I need to lose weight

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  • Thanks Maxal

    Very good post. I do like walking and when I lived closer to work (3 miles) I used to walk in and back every day. I used to really enjoy walking to work because it gave me a hour of contemplation between home and work and work and home.

    Now I live 9 miles away from work I find cycling easier however you really have to concentrate on the route I take so contemplation is out which is a shame.

    I really like the diet I am on at the moment (meat, fish, veg, some fruit, some pulses) and feel I can stick to it pretty easily.

    Alcohol has always been a bit of a problem if I'm honest. I really have to keep a conscious eye on the amount I drink. I only drink beer and cider and don't drink wine or spirits at all. I cannot remember the last time I was drunk (probably over 10 years ago) but I do have at least one pint a day, every day and that worries me a little because I do sometimes feel powerless to resist it's charms.

    I don't have any alcohol in my home at the moment so I am not going to get any in the week and try to confine my drinking to the weekends.


  • In 12 weeks I had lost 18 lbs,that was with cutting out,spuds,crisps,bread,cakes,biscuits,white rice.I replaced all of that with fresh veg and fruit,brown rice and quinoa.Over chrimbo I went back to my old habits it was easier to eat what everyone else was eating.i weighed myself yesterday and had put on just over 3 lbs,i never binged over chrimbo but I am surprised how quickly it goes back on.Today is the start of healthy eating again,i have noticed I have more energy and I am not huffing and puffing (copd).Having a hound helps as well I normally do 4 miles with him.I found an app on my phone called Endomondo,you just put in your activity and it tells you loads of stuff,distance covered,speed,how long,calories burnt,it works out cheaper than those fitbit things what a lot of people have.

  • Oh no - yes I could do with shrinking a bit. I noticed that herbal tea is good, rather than the copious coffees and biscuits etc. With the tea no milk or sugar and I do not want to eat anything.

  • Aman / Paul - yes, the longer distance was why I cycled to work. It's a shame we can't all walk a 3-mile grassy path to work with a blade of grass in our mouths to ruminate over, like I used to do to get to school. You notice so much more around you whilst walking.

    The drink made me laugh. My mother would usually have a glass or two of wine a day or a good beer (Leffe / Chimay). Towards the end, in her eighties :) she would say it made her a bit less healthy (increase her cough or whatever), but she enjoyed it so much. She'd be busy all day and then stop at 4:00 - relaxing time. My father preferred whiskey and she'd knick a bit now and then.

    We live our lives as best we can - it sounds as though you are very aware of what you are doing - that'll stand you well.

    rumpusmany - if that's your picture, you look mighty fine. Three extra pounds won't make much difference . . .

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  • Post by cricket ().

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  • lol - I suspected as much. Thanks for curing the curiosity

    Hi Maxal ,before you ask I redeleted my comment as I realise I was wrong to comment on the avatar assessment post.How persons choose to represent themselves is their choice .The one I chose may be commented upon if scrutinised as "mad bitch howling at moon probably an escapee."Whilst that may be close to the mark,I just like it as RM likes his as as representation he wants to use.Sorry RM.:)

  • Sounds Like Your Doing Great Aman Amd Well Done To You On How Far You Have Come And How Well You Have Done As It Is Not Easy :))

    I Wish You Good Luck In The New Year And Before You Know It You Will Be Where You Want To Be :))

    I Always Say Drink Plenty Of Water And Walking Is The Best Exercise For Any Weight Loss As It Not Only Help Shift The Pounds It Tones As Well ....And Just Do It At Your Own Pace And Your Own Time And Build Up Little By Little Because A Little Can Go A Long Way :)

    Good Luck And Well Done Aman . (((Hugggs))) Danann :)

  • Cricket - your explanation says it all in your acceptance of people (and their avatars) and sorry, I probably shouldn't have pried, my curiosity got the better of me. Your avatar suits you well, it's a lovely pic (and I wouldn't call it that unrepeatable word). :)

  • 'Low fat' is just a license to print money (extort it from the gullible) - low fat no taste...suck all the good out of food and flog it you for stupid money.
    Loading up on complex carbs is just replacing good wholesome foods with cheaper ingredients that keep you full but do little for you.
    Peasants lived on oats pasta rice etc but now its sold as a revolutionary health diet ... Best to forget diets and eat what you want and eat sensibly, you aint getting out of any of this alive.

    Isn't it always about money?

  • I like to eat good fresh pure food , and till I am full . I am privaledged I can do this . I am very comfortable with my size .

    If you are uncomfortable about your weight exercise more , and give your chips/beer to me so I can dispose of them responsibly.

    What was this thread about , I have forgotton.

  • Hi. I joined slimming world last year and lost 7lbs my first week followed by 3lbs a week for the next 2 weeks. The weight loss slowed down then and I lost 1-2lbs a week until I reached my goal. I stopped going then as I was happy with my weight and I didn't really see the point in paying a fiver a week just to be weighed when I can do it myself at home. I've since put about half of the weight back on so I suppose attending the weekly groups does keep you on the straight and narrow. They don't tell the other group members how much you weigh but they do read out how much you've lost or gained that week so I guess it that's the incentive to follow the plan. The downside is that it does make you a bit obsessed with food and although they call it a healthy eating plan and they do not like you referring to it as a diet, that's what it is and I do think that dieting can lead to some unhealthy ideas about food. Having said that it is pretty healthy as diets go and there are lots of 'free' foods like fruit, veg, pulses and grains which you can eat unlimited amounts of. If you don't fancy going to the groups you can still follow the plan. My friend bought the books second hand on ebay and she's lost 2 stones by following the plan. Hope this helps

  • I went to an a restaurant when my brother and I were camping on Monta Rosa (one of the biggest mountains in the alps). It was a really good restuarant. Of course there were translation problems with the menu, and I couldn't ask the waitress to translate everything.

    I ended up getting something called "lardo". When it arrived I was really shocked - a big slice of pure white fat (spreadable, thick in consistency) sat on my plate with a bit of toast. It looked like some kind of joke. I said to my brother, there is no way I am eating that, it's disgusting. But I didn't want to waste it, I thought I'd better try it. I tried it and it was absolutely delicious, one of the best things I have ever eaten - it's a shame we can't buy it in that quality over here.

  • I wear a step counter.. the challenge is to get 10,000 a day in.... I try to get 20,000 in. Prob is, the older i get, the longer it takes me to recover from going on very long walks.. (I live in the Pennines, there is a LOT of up!)
    I lost 42lbs and went from a 20 to a 6... My bod has decided it likes being a 10....I have been struggling to lose that stone that keeps sitting on my waist... I have still in my head the WW easy way of remembering portion sizes.. and i am s.l.o.w.l.y dropping down to an 8.. I may just try to stick with that. (Smaller plates, quarter pint of skim milk, potato no bigger than your fist, portion of cheese no bigger than your thumb, butter you fit on the top third of your finger, bread slice no thicker than the side of your finger, and a cupped hand of cereals, ...) it is odd what you remember. lol

    It is a struggle, him upstairs can eat anything, and i mean anything, and never gains one ounce! its annoying. I tried eating exactly how he eats, I put on a lot of weight ... now i eat seperately from him, and a much much healthier diet, lots of salads and fruit and vegetables, small amount of carbs.. only sugar is Honeydew honey(very small amount, its more psychological than necessitiy) for my coffee...

  • Well my weight loss has slowed down to about a pound a week but I am putting on muscle as well as I work out with weights 6 days a week.

    There have been a few other effects that were unexpected.

    I have virtually stopped snoring. This could be down to a lot of factors including weight loss, cutting out wheat and it's associated inflammation and giving up alcohol.

    I hardly ever fart anymore.

    Athletes foot which I have had for many years has completely disappeared.

    Despite loosing weight the wrinkles on my face are fading away.

    The skin on the back of my hand is snapping back like a 20 year old.

    I still have a way to go but I am looking and feeling great


  • im gaining weight ,and my jeans are getting a lttile tight for comfort ,i cannot allow myself to gain anymore ,in the last several years ,i have gave up anything with processed sugar in it ,so no sugars ,i dont drink ,and for 8 months iv been a vegetarian and i cycle most days ,yet im still gaining weight ,im about to start a ketosis diet ,which is basicly water fasting ,which is just drinking water for a couple of weeks ,without food , then eat again for a few week ,and start the proccess over again ,until i acheive the weight i want ,,i have to try it ,fingers crossed it will work, its an extreme method of dieting ,but iff nothing else seems to work ,its worth a go

  • It’s a bugger, I can eat whatever I like and years ago, Drink like a fish also and I can never put on weight. I can starve myself and barely loose what weight I do maintain. Talk about look of the draw. I’m intending to totally indulge in good food for the remainder of my life. I love food in all its colours and flavours, so the choices and options are endless.

    My attitude to food has really been my saviour. I’ve always had a strong constitution and will power. I can physically work myself to the bone and survive on what could be considered a starvation diet. But it must be tuff if you need to reduce weight and have very little self-control. It all depends on “how bad do you want it” I suppose.

    Change your head and the rest will come after.

  • check out your fat intake as well as sugar.If you still cant lose weight see the doctor for a blood test as many illnesses can cause bloating,water retention,etc.As for Alice eating whatever he fancies and staying skinny ignore him.He has no idea what its like to walk past chocolate and put weight on by sight alone.:(