• Vegans reading this might not want to continue.

    I just found a rat in the van. I think it came in under the sink. I could hear nibbling and alerted the pest control officer (Lurcher). He confirmed my suspicions.

    I then had to remove a small chest of drawers. I took out fitted drawers and looked about, no sign and even thought it was under the sink.

    Then the lurcher struck. There was squeaking, which alerted the senior pest controller (Jack Russell) who shoved the Lurcher out of the way and finished the job.

    It had to be done.

  • I thought the same abut vegans in the heading , maybe 'vermin lovers' would have been better ?

    Glad the dogs got it without injury , I once saw a greyhound with half her lower jaw chewed off during a rat encounter.

    I got rid of a mouse on Bubbles with clumps of freshly brushed rottweiler hair stuffed into every concievable orifice.


    You do know that rats are not solitary creatures ? ..................................

  • You can douse the areas they are likely to get in with eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. They don't like the smell so it should deter them. Although if there is food about they could still come in.

    I had some evidence of visits in the shed the other day , after a good re-sort and a fair bit of eucalyptus dripped I've not had any signs of a re-visit yet.

  • PS

    You do know that rats are not solitary creatures ? ..................................

    If you see one you have an infestation , if you see more than one you probably have a plague . My record here was 9 at once . That was when we started using poisen rather than shooting them. I bloody hate them , they contaminate everything with there constant pissing and shitting , spread allsorts of very nasty diseases and cause stacks of damage . There a bit like Bungo really :)

  • I am pretty sure of what's doing it.

    Keep in mind the van's been here for years, I was here last and this summer. I'm very careful to remove all the rubbish before I go for more than a couple of days.

    The yard next door is used by people dumping and burning rubbish, has been for a couple of years. But, just this summer there's been a couple of guys living in a caravan 'sorting' the rubbish.

    When I see the rats run off, they run under the fence next door.

    I am thinking traps might be an option, as I am shocked a rat will come into the van only hours after the dogs leave.

  • I was just inside the van, and outside the van I heard nibbling. Sent the pest control two outside, and saw a young (maybe half grown) rat run back under the fence.

    I've moved a couple of scaffolding boards away from the fence that was giving them cover.

  • I think you're mixing vegans with Buddhists and there poses a question I've not considered, are they vegans or are my meds confusing my thinking again.

    If you take life IMO it has to be justified, the protection of the innocent, the release from pain ect. There are more reasons I suppose but at the end of days it's down to one's conscience and being able to honestly live with your actions.

  • Exactly. I wouldn't kill things for fun. He came into the van and was going about damaging it, I was lucky he had only just got there. There was no sign of a nest or even rat shit.

    When I came home there were tiny wood shavings on the floor where he had tried to get into my food cupboard.

    I suspect he may have been trying to get out, as there had been a hole in the floor. I blocked it up when I put the little chest of drawers under the draining board. The wood was still in place over the hole.

  • most vegans won't agree to any kind of killing, but this wasn't for fun, it would have destroyed the van .

    Leptospirosis,electrically gnawed cable fire,pee as they wander.its you or them.A sonic device may send the hounds crazy.Removing their reason for invading and blocking entry points. is all ive found works,because 1 means more for sure to follow.We had a lot of trouble with rats in a loft in the past,could hear them having a life above our heads at night.After a while ,smelt a weird sweet smell.Braved the loft.Theyd eaten an unknown bees nest up there.I lobbed wax poison blocks up there from the hatch in the end.Never knew why they left in the end,Clever things rats.

  • Our first living van (minibus) is in storage here. The first spring I came back after the winter to find the rats had had a party.

    They chewed the curtains, drawers and bed. I had stupidly left long life food in the van. They ate everything except the tins.

    Basically I had to shovel the interior out of the doors.

    They also had the wiring loom.

    It took about a week to get the van clean, and we haven't slept in her since.

    It's why I sleep in the camper.

  • Theres your problem then,they obviously didnt like your decor.

    Theyre a sodding nuisance.Ive covered all my vents and the area around them underneath with 12gauge close wire mesh.

    Anywhere they can possibly get access to including heater intake.

    It seemed to work because the last place i was at was absolutely infested with rats and I didnt have them in my van or trailer.

  • That's a shame.They stink don't they no matter how hard you try and clean up.Longlife food was a wise move for you to come back to.They would have got in to have a look somehow no matter what you did.That a scout rat happened by one day could not have been predicted.Same happened to a friend with a squirrel.trashed everything.Was found expired in the bread bin.<X

  • Mice and rats usually get inside vehicles via the engine bay into the heater ducting which is easy to chew into (if youre a rodent,Ive not tried it myself) or gaitors round gearstick.Theres not many other places they can get in.Its worth spending some time examining the underneath and bulkhead and fitting mesh with self tapping screws over any holes big enough for a mouse.If you can get your thumb in then a mouse can get in.

  • Years ago I used to park a Transit flatbed truck I used for work near the workshop in some railway arches in Tower Bridge Road. Rats got into the cab by chewing through the rubber at the foot of the gear stick. They made quite a mess.

    I saw my first rat in ages here on the farm this evening. It swam across the river and sat on the landing stage next to mine for several minutes as it tidied itself up after the exertions of the swim. Where are the dogs when they are needed!

  • my camper's got a sink and shower that just drains to the outside. I will have to check on the drain pipes.

    My Jack Russell is now obsessed with checking the cupboard. I can tell by his reaction there's nothing new in there. He's just checking.

  • Jack Russels are best ratter dogs.

    A removable plug ball of wire wool or mesh stuffed in the pipe outlet keeps mice out.

    They climb up pipes easily and chew around the floor grommets.Ive had them chew into the air vents and plastic fridge vents hence the heavy guage mesh.

    My neighbour had all his transit wiring chewed in the back end because he has steps right up close to the van and his rear doors are open almost all the time.

  • Rats are more dangerous than you might think. When I was 11 my friend's mum died of Weil's Disease. She used to travel to work on the London Underground and that was the only place they could think she might have contracted it.

    I have always been very wary of rats because of that

  • Weils disease is one of the things rats spread, its in there urine which gets everyplace due to them being incontent. I got it. Drummed into me when seRving my Time to wash my hands before eating. No one ever told me what it was so i looked it up n started washing my hands before eating. Its a horrible diease that. Rots the nervous system before. It kills you in a slow and painfull manner. https://www.healthline.com/health/weils-disease#overview1