Offer Camper Advice

  • Just thought I'd throw this out there to all the fellow "social misfits" :D. (no offense to anyone).

    I am a caravan/motorhome technician and work for a large multi branch company, I see lots of people talk about converting a van into a camper etc. While we do not build campers, I do work on caravans and factory built motorhomes. I am LPG ACOPS qualified, 240V (leisure) qualified and soon to be 12V qualified.

    If anyone needs any advice on safety aspect, build aspect, or any other aspect, let me know and I'll try to advice. Particularly the gas side as we do see lots of conversions built by "john down the road" which have been unbelievably dangerous and while it is not adviceable? (don't know about the spelling) to fit gas systems yourself, people do do it to keep costs down and I would like to help in keeping my fellow people alive.

  • Hi, Hawkeye,

    Ok, I have an spanking new belling LPG cooker, and a used trauma water heater that is jetted for propane, both be running off LPG.

    So my question is on choosing tanks and the types, single hole, 4 hole etc. 4 hole is better but more expensive for the fittings from what I have read.

    This is the tank that looks ideal,…1850fd:g:08AAAOSwtGlZKY9r possibly two of them, but if I did 2 they would be slightly smaller diameter to fit.

    So, would that be suitable? And what are the fittings I would need to do the connections at the tank end?

    I am no newb for domestic tanks, I used to fit pipes and In ground tanks years ago and can do the plumbing, also fitted the odd LPG kits to carberettered cars 20 some years ago when it was the fashion, but it was all supplied as a complete kits by those paying me for the work and then checked and signed off by them before being used . But these tanks leave me at a slight loss, especially if I fit twin tanks. I am not so worried about lpg level gauges, as I would get used to my consumption after a while and keep the tank topped up.

    Tanks are underslung in the chassis of a truck around the rear axle area btw, all the pipe work but the last foot or so would be underneath if there is a leak.