Consumerism - just say no!

  • Thankyou realnutter :) 
    Because this is Simply Soooo True And Truly Beautifully Put And Sadly Real Of What And Who Are Sadly Being Abused And Killed For The Consumer Never Ending Mindless Needs :( 
    So Once Again Thankyou For Posting And Sharing This With Us:) And Let Us All Hope "People Will Say "NO" More Often:)

  • Thanks for that too.

    I think the problem is that consumerism has become the new opium of the masses. Once people crowded into places of worship to have a sense of community and hope that there is a path to make them a better person and the world a better place.

    Now, brands tell us that if we own this, buy that, upgrade to whatever we will be one of the chosen ones - we see their pictures everywhere - in magazines, IT equipment, on billboards, in papers, in cinemas and on the monster that sits in the majority of living rooms and often enough children's rooms - breeding new consumers who barely know the difference between want and need.

    We don't just see the brand names that we should aspire to owning, we see the beautiful people that we could become if we owned such items. If only we bought the latest jeans, ipad, make-up, ready meals, car, Diamonique bracelet, supermop, dishwasher, childrens toy, we would become beautiful, accomplished, intelligent, slim, sparkly toothed, glossy-haired, toned, tanned and elegant. Our children would be polite, confident, articulate, healthy, gorgeous little darlings who had no idea what a tantrum was even if they were asked about it in their advanced level reading skills book.

    Our relationships would all be blissful, our sex lives fantastic, everything we cooked a gourmet delight and we would never get hammered just be scintillating company after a few drinks.

    The list of consumer illusions is endless, but so many people buy into it and buy the junk they believe will turn them or a loved one into what they desire to be.
    People don't worship in churches anymore they worship in malls. They don't pray they spend. Gods seem to have been replaced by a mass of throwaway junk, that somehow gives people the hope of something more.

    Whether it is buying a tacky card and a useless fluffy animal/soon to die flowers for your latest love in the hope that feelings are reciprocated.
    Or whether it is buying gym membership that you will likely never use but you can say you have joined a gym 'and I still can't shift this weight'
    Or the latest lookalike designer outfit that a stick insect celebrity was seen wearing in the hope that you too, despite being 5 sizes larger and 7 inches smaller will look just like her.

    It's about hope, not wastefulness. You buy the junk because at some level something is hoped for - usually we are disappointed.
    You buy more junk because the first piece of junk failed to make you or someone else react as expected.

    Junk becomes a habit. sometimes once in a while junk works. I have a nice black dish, with a mosaic pattern on it, I use it to keep more junk in, keys, E tablet blister strips, hair slides, money, general crap - it's pretty, but I don't need it. It just keeps more stuff in one place.

    Speaking of stuff working, how many prayers actually got answered - I wonder what caused the shift?

    How the heck should I know I'm an atheist.