I need to lose weight

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  • im gaining weight ,and my jeans are getting a lttile tight for comfort ,i cannot allow myself to gain anymore ,in the last several years ,i have gave up anything with processed sugar in it ,so no sugars ,i dont drink ,and for 8 months iv been a vegetarian and i cycle most days ,yet im still gaining weight ,im about to start a ketosis diet ,which is basicly water fasting ,which is just drinking water for a couple of weeks ,without food , then eat again for a few week ,and start the proccess over again ,until i acheive the weight i want ,,i have to try it ,fingers crossed it will work, its an extreme method of dieting ,but iff nothing else seems to work ,its worth a go

    Have you tried cutting out carbs and non green veg?

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  • iv been eating 3 peices of fruit every day for the last 8 years ,,passing regular 2 stools a day without fail ,, i stop eating fruit for 2 weeks , and i havent had a crap for 5 days , i think that that speaks for itself ,

    I guess it does. I’ve been on synthetic opiates since 2004 I’ve learnt to take things as they come. :D

    I do try to make lots of fruit smoothies when fruit is in season or there’s a glut of fruit in the supermarket reduced section. :thumbup:

  • I don't really eat any fruits except Avocado, olives and lemon. I do eat berries usually with double cream.

    Anyway the weight is slowly coming off. I am below 190Lbs for the first time in over 25 years.

    30Lbs lost, another 20 to go

    Bring it on


  • The difficulty of quitting alcohol can also be made worse if you smoke . . . companion drugs. You have one, you want the other. I remember the reason why I quit all drugs was simply because I wanted to quit tobacco (icky ick-ick).

    Whatever your doing aman - I hope you are still enjoying your food. They say with diets it's no good doing them temporarily - you have to choose a diet for life, so, hopefully it's not difficult and you are enjoying your food. Losing weight quickly isn't the most important thing, do it at a rate you can maintain. I've probably already said that on this thread. :shock:

    I noticed above you have berries with cream on - that's cool / yummy! Good wholesome food there. And in this heat, I'm wanting more fruit / less steak and kidney pie.

    I was watching some BBC program, Trust Me I'm a Doctor (sorry, alices wonderland . . . I know you're trying to ignore that subject ;) ). Or it might have been a related BBC program (with the same doctors - with those twin doctors (very good looking the van Tulleken twins - I like to see if I can tell which one is which, the one who first came out is a bit fatter, rounder in the face). Anyway, they were comparing sugars to fats. I don't know why really - you need both. (We can over-complicate things sometimes).

    Anyway, one of the findings they said was that the 'worst' food, and also the most attractive is when fat and sugar are both combined at a 50:50 ratio. These are often processed foods which are specifically designed to be the most tempting (and therefore naughty). And they pointed to the sugar-glazed donut. They did an experiment and most people go for the sugar glazed donut. I don't. Donuts aren't really my favourite thing, but at Dunkin Donuts my favourite was always the apple crumb. Yum.

    Also, next: horror of horrors they said CHEESCAKE. A 50:50, processed food nightmare - heavy with both fat and sugar. Wo! (how do you spell wo?): cheescake is one of my favourite deserts - especially with a tangy raspberry sauce in it. (Apart from chocolate mousse with some fresh cream and a sprinking of nuts.)

    It got me confused a bit the 50:50 thing. Surely when you have your dinner, there are going to be some things which are fat, others sugar and then they all combine in your tummy? So, I'm not sure what they were saying, maybe they mean the foods which deliberately have a high amount of fat and a high amount of sugar (which apparently is rare in nature). We go out of our way to create these goodies. My beloved chocolate mousse is a way of combining fat (a big amount of butter) and sugar. Ditto fudge: which is the art of making a solid out of sugar and fat (cream and butter).

    I love fudge. All this talk of diets is getting me hungry. I'm going to get my din dins now.^^

    Apparently grapefruits are good for burning through fats (and the red ones are delicious at the moment) - I put them in a fridge to cool them.

  • Well done, how do you get on when you go to see a band or find yourself in a pub/bar? Can you still sit through a session without a beer or do you get fidgety or bored?

    Not a problem so far. We were invited to a BBQ this week. I just drank water and felt fine. Everyone else was drinking beer or wine but I didn't miss it. The good thing about BBQs is there is plenty of fatty meat and salad so it didn't interrupt my diet either.

    I am finding it hard to understand why I have found it so easy to give up the booze when I have always struggled in the past.


  • Whatever your doing aman - I hope you are still enjoying your food. They say with diets it's no good doing them temporarily - you have to choose a diet for life, so, hopefully it's not difficult and you are enjoying your food. Losing weight quickly isn't the most important thing, do it at a rate you can maintain. I've probably already said that on this thread. :shock:

    I am really enjoying my food and with a few tweaks I feel that this is a diet I can keep to for the future.

    One problem with healthy eating is it is quite difficult to prepare for disasters. When I was eating crap it was easy to store pulses, rice, tinned food etc but I don't eat any of that stuff any more. I still have a few weeks of that sort of food stored and I will have to eat it is the sit hits the fan but it will be a last resort.

    The problem with sugar is we are designed to eat it but only for a very short period in late summer. Eating sugar trigger the body to go into fat storage mode to prepare for the coming winter. Modern man can eat sugar (fruits) all year round and so our bodies are in a constant state of confusion.

    I now eat very little fruit. Some berries are OK and things like olives and avocados but most modern fruits are just too rich in sugars. When we evolved, few of the modern fruits existed in the form we see them in today and our body cannot cope with them. Even worse are fruit juices


  • aman - so I take it from how you say it that when you went to that barbecue (108), you did eat some fatty meat? Along with salad . . . I like some slices of onion with meat. Hopefully everybody knows the value of fat on meat for health and taste. I hate it when they trim all the fat off a pork chop. At the moment I am getting some good pork chops from Morrisons with a healthy 1.5 cm of fat on them - they cook perfectly, you don't have to eat that fat, just use it in the cooking process, but I do eat it.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your diet, so that means it's a good one.

    I'm not too sure what you mean about preparing for disaster. You don't eat pulses or rice? So, is the idea that you eat all fresh produce? I love both rice and pulses. I have to remind myself to eat more pulses, but rice is pretty much every three or four days. I'm not going to criticise your diet because you have found something which works for you and that's what counts. But maybe when you get to the weight you want you can make some adjustments and, for instance, allow lentils now and then . . . maybe you could reintroduce certain things slowly and monitor the results . . . but again, if what you are doing is working, your health is improving and you enjoy it, then you are there.

    It would be interesting to know which bits of your diet control are responsible for the major improvements. Maybe dropping the alcohol is a big part of the diet success and you are getting more from your food. I would think your increased awareness of food also has some impact. (But saying that, I know a fat girl for whom this is NOT the case, she is hyper-aware of EVERYTHING in her diet, a typical hypochondriac - panic, anxiety and food all a mess - her awareness of every health issue does nothing to help her.)

    I don't know much about genetics and the 'history of our diets' affecting the way we eat. I have heard a few things and sometimes wondered - how much are we really controlled by it? 20,000 years of eating and so we can't change it? We do adapt. Our diet, as you say, has gone through radical changes in the last decades. Also, you look at cultures all over the world and their diets can be radically different, it's difficult to say what optimum diet could possibly mean (apart from whether such diets work on an individual basis). I remember something about a boy existing on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - he looked like a normal kid. Heard something about a potato diet. Then in remote climates, it can be very restrictive diets, only a specific meat for instance. Of course some of those examples may be hearsay, but they do reflect a truism - that the body is incredibly resilient and often copes - other times fails. Figuring out an overall science can be daunting.

    That's interesting what you say about fruit as well. You say our bodies are in a constant state of confusion because of eating fruit all year. Again, we adapt. And in the tropics - don't they have fruit all year around? I suppose not, I admit I've not really thought about it. But they would preserve fruit. But I don't feel like my body is confused . . .

    But I have been thinking, how in Summer when it is really hot and if I travel to really hot places, then I don't feel like having anything to eat apart from fruit, especially during the day. A big stew seems much too tiring to eat on a hot day. Maybe it's something to do with what you say - my body saying something to me.

    Regarding fruit. Yes, olives and avacados are different, more fat based than sugar. And they are very healthy fats. But I still think fruits are good for you. When you think about it, it is odd how fruits can be so constitutionally different. Banana, Avacado, strawberry - all seem very different to each other.

    I know what you mean about modern fruits existing in such a different form today as well. Blueberries for instance. Supermarket blueberries always lacked in taste. Now they seem to have perfected the science of growing them: the taste is much better. I'm not sure about not coping with these modern fruits. I love fruit. Again it could be an individual thing. Some people might have such complex diets that the body can't cope, and others could have peculiar sensitivities.

    Just some loose ideas . . .

  • I recently lost half my belly and nearly all my chins in residence with a simple approach but I don't know if it's sound advice for other people with additional health concerns...

    One sensible cooked meal in the morning, not small but not compensating big either, only a banana at lunch and tea but as much in the way of cold water or calorie free drinks as you want.

    Refrigeration is key, your body burns calories dealing with very cold fluids and over the week that can amount to the equivalent of some decent walking.

    Of course I'm rarely off my feet so the rest is going to be harder to shift.

    Good luck !

  • Thats explains why i have trouble getting skinny..i have no fridge,:DNot eating after 6pm is well advised all over.I have issues with fat since i got older,causing acid over production.A cold banana actually stops the heartburn immediately.Our body telsl us what is wrong and what we need , if we listen to it carefully.Hormonal changes as we age, also change fat metabolism and body storage.Liposuction is the quick visual fix but it sounds horrendous to put your body through that sort of mutilation,for visual only the harm must be terrible.Its all in the mind.A lot of my past marshmallow addictions,munchies aside,:insane: have been sweet emotional props due to low mood.Yes the social ...rollup.beer,great big chinese yum ,seem to have figured a good deal in my past and toasted marshmallows after a spliff.^^