dvlc and trying to change address when squatting

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  • It is difficult this insurance lark. I dont know how Romany and Gypsies get on, I suppose they get to use addresses that are connected to their transit sites unless there is an insurance they have access to that doesnt apply to the rest of us mortals, but how they get on with the where is the vehicle to be parked question who knows, I dont, unless they just dont bother but then caravans which the majority have wont come under the same scrutiny as live ion vehicles. The showmans guild will have their own brand of insurance to cover them.

    I recently changed insurance company after getting hacked off with Footman James. I went to a firm a mate of mine is with and he recommended them for insuring a motorhome. I rang them and I was kind of bowled over how easy it was, all done over the phone with no forms, extra questions and no requests for photos and gas safety certificates, but as with all insurance small print it says that an alarm must have been fitted if claim for attempted or actual theft occurs but it was not a requirement to get the insurance which happened easily and for half the price of Footman James. If the vehicle gets nicked and trashed with no trace how they could prove it didnt have an alarm beats me, will be printing the recently recieved documents today and having a closer read. All I want really is that bit of paper to say I am insured and legal to drive on the road. I use my sisters address for mail but they were happy with the location of where vehicle is kept in a locked yard which happens to be my park up but its my workshop location as well so that they were happy with, was well chuffed with not being asked for pictures although they were happy with it being a self build and asked for no gas safety certs.