Advice re vehicle choice

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  • HI Folks,

    Looking for a few opinions on the type of vehicle to choose for full time living.

    Already have a vw t25 which is an amazing quirky wee van for weekends and short trips but at 6'2 its a bit cramped for full time living.

    Torn between getting a motorhome and being able to hit the road straight away or converting a Luton van and saving myself a fair bit of cash. Theres also the stealth issue. Fairly handy so converting a van myself wouldn't be an issue.

    Also have a c1 licence so could go up to a 7.5t. Are they worth the extra running costs ?

    Would be looking at living in it over winter so would need a Woodstove etc

    Have looked through various forums on the pros and cons but just wondering on everyones opinion.

    Thanks in advance

  • When you say extra running costs it depends on mileage , my bus does about 25 / 30 mpg but I dont do many miles, tax is 165 quid a year, cheaper than most cars, so its swings and roundabouts for me , but I need space for a parrots cage and I like to socialise, so a few guests being able to stand/dance/ cook me a meal is good ;)

  • Quite like the idea of the 7.5t, think that would tick quite a lot of boxes and as you say the competition would be less.

    I work during the week so was thinking local stealthyish during the week then leave Friday night and not come back till Mon so mileage would be mixed. Don't think 25/30mpg is to unreasonable for a vehicle that size.

    When you say bus are you litrally meaning a converted bus ?

    Would like the extra space tbh as I have an old kawasaki so could do a race van idea with a space at the back for a garage.

    Thanks for the info :)

  • Ive had shit mileage from two previous vans....this current one does ok (25-28mpg)

    Stealth is bollocks if you want heat for full-time living....diesel and propex heaters make non stealth noise and solid fuel burners create non stealth smoke/stench.

    Book a campsite and suffer the costs if you want least hassle and warmth.

    There's always an occasional shithead around who will make van living off campsite a stressful experience for you and all of us.

    Bigger the better. If you qualify to drive 7.5tons do that. Arseholes, bullies and many idiots have a base respect for size, height and imposition.....nuff said......get a tank if you can!

  • 7.5 tonners are no more expensive to run than 3.5tonners in general.

    The advantage is youre not so constrained to trying to convert the van to stay within the 3.5t weight limit.

    7.5t have more sturdy chassis and heavier bodywork so tend to last longer.

    The 7.5t vehicles tend to be cheaper to buy too because of driving license restrictions.

    Plenty of big heavyweight vans to choose from Merc 811 814 Iveco 56 60 VW LT46 etc etc or theres plenty of lorry type box vans Renault Midlum Daf 45 Merc 814 Atego Lots of luton boxes,Mobile library vehicles, horseboxes,mini coaches,buses etc perfect for ebay for '7.5t van'(or truck) and see whats about.

    If you need some inspiration and what is possible have a good look through the 'Better than a Bedsit' thread on here.

  • Mines been 100% reliable so far! Had a couple of bulbs to replace for the mot etc but other than that she’s good. Bodywork is riddled with rust but I’m hoping to get that sorted in Morocco early next year..

    I’ve driven it from the U.K. to the southern tip of Spain and its been spot on so far. Going to treat it to a full service soon, axle oils the lot.