Veg burger outselling Meat option

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  • Looks good, most likely nothing like in real life though


    I can't remember the last time that I had a beefburger, certainly stopped before the outbreak of madcow disease and I've never eaten anything muckdonalds.

  • I'm not a vegan,but I'd give it a go!We're gradually changing over to veggie,and are eating more legumes etc.Might try growing my own on the lottie next spring,to store for winter.

  • I love a nice veggie burger.My son recently treated me to a day out to Wembley Stadium for a football match.While waiting for kick off I saw veggie burgers were on sale.I was feeling hungry so I bought one.It came in a green bun,i had a bite and the roll turned to dust like it had been irradiated,not nice.I can only assume it was stuck in the cabinet from the last rugby international.

  • I gave up beef a long time ago, it just sits too heavy in my stomach and sticks to my intestines. I am still banned from giving blood, which annoys the hell out of me.

    When travelling I nearly always stay veggie option in restaurants. 3 years almost in the USA and I had meat perhaps a handful of times, and that was out of politeness at a dinner party or doing the whole turkey thing at thanksgiving. I just don’t trust the way the us treats it’s animals.

    Here in France I do eat meat at restaurants, but that is just because veggie options are rare. Otherwise I just buy the odd bit of bacon or chorizo.

    I do love a veggie burger though, hopefully the price will come down, I don’t get why they are as expensive as the meat versions.

  • I prefer veggie burgers as a food choice. As a principle I won't eat any meat which has been minced and defo not reconstituted so most of the time the veggie choice is easiest.

    If you can catch up on today's episode of BBC Fake Britain about the meat being sold at Farmer's Markets you would find it very interesting.