crap in my life, it wont enhance or help me in the slightest, but they ar epushing thios technology upon the world, had a bt of an insight into the coming of the 5G thing in this vid, too much info for my tired self, need to watch it when more alert to see what it's about. I dont feel bothered by all this happening, its interesting to learn what is coming in nowin the near future if only to learn how to avoid getting swept up in it and or be touched by it minimally just to get by in life and the impact it could be having on the human race, maybe we wont have a choice in time, who knows.