Number sequences

  • Does your tinnitus sound like dial-up brain scanning to thought police you?

    Is it all the time or just when you lie down in bed (on your back)? or lying on your side where you hear clicks and poops?

    All the time for nearly 40 years regardless of position.

    Its a constant high pitched tone around 7200 to 7500htz (if you really want to know what it sounds like download a free tone generator from a app store and set it to 7500htz and on moderate volume.) Usually I have it in one ear and something like loads of sparrows chattering or the dawn chorus in the other ear but ive got that and high pitched whine in both ears right now.Doesnt stop me hearing anything its just a distraction,sometimes a bit annoying but ive had it so long I dont bother about it.

    I dont get clicks and poops? (what are poops?) lol I dont get much change in the noise apart from occasionally i get a pulsatile roaring but thats pretty rare.

    "One of those things one has to put up with" - so my consultant said.

  • I know what various types of scans to my brain/head sound like, having had them but what the freak exactly does that sound like? =O

    The noise consists of two alternating tones appear to be between 1200 and 1600 hz Sine Wave. Will add more later. Little girliy just shoved her bum in my face. Time to give her a tail base massage so she does a happy dance.