What phone do you have?

  • My sons think its endlessly funny that I still have the old Blackberry that I bought off my youngest son when he upgraded his some years back.

    It still works perfectly, I am not on facebook, twitter, or any of those. I turned the email off because it kept bleeping to tell me things I didn't need to know like the socks I ordered have been dispatched. I don't have apps

    I can see it easily it lasting a few more years yet. It has already outlasted several of my son's Iphones and I pay £10 a month for unlimited texts and 500 minutes of calls

    What do you have?

  • Pay as you go Sony K800 brick. Fair camera on it, no net connections or fancy screen, just a good old well made boring phone mainly for emergency use. Had it so long that I can't remember how old it is, possibly 10yrs.

  • Bernie I've got a Blackberry too!

    I can get on the Internet, make and receive calls and texts. It does for me. I have an old unlimited package, which technically means I have up to £600 a month in credit for anything. Very handy now vanman has a phablet and the Blackberry has a hotspot.

  • I'm using an unlocked Vodafone smart 6 ultra at the moment, bought for £46 on eBay a few months ago.

    It has a 5.5" screen which makes it pretty good to do everything on.

    As I'm off grid and powered only by a small solar system, it saves on electricity compared to the laptop which I now hardly turn on at all ;)

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  • An iphone 4 that is now about 7 years old. Bought it a couple of years ago off ebay , cost me around £40. Currently paying a tenner a month for unlimited calls, texts and 6 gig of data on a sim only deal, which is more than enough for me.

    Phone still works ok but the battery is pants, won't do more than a day.

  • Galaxy young 2, and recently wombled a s3 mini thats older but faster than current phone that i might swap to as its rooted and debloated.

    Makes calls, sends texts and i can view this site (albeit slowly) when out if required.

    Also stores a load of music for plugging into the van when we're out.

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  • Nothing at all wrong with Blackberry,the phones and OS are good theyre just losing out to the muscle power of the two twunts that dominate smart devices -Apple IOS and Google Android.Id like to see Blackberry team up with Amazon fire and offer a viable alternative 3rd way but in a dog eat dog environment i cant see Blackberry surviving.

    Ive got a Sony Xperia M4 aqua...I absolutely hate it.Like all Sony products it comes loaded with tons of garbage you cannot get rid of.only disable which means its still hogging phone memory and most of their apps take over (or try to) every aspect of your life.

    Unless you can get the device rooted (which isnt easy without bricking the phone)so that you can ditch all the unnecessary factory installed Sony and Google shit I wouldnt recommend them at all.

    Hardware is ok but let down by the firmware and preinstalled apps.

    I only use it for internet very rarely text and virtually never for calls unless its emergency or desperate.

    I hate apple and google equally but at least with android you can root most of the devices using android OS and take back control.

    Amazon just doesnt have apps I use to consider swapping to one of their devices.

    My next phone was going to be a vodafone ultra8 but I dont like being tied to a single network so it will be an Asus Zenphone2 or later.

    If youre just after a phone and happy with what youve got stick with the Blackberry or get a Nokia.Theyve just started reproducing the old popular models.

  • At the moment I’ve got the cheapest for G smart phone I could get from Tesco’s that was on locked which is 49 quid and I Kinder like it but the battery life is shitty I’m thinking of going back to the old Nokia 3310 so I can only send texts and phone really smart phones are just too much hassle

  • I used to have a Blackberry too. Had it for years, ancient thing. Absolutely loved it.

    My husband has one two. He got a newer one on ebay that was spares or repair. Clever sod fixed it.

    The uni IT lot said it was too complex to get my uni email accessible on my blackberry and I would have to get another phone.

    In the time I've been there, I've had 2 touch screen phones that I really hated.

    But hey, I got my e-mail. I have no idea what phone it is. It had the cheapest plan, good coverage and its flat, rectangular, bloody irritating and I loose it a lot.

    I do like the cover my husband bought me for it. It is nice.

    The sim card is going in my old blackberry now.

  • Can anyone remember the old Nokia with the rubberised cover that you could play snake on?

    Pretty much did calls, texts and snake...

    I bounced that of a few pool floors. It was a great phone too.

  • Moto g4 I think on three unlimited data sim only plan which is £27 per month....phone was about £150ish from Argos....

    It is my sole connection to the wider world and is used for everything (including sat nav all TV and radio streaming) and comes with proper gorilla glass.....does'nt have an embedded compass.

    I tried cheaper ones but they literally crushed in my pocket.

    12 months insurance was £30 or £35 (at point of sale) so I have some hope that the phone will slip out of a very high window before it's up.

  • I have an original Nokia 3310, bought it way back, around 2001/2002. Had it on pay-as-you-go ever since. About £5 - £10 a month does me fine in everyday use.

    Tough phone, dropped it times, even down the stairs. Didn't even break the screen. Changed the battery twice so far, I think. Haven't needed to change the screen yet, even. Also useful as an emergency weapon, apparently (so I'm told by survivalists!).

    No ads, no apps, no squinting at the Internet. Just a phone, and a good one.

  • I didn't think iphones did more than a day anyway.

    An iphone 4 that is now about 7 years old. Bought it a couple of years ago off ebay , cost me around £40. Currently paying a tenner a month for unlimited calls, texts and 6 gig of data on a sim only deal, which is more than enough for me.

    Phone still works ok but the battery is pants, won't do more than a day.

    I have an iphone 4 that will do 3 days of light use or one day surfing the net

  • I have a Samsung J5, it is the first android/smartphone I have owned because I'm a dab hand a breaking this kind of thing, I used to have the tough builder's phones for years.

    The day I got this J5 we went to a friend's house one evening, had a bit of a meet up, about 10 of us, fire going, beer flowing etc I proudly announced the news about my new phone but everybody seemed unimpressed and one guy said that the J range are shit :rolleyes: but tbf I havn't had any problems with it, picks up tinternet fine, calls and texts also fine and the camera is allright for me.

  • I have an iPhone 5s but when this one packs in I won't be going anywhere near another apple product, I'm convinced every time a new iPhone is released my phone gets slower and the battery life gets worse!

    Its something to do with the new update. Mine used to do it before I Stopped updates. Its to try n force you to buy the lastest super expensive new phone

  • I've got a Vodaphone smart phone,courtesy of my husband,who upgraded his.I did have an ancient one,a Samsung,which was calls and texts only.Had it maybe 10+yrs and its still going strong.My Vodaphone(Don't know the model)is last years.Good so far! I use Whatsapp alot to message my kids.Recently my eldest daughter was having a whinge about her partner.I sent her these emoji's.......A wad of money.....a pistol......a coffin......a smoking cig......and two champagne glasses clinking!:D (Sorry our family have a warped SOH!):oops:

  • What? I have a phone..that's it! :insane:..?

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  • I've got a Cubot X16S.. bought brand new from ebay.. £89 delivered... And I have to say it's rather good!! Modern processors inside, plenty of memory and with an adequate screen and camera... Well worth considering as a budget android smartphone....