• I see military capacity.

    Boston Dynamics designed some robotic 'dogs' supposedly for military use but the military has decided against them.Theyre quite scary and fast movers.I think theres some YT vids of them.

    I can see the humanoid ones being used though,when their movement is more refined and agile.

    Terminator isnt so far away.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

  • what's the point of robot soldiers though? War, like it or not, is a last man standing affair. The winner has the most troops left.

    If you just repair or manufacture more to replace those that are destroyed, it will just go on and on.

    Why not just run a computer algorithm for the outcome and save a lot of money?

    Unless you just want to use robots to bomb and kill humans, in which case only the side that can afford them will win.....

  • Sometimes the very wealthy like endless wars, so long as governments supply them with big contracts to manufacture weaponry. So we can see a government that prints money to enrich the masters of war.... While the raw resources last. The more land and resources conquered the longer the game can last. Until somebody ends up with a half-broken robots army owning a desolate planet with no resources...

  • War and military superiority has nothing to do with manpower and attrition of manpower and hasnt for some time.Its about technical superiority,overwhelming firepower capability and the projection of it.

    Japan didnt run out of troops in 1945,they gave up because of the technical overwhelming superiority and power of the A bombs.

    The superpowers have been in an arms race ever since developing more devastating weaponry and reducing manpower levels. The military is the front line of automation of the workplace.

    You just dont need x 000,000 soldiers/sailors/airmen when the same can be accomplished with a fraction of that number and increasingly remotely with fewer human military casualties.

    Losing military personnel is also bad news politically so governments are keen to avoid huge losses simply to avoid political fallout such as occurred with Vietnam and Northern Ireland hence the blossoming of technology in military warfare.

    Theres billions of pounds of profit to the military industrial complex developing superior weaponry for governments and small scale or regional war theatres like the Middle East are perfect for testing and perfecting weaponry.

    Robots lasers and other advanced technology is inevitable.Those who dont have it or cant afford it will be vulnerable and no amount of overwhelming manpower they may have will match the technological superiority.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy: