Sex scandals in Parliament

  • Sleazy, underhand, abuse of authority and placed in office by people who trust them to honestly carry out their views and dreams. It crosses all parties and just continues on from the Hollywood Whinestein shite where you wouldn't be surprised but Parliament................ The victims are mostly 'little folk' and who's going to take their side but someone has to. Women can be a weak touch but do blokes have it harder when wanting to complain [plod]

    Wait for the 'cover-ups', excuses ect. ect. ect.

    Where in your view does banter cross the line and have you suffered as such, if so what did you do. :beard:

  • If we are thinking of the same article there were 36 allegations against Tory MP's of sexual harassment against men and women.

    Can you clarify what you mean by 'women can be a weak touch'?

    Regards blokes having it harder when wanting to complain:

    My husband was listening to this in the van I hope it is the right link - it is about sexual harassment against men, seemingly they were so inundated they said they would have to do another show.

    In my view banter crosses the line when the individual who is in receipt of it views it as unwanted abuse. If you say you aren't interested at any point that should be accepted.

    I've been the recipient of guys coming up with the 'buy you a drink?' and if you decline politely the conversation can proceed through 'Oh go on, just one', 'Why, what's up with you? I'm just being friendly' (god help you if you say your with a friend) 'Fucking lesbian, I might have known' or Further escalations of abuse simply because attacking someone who you perceive to have rejected you can in some instances seem to be appropriate behavior - especially if they are wearing beer goggles.

    Seen women do much the same thing - but replace the word lesbian obviously.

    Luckily a friend phonetically taught me Polish for 'no thank you' and I have enough tourist Spanish and Italian. If all else fails I can tell them to 'go to hell' in Ancient Greek. (rough translation).

    Pretending you dont speak English used to work a treat - nowadays 'Sorry I'm waiting for my husband, they don't often let him out'

    Usually fixes it...

  • Quote

    Can you clarify what you mean by 'women can be a weak touch'?

    'It's a mans world' but we're slowly getting to put it right but have a long way to go. Wiping out centuries of inequality isn't going to happen overnight. I cringe at remembering some of the stunts I've witnessed over the years by men past their twenties and have intervened on occasion. A lot of the women I've seen do not retaliate when the line is crossed and I feel that most male transgressors take it as a natural right to be predatory even when it's wrong, even worse, when they've had the benefits of a good education and know full well that it's wrong. They see women as easy targets and nothing will be said.........until now.

  • That Big Ole House Place Is Full Of Horrible Mean Abusive Creepy Pervy Peeps Who Use There Be Powerful Positions To Use And Abuse And Use Fear As There Weapons Too On Both Women And Men Sadly:(
    ...And Its All Hidden And Turned Blind Eyes Too Sadly :((

    Those That Be Not Using There Power And Fear And Titles And Positions Etc Then Try Sneaky Ways To Use And Abuse Sexually Men And Women And Call It "Innocent Banter And Fun" When Indeedy There Be
    "Nothing Innocent Or Banter Or Fun Etc" About It :(((
    Its Just "Another Sneaky Slimey Way" To Get What They Want But Try To Say Its "Banter/Fun/Innocent Etc" If They Get Caught/Rejected/Reported/Complained About Etc :(

    Sadly Many Just Keep Quiet And Suffer Through Fear Of The Evil Pervy Sickos Because Of "Fear Of Loosing What They Have Worked So Hard For ...Fear Of Not Getting Further In There Career In This Big Ole House And Fear Of NOT Being "Believed" Etc Etc...

    Sadly This Has Been Going On For Many Time Of Time Years And Even Powerful Leaders Get Protected By MI5/POLICE/JUDGES Etc...You Just Have To Look At The Sickening Evil Disgusting Peadophile Rings Of The Powerful Politicians And Powerful People And The Rich That Get "Hidden..Covered Up Etc" To See
    "The Real Disgusting Evil Truth That This Old House People Politicians Hides And Protects" :(((((

    Secondly....As Far As "Pervy So Called Banter" Things Happened To Me ..."Yes" This Has Happened To Me Eeeeek:((
    Because I Be Too Trusting Of Peeps As Give All Peeps My Trust Friendship Kindness Etc Etc Until They Break Or Use And Abuse That......And Because I Am A Bit Slow/Blind On Even Realizing Someone Is "Intetested/Flirting Etc With Me" In That Sort Of Way ....I Find That Cos I Like To Giggle Laugh And Am Childlike ...These Bad Creepy Peeps
    Use "Banter/Jokes/Sillyness Etc To Get Me To Think They Just Funny ..Messing About Etc ...Yep I Know "Silly Too Trusting Meez" ...Until ..."The (Closing In Closeness Starts Or A Touch Not In A Innocent Way But A "Creepy Bad Way Or They Talk/Say Something Really Sexuall Eeeeek"!!!!

    Then I Jump Up/Away ...Feeling Both Scared ..Shocked ..Tricked ..Used And Abused Sadly..And "Bare My Teeth And HISS At Them As I Back Away As They "Get Over The Shock Of Seeing That First They Hold There Hands Up In A Surender Innocent Way (Which Is Fake:) ..
    And They Say "Im Just Joking It Was Just Banter A Joke You Took The Wrong ..I Did Not Mean To Touch You That Way .Blah Blah Blah ..(There Words And Hand Signals All Fake And Untruths) ....And I Quickly Run Away ...To Anywhere Outside As Far Away From Them As Possible..

    Thats What I Think Of Both The Big Ole House Place And Sadly Many Times What Has Happened To Meez ...
    Simply Because My Friends/Family Say ..
    "Im To Innocent And Trusting Of People" ....BUT What Can People Like Me Do??? ...Its My Way And Many Peeps Way To "Trust" And Be Kind Etc To People ....You Have To Put Your Faith In People Etc Either At Work And Socially Etc Not To Use There Positions Or Friendships Etc Etc Not To Use And Abuse Or Hurt You And Trick You Etc.

    But Thankfully Not All In These Places And In Life Are Like That....And The Only Weapon People Like Me Or Anynody Who Finds Sadly This Happen To Them Is To "Name And Shame Them And Report Them Etc" ...Even Though Yes It Is Scarey And Many Fears Of Whether Believed It Real And NOT BANTER/JOKE ..Etc....Because The More Peeps Quiet The More These Bad Mean Evil Creepy Peeps Will Do It Again Over And Over To You Or Somebodyelse And Others .Sadly:(
    You Have To "Take The Power Back And Take The Power AWAY From Them....
    Because "NO POWER ..NO FEAR" They Simply Become

  • And Lets Be Not Forgetting It Is Both
    "Men And Women" That This Ole House "Parliament" This Happens Too ...And Men Sadly It Be Even "Harder" For "FEAR" ...Of NOT Being Believed Esp Since There Be Sooo Many "Hidden Closeted Gay Men" Who Live The So Called "Perfect Life Of "Nice House..Wife..Children Etc" ...Yep That Big Ole Parliament House Is And Be
    "A Hidden Very Dark Bad Evil Place And Many Who Sadly Walk And Work Within It":(((

  • Its the way of the world, nowhere is exempt, its good that its coming out in the open but I doubt things will change all that much in reality.

    Talking about Hollywood for a moment, if you are interested read The Casting Couch by Selwyn Ford. It tells what it was like in the 20s through to the 60s when Holywood was out and out corrupt and nobody has any illusions otherwise.

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  • These scandals keep coming, don't they? Why just now? Is it because revelations of this sort suddenly got fashionable, or are they trying to divert us from watching the Brexit negotiations flounder in the mud?

  • Maybe just trying to distract us from the fucking john lewis ad that everyone keeps going on about..

    And ive so far managed to avoid...

    As you say though Keith, there is almost certainly an ulterior motive, things like this attract attention whilst other news like millions of pounds worth of tax avoidance attracts a headline or two then is forgotten.

    You can only accomplish your object in life by complete disregard of the opinions of other people.

  • The veneer of hiding behind power is getting harder to maintain, with the use of insistent poking about with new technology, available to all to record where possible the shady goings on.The recent exposure of sexual bullys and perverts in the movie industry,whose power kept the victims silent, happened because one person was brave enough to break the silence and speak out,giving others the courage to speak out also.Why should these people in government be allowed to hide?We pay them as public servants, to do a job,not use taxpayers money to indulge in sleaze etc.Whilst perhaps there are diversions to the real story they want us to be distracted from,also there are scumbags at work with no other cause than they are simply unfit for the job.