Psychology of bullshit

  • Ha ha ha! A scientific paper that mentions bullshit 200 times!! :D

    Don't know about mentioning bullshit 200 times but some of them you really do wonder about the entire content...

    It's the ones and you think 'Someone actually funded you to research THAT!!'

    I've always liked the title of this one - whether it is rubbish or not.

    Found that when I was doing Psychology and I was doing an assignment on 'mating rituals' (chose speed dating, on-line dating etc.)

    Beggar - if it comes up in German the title is in little letters under the German one - or some of us might be able to translate it.

  • Why not just switch and say the bullshit of psychology...or i.e. psychological or mental existences around..there's a reason (well I've only seen it in films, maybe it just exist there but..) the English say like "This is so Mental man! Let's get out of here.." for instance...

    Like psychiatry I'm not sure they use the word "mental" as only a sort of place-holder in their system of the mind and brain or if they consider the mental something tangible, but if it was and we can wish so I guess, cause won't all mental problems dis-appear if we just get rid of anythings thats mental in the first place.

    Ok, sorry if this post is mental. I'm just off the edge to day; not good.

    Thanks. Peace.

  • Perhaps it is likely that when the English say something like:

    'This is mental, man, it's doing my head in!'

    They mean that this is very disturbing, it is very confusing, I cannot cope with what is happening here, I must get the hell out....

    The clue is: 'It's doing my head in!'