What phone do you have?

  • I got Xiao Mi Redmi something (I am not even sure). I paid about 90 pounds for it and it's brilliant.

    A friend-who-knows-about-phones-as-its-part-of-his-job told me that it has the same stuff inside like some top brand phones, except you don't pay for the badge.

    I love it, it takes beautiful pictures, it is indestructable (so far - I am dropping it every few days), battery last full day of heavy use (phone, browsing, driving around Highlands with barely any signal and listening music from it via bluetooth), up to two days of normal use, and can last more if just used on standby...

    My gf now also has one of them, better one, compared to top range samsungs and stuff. We paid 127 pounds for it. Can highly reccommend.

  • I have an iPhone 6s plus. Does everything I want including all my pics and music. I did try a Microsoft phone before the appt but update after update killed it and drove me to the edge of insanity. I know people moan about Apple but although I admit that the prices are stupidly high they do work.

  • I have a windows phone as a backup its a Nokia too but its battery life is pathetic.It will last 3 days if you dont use it at all and 3 hours if you use it...Its only saving grace is it has a superb camera with a Carl Zeiss lens so thats basically all it gets used for.

    I think -or sure i read it somewhere- that microsoft are ditching their windows phones anyway.

  • Ive just bought a brand new nokia 5, not a real nokia but made in China under license. Seems good value for money at £129 from Argos and does well in the reviews of budget smartphones. Will be glad to get away from iPhones and more importantly itunes.