47kg gas bottle prices​

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  • I've been paying £65 ish for flogas collected I was doing a patio for someone a month or so ago and got to talking about the price of cylinders he said he was paying £40 from country wide delivered,I must not of hidden my scepticism very well because he came out and showed me the receipt,so I got him to order me two, the best I can find flogas for on the web is £54.95 delivered.

    My question is this what are you paying and from who?

  • Moot point...I buy mine from a local flogas supplier and paying 68quid for 47s and 33 for 19s (its just gone up and thats how much they quoted to.my supplier on the phone while i was in there). If I get it from another local flogas supplier its 72 for 47s.If I have it delivered direct by flogas its 62.The supplier pays more per cylinder wholesale than i do retail.Thats normal for flogas they dont have a universal fixed price for each size, everyone pays different prices depending on where they live and what they buy and whether theyre wholesaler or home user or farm user or general business user.
    One of my previous flogas suppliers switched to Calor because he got fed up of flogas making up the prices as they go along and wouldnt guarantee deliveries within a specific time.
    I stopped having the cheaper direct deliveries because they wont tell you what day theyll deliver,they just give you a 5 working day window which is no good to me so i fetch it myself.
    Calor locally are charging 84 for 47s. and the boat yard i used to use its 89.
    I know Countrywide are cheaper but my local.down the road wouldnt give me a price because i hadnt got a cylinder of theirs to exchange for a full and they wont give you a price online unless you place a firm order.
    Now ive managed to acquire.an empty cylinder ill go down and ask what theyre charging.
    I wish i could get 47s at 40 quid a throw :eek:

    Two guys here.are paying 84 for Calor even though ive told them theyre paying over the odds.
    Theres a young lad in another trailer,his dad brings cylinders from west wales when he picks up his lad at weekend because its cheaper there than here but the lad doesnt know how much his dad is paying.

  • I got 2 cylinders for £80 with no deposit, the problem I have now is I don't want to have to bother this guy every time I need a refill, he's only a domestic customer but he must be fucking brilliant at negotiating,I now need to find a local stockist/pickup point and try and get the same deal a tricky business I'm guessing.

  • Its not just about price, my mate in mid Wales has his bottled gas supplies dry up every winter. He buys from his local petrol station because he has no real choice and they can't get enough or deliveries are delayed .

    There is the seasonal aspect to this as well. I would suspect prices vary accordingly

  • Flogas make up the prices and rules as they go along.In summer you can have as many full cyls as you want and not have to return empties like for like but come November if you dont return an empty for each full they wont drop you any at all.If you dont pay immediately they wont deliver but then keep you waiting up to 5 working days for delivery.
    Theres never any shortage here its Warwickshire and lots or rich knobs who buy in bulk but prices go up and down like a tarts knickers regardless of season.
    If i could afford it id rent a bulk tank and buy 1000 ltrs when the price is rock bottom.

  • Ive checked gottle and same price as you said 53 and gas-deal are 58 or 52 if you buy 6 at once.
    Its quite plain we're being ripped off.Love to know how a dealer can sell them at 42 when others cant.Im wondering if they get a special deal because of where they are and the quantity they buy (greenhouse country).

    The guy you bought yours from,is he a business user of gas?

  • I just found out farmers missus works at countrywide down the road :) Shes a miserable bugger but she might get the price if i ask her hubby tomorrow.

    You could tell yours you need the gas for the bird scarers on your land as well as domestic and your poultry housing and greenhouses :)

  • Ive had a response from Countrywide lpg sales and they said they dont supply gas to my area even though my neighbours bought it from the local yard and they have bottles in a compound there!
    They told me to contact Redhorsevale for a gas price and looked on their site 47s are 55 quid inc vat and delivery is 1.50 within 30 miles of their depot-Warwick.
    From what you said about Mole which is south west based it sounds like theyre passing on gas supply to other regional businesses.

  • I use Flogas, normally look up what's cheapest on fleabay within striking distance and they drop down to try and match. As I'm nearly out I'll be trying Countrywides figure against them. The rub comes when you have to pay a deposit on bottles and Flogas won't take anyone elses.

  • I use Flogas, normally look up what's cheapest on fleabay within striking distance and they drop down to try and match. As I'm nearly out I'll be trying Countrywides figure against them. The rub comes when you have to pay a deposit on bottles and Flogas won't take anyone elses.

    Theres a long list on flogas site of what bottles they will take,they wint take Calor though.I wont use Calor theyre ripoff merchants.

    If you ring flogas as opposed to using the online account you can get gas dropped without being charged for not returning an empty.

    Flogas 47's are presently around £68.Countrywide wont deliver to me because they offloaded their supply arrangements here to another company and cheapest they do is 62.

    Worth checking Gottle and Gasdeal for prices too.

  • This is a valuable thread. I like others, I often find Im buying gas out of necessity and often chasing the best price. I’ve been picking up Blue bottles full, part full, almost empty for years at carboot sales, yard and garage sales for next to nothing. I’ve got more bottled butane gas than I will use in 5 years. But the propane is always the killer on the pocket.